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dilated Common bile duct

Hi im 36 years old and had been in the ER 2x for abdominal pain, all my labs were normal including amylase, lipase, liver enzymes and CBC. My doctor ordered a CT scan with IV contrast which showed a CBD size of 6 mm with distal CBD dilation at 9 mm near the pancreatic head. No stones found on ct and ultrasound. My gastroenterologist ordered for CA-19-9 and CEA to check for pancreatic cancer which were all normal. MRCP was done and revealed a prominent CBD at 6mm and a 7 mm dilatation of the dital CBD, pancreas normal and all other structures. My gastro also ordered a HIDA scan with CCK which is pending. Now should I be concered about this dilated CBD at this point? Should I be concerned for pancreatic cancer? I am pain free for 2 months now. Thanks!
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