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eggy burps

i am getting egg/sulfur burps every few weeks they last about a couple hours or the whole day. i am sixteen. so lets say i get egg burps around three pm. by five pm. they are so bad i am in the bathroom constantly. i throw up around five thirty. about six i have diarrhea and a stomach ache. i will usually go to my room and fall asleep. and feel better the next morning.  
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I actually spoke to a young woman the other day who is experiencing similar problems. She also has problems with dairy, gluten, and fatty foods.. Do you have these problems as well?

It could be as simple as an intolerance to eggs but it could also be an imbalance in your digestive tract from something to do with your stomach acid to an inflammation or sores in your intestines.

As much as it *****, seeing a doctor is best. If digestive conditions such as IBS or IBD run in the family as well this would be a good time to rule those out.
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