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elevated liver atl

I am 33 and had a heart attack last April which resulted in having a stent inserted and another one 8 months later. I am taking 11 pills a day to get my blood work within an acceptable range. The blood work results on last vist showed my liver count was 33 with the atl @ 77 - my ldl was 101. I am taking Lipitor 80 mg, metoprolol 100mg / twice, asprin 325 mg, lisinopril 20mg /twice, plavix 75mg, gemfibrozil 600mg / twice and just started taking Ranitidine 300mg/twice instead of the zantac I have been taking for heart burn. I'm six foot weighing about 230 lbs.
What can I do to get my liver count down and reduce the number of pills i'm taking each day.

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Dustin, by now I hope you have reduced the pharmaceutical drugs you are taking!  I would suggest: Find a sensible naturopathic Doctor, who is also an MD. If you can't afford one, go to the community health clinic in your city; they usually have one on staff.  If you don't have insurance, they will charge you on a sliding scale. You need to educate yourself on all the side effects of each of the medications you're talking and begin, with a doctor's guidance to find substitutes that will strengthen your body instead of making it into a toxic wasteland.  That should be your first steps.....then of course, drink a lot of water with lemon in it.  Lemon will bring up your ph balance....any headaches should start to dissipate. Finally, go get a massage 2 times a month if you can.  Most insurance plans pay for them....use them.  Your body has been through a lot and massages will complete the cycle to doing what's right for an overworked, stress out, over drugged system.  Lastly, walk a mile a day! Everyday. I am not a doctor or in the medical field in any way; I just started to take control of what directions the doctors told me to do because, believe it or not....just about every medication out there is not meant to heal you - it will only mask the underlying issue.  .....and most the pharmaceuticals are in the back pockets of doctors... Time for each one of us to decide who is the boss of me!  
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