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diarrhea need help

had apple juice (mixed with milk) and had indian rice food with chicken gravy . now having diarrhea . is this coz of the apple juice or coz of some other issue.
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Hi, from the symptoms given, you seem to be suffering from acute diarrhea, which could most probably be of an infectious nature. The fruits here are not cooked and so the hands or the utensils used could transfer the infecting agents. Another source could be the drink; the water mixed could be contaminated too. So, take proper precautions to avoid infections and keep yourself properly hydrated by consuming plenty of oral fluids.

Replacing the lost fluid and salt forms the mainstay of therapy for diarrhea, this is to prevent dehydration. As long as you do not have vomiting you can take soups, coconut water, water, and electoral solution.All this replacement is only until you consult your physician. Regards.
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