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endoscopy appoointment...

can anyone answer my question please.... i have an endoscopy appointment, i'm terriefied to go.. i'm so scared to go alone, does anyone know if someone (family member or bf) is allowed to go in with me??...
Thank you
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They can accompany you to the facility, but will not be allowed to be with you while the endoscopy is done. However, typically by the time you're ready to be in the endoscopy room, you'll probably be very sedated and you won't realize they're not there.
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Thank you for your help!.. really, they won't let him come in even if i request it before they sedate me???..  i would really like to bring him inside with me
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Most probably not. Only trained professional are allowed in the procedures rooms.
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Endoscopies are not bad procedures at all. Basically, they just stick a small tube with a very small camera down your throat and into your stomach to see what is causing the   problem you are experiencing. From what I remember, there is very little prep involved (like not eating after midnight the day before). The nurse comes in after you are dressed for surgery and on the gurney, asks you some health history questions, and gets an IV started. The IV will be used to administer your sedation. If there is time before they are going to take you into the procedure room, they might let your boyfriend come in and visit with you for a few minutes. When they take you into the procedure room, they spray something in the back of your throat to numb it so you won't gag on the tube going down your throat. The nurses call it S***-o-caine because it doesn't taste very good :) After that, they put you to sleep. The next thing you know, you're awake and going home to sleep off the anesthesia. I've had at least 3 endoscopies and 10-12 colonoscopies. Believe me, I'd take an endoscopy any day of the week!
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There usually is a pre op place where there is a bed, and tv, and get you ready.  this will be the room you will come back to, and he should be your first face you see! I am afraid of being under anesthesia.  Good you have a support person.  Good Luck, let me know how things go.
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My son gets yearly endoscopies, and doesn't mind them at all.  I know you would like to have someone with you, but you'll be so busy getting ready, answering questions, etc., that time will fly by, and the next thing you know, it's over!  I've tried every way possible to be in a room with one of my children when they had to undergo tests like this, but I was never allowed.  I think the main reason is that the professionals are there to do their job, and we just get in their way.  Please relax, one thing I've learned is that a lot of things get exasgerated, and then you go thru it and think, wow, that was nothing like I thought it would be!
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Thank you all!... I really appreciate all of your help!!!...  
mammo, yeah that's how i want it to be, i just want to feel relaxed get it done and wake up like nothing happend.. but everytime i have to go to the doc i get shaky like very nervous.. but hopefully i get my nerves under control that day..

Lahayle, i will let you know how everything went, my appointment is until may 7 ( i know, it might still be a while until i go, but the days seem to be flying by lately)
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I have been in terrible pain for 2 weeks since my endoscopy. Don't do it if you don't have to.
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Omg..  really?... did the tube hurt your stomach?.. or what happend?
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