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diarrhea for two months

HI my name is paul am 29yrs. i have been having diarrhea for the last two months. am not feeling any stomach ache or bloating. the only other symptom is that when i walk for a short distance i start feeling as if am loosing balance and some diziness.  i first went to a pharmacy and bought some antibiotics levofloxacin being one of them  it didnt stop. then went to a doctor he did some stool tests and he said i had some bacterial infection gave me some other antibiotics and i was also given some salts to reintroduce lost ions which i finished with no change.

i went to another doctor he suggested that i might be having girdiasis, i was given a high dose of antibiotics that fight the the protozoa. i still did not get well. please help if anyone knows waht is ailing me.
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