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digestion problems?

Sometimes I go up to 2 weeks without going "poo" yet some of my friends go almost every day. I was wondering if this may mean I have a problem with my digestive system?
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My guess would be YES.  Get yourself to a gastrointestinal specialist.  That is not only not normal, it is not good!
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There may be no problem with having one bowel movement in two weeks. I have one to two bowel movements a day, I take probiotics that survive my stomach acid and make it to my intestines ready to digest food.It took me 5 to 7 days of probiotics to train my digestive system to perform as mentioned.I eat about the daily requirement of fiber a day:  35 grams.

Digested and undigested food that remains in your intestines, primarily, your large intestines for two weeks can be somewhat toxic to your intestinal lining. Companies that advertise colon washes do not inform you that your necessary electrolytes  that regulates your heart  rhythms can be washed away from chemical colon washes. The greater damage might be that your bowels are less hydrated on a daily basis, and the bowels can solidify and become hard to expell. Rock-hard bowels can cut the anal ring when being forced out of the rectum. Apparently, you do not get constipated if you can last 2 weeks without a BM.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."


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