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excessive belching

Okay, I belch NONSTOP. Hundreds of times a day. I have had tests for ulcers, an upper GI, a CA125, colonoscopy, pelvic ultrasound...NOTHING! I have been on Mylanta, Malox, previcid, Prilosec, Aciphex, Dicyclomine, Xanax ect...I am NOT under stress (except for THIS)I have fasted, cut out sugar, caffeine, carbs, processed foods, gas causing foods, dairy ect...to NO AVAIL. This is NOT IBS. Recently I have new symptoms of not being able to fully empty my bladder (via ultrasound). There are no cysts that show up on the ultrasound and I am going to a urologist soon. (I don't see how the peeing problem could possibly be related). I started losing weight I think cuz I a AFRAID to eat! I am nauseated most of the time. I do not have cramping diarhea or constipation. Eating doesn't even cause it really! I wake up to excesive belching without eating a bite!
Does anyone know what the heck is wrong with me?
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Forgot to mention. I had my gallbladder removed in 2000. So it isn't my gallbladder either.
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I too constantly belch...Dont know either..I tend to get full
really easily and feel bloated all the time..I havent actually talked to a doctor about.
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At first I panicked cuz with all my symptoms they leaned towards ovarian cancer. They ruled that out. I used to belch like crazy just once a month...before my cycle, then I would get a migraine then well, the rest. Now it is all the time with new symptoms as time progresses. I keep getting the stress theory, the eating too fast theory, the taking in too much air theory. Nothing concrete. I am 43 why now? I didn't change anything!
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Do you smoke or chew alot of gum? drink alot of pop? those will cause alot of belching,swallow alot of air through mouth will cause alot of belching and gas.I have sinus probs and sometimes cant breath through my nose I have to through my mouth.If you drink alot of pop,try cutting down and chewing gum,it might help,and try gas x.
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I don't smoke, don't drink, no caffeine, no gum, (I DO talk a lot). Maybe I suck in air then. I don't know. No drugs. For a while I was totally carb-free, preservative free, sugar free, dairy free. I was eating only natural non-acidic foods. Still nothing. As I said before though. I have a weird hormonal thing that when my hormone level drops once a month I start to belch and then get a headache and then comes my cycle. I am at the age where my hormones could be dropping because of menopause which could mean an increase in the belching thing. I know that there is no medical proof of this...but it has been this way for me for years until this last year and now my cycle is inconsistant and I belch all the time. So weirdly it may be related. I just got the results of my ultrasound and something in my pelvic area is prolapsed. If the bowel dropped down too it could be stressed. Who knows...
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I know this seems to be the "end all/be all" solution that people like to relegate to such problems as belching (and other misc. health problems), but this is from personal experience, so hopefully it helps. Yoga. I belch like a maniac, or at least I used to. I was weary of yoga at first, envisioning the contortionism involved. Yoga is actually "the breath", plain and simple. You have to actually LEARN how to breathe properly, effectively and synergystically with your body. I'd recommend going to a beginner's class. You simply lay there and the instructor guides you through the proper steps. As a result, you inhale the clean air and expel the toxins through focus and relaxation. This prevents the swallowing of excessive air, and eventually, breathing properly will be second-nature for you. The solution is so simple that people tend to dismiss it because we've been programmed to take pharmaceutical meds. I'd recommend finding yourself a Naturopathic Doctor...and ND, not an MD. I don't know if you've ever noticed how a medical doctor comes up with a random assumption followed by yet another prescription, but I finally got tired of that and finally, I started feeling better...I just found an ND. He told me every part of my body that was at risk in less than 10 minutes and gave me NATURAL ways to heal, WITHOUT DRUGS OR SURGERY. So, there's my two bits: yoga and an ND. By the way, being a chatterbox is probably making you breathe in an irregular fashion; I used to have the same problem. But I still talk a lot. A LOT.
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See if you can get your MD or Gastroentrologist to run a breath test.  I also do not have a gallbladder and was experiencing a whole lot of belching & discomfort with gas throughout my GI tract.  I had an imbalance of bacteria where the bad bacteria was excessive and was prohibiting my food from breaking down properly.  The treatment is to have 10 days of a terrible tasting pill called flagyl (if you have to take it, put it on a spoon w/applesauce).  It is also a condition that my gastro tells me can come back - I'm on my second time around of having to take it, so try & eat yogurt to help promote the good bacteria.  It's a painless & quick test that may give you some answers.  Good luck!
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some folks do not have enough stomach acid to digest the food well,hence belching .so if all the prevacid,nexium,prilosec,mylanta of the world is not working for you,it could be you dont have enough acid,not too much acid.
sip some cranberry juice or pineapple juice,this will raise the  level of acid in your stomach,see if this works.
Chewing gum is actually good for you,it makes your body creates more saliva which contains bi carbonate and it neutralises the gas in your stomach,plus the motion of swallowing helps too.
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It may be gastroparesis, that can cause beltching etc.  You may want to look gastroparesis up on line.  If it sounds feasable,  you should  mention this to your M.D.
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I agree that you may be looking at a gastroparesis problem. I am a male with plenty of burping to go around and some days are better than others. There are days when it is nonstop. So I have read and researched and looked for answers and had every test known. Everything is normal. The only way to diagnose Gastroparesis is through a Gastric emptying scan which examines how quickly food leaves you stomach and whether it is digesting properly out of the stomach. Gastroparesis is caused by nerve damage to the vagus nerve or the nerves surrounding ones stomach. It can be brought on by an abdominal infection which in turn can damage the nerves around the stomach. Bottom line is Gastroparesis can be caused by lots of things and is quite common but hard to diagnose. Acid reducers and the like will not fix gastroparesis as it is a functional motility disorder and not an acid problem. The acid and indigestion are a result of a motility issue. There is a medicine called Reglan which can help with moving the digestion in the stomach along, but it is not always effective. However, Gastroparesis is rarely a serious issue unless it starts affecting blood sugar and diabetes which sometimes it can. Good luck.
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I am a 33 year old female.  Overall, I'm in good health and not overweight. My symptoms include excessive belching, bloating and abdominal pain.  My belching has gotten increasingly worse over the past 10-12 years.  I've had two endoscopy's, barium swallow, CT scans, etc., and have tried ALL of the PPI medications.  None of them helped reduce the belching. I'm currently taking Protonix for mild GERD.  I do have chronic constipation and bloating and am on medication for that.  I had my gallbladder removed just two months ago and am seriously dissappointed that the belching has NOT gone away.  The belching is extremely embarrassing, uncomfortable and even painful sometimes.  My family thinks I wasted time and money by getting the surgery because nothing changed.  I'm still grossing everyone out.  I get very frustrated and sometimes depressed by this terrible symptom.  My doctor is frustrated that she hasn't been able to "fix" me and can't tell me what's causing it.  I've heard all of the same stuff...diet, drinking through a straw, carbonated drinks, etc.  None of those are issues for me...I am desperate for some relief.  I will have a colonoscopy in the next month but my doctor suspects the results will be fine.  My only comfort now is knowing that I'm not the only person suffering from this problem.  I'm willing to try almost anything at this point and will be trying the yoga!
it's 2017 now... have you survived? have you gotten better? I am a 31 year old and suffer from EXCESSIVE BELCHING NON STOP since 1 year now. I feel like a disgusting animal, the belching is SO LOUD. I live isolated because I can not be around other people with this disgusting ailment:( when I am around other people I can control the belching but my belly swells up like I am 9 months pregnant, and then the air finds it way out the other end... PLEASE have people healed from this???? I honestly don't want to live with this symptom any longer
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To reduce belching, somebody told me that according to Eastern practice in Ayurveda (?sp), eat slowly like a lion, and only so much that you can eat again in next 30 minutes. Belching is caused by abnormal growth of bacteria, yeast in upper part of stomach called fundus. While, not many bactria could survive the acid pH of 2 in the stomach, people who routinely take antacid/acid reducing agents, belch more than those who do not. Belching can be gone after finding right amount of food intake. The gas is formed by yeast/bacteria digesting the starch/complex carb, releasing mainly CO2. But if belch has odor it could be yeast also. Seek a good gastroenterologist's (preferable at a university medical school) advice since I am not.
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I am 56 and have started having some excessive belching, but it's usually a couple of hours after dinner.  It is driving me crazy - it may go on for an hour or longer.  I do have acid reflux, but I have been treating it with nexium.  I have started eating shredded wheat in the mornings, could there be a connection?
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I am a 57 year old male i have been belching excessively for about 3 years. I have been treated for H Pylori bacteria that didnt help I have had endoscopy, colonoscopy, cat scan all were ok. I was using garlic supplement and when I stopped the belching was reduced. Now I am having pinching pain in my strenum area when i get gassy. Has anyone experience this pain when they get gassy.Also when i touch the area of the Pain I pass gas soon after.I am going back to the doctor tommorrow.
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Hello Jennifer, I work in a health food store/centre and have been doing some research about this stuff.  Has anyone ever suggested taking a digestive enzyme? I agree with the possibilty of too much/too little acid in your stomach.  Drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar; if it burns then you have too much acid in your stomach but, if it feels ok then you need more acid (in which case you'd need to look into getting some hyaluronic acid).  I'm not a doctor ... not even close but, I have taken a few courses and I do read a lot and have a lot of people who come to me with the same problem.  So, yeah...definately get some digestive enzymes from the health food store and test the acidity level with the apple cider vinegar.  If you want to flush out your intestines as well as imporve digestion, you can also buy some concentrated chlorophyll (doesn't taste the best but, hey...).  Make sure the digestive enzymes are good ones...don't cheap out on those.  Ok...I'm rambling.  I'll just tell you what I would take if I was you:   a) a good probiotic b) digestive enzymes and c) chlorophyll (chlorophyll also repairs any soft tissue damage that you might have).  Ok, I am going to stop before I end up writing a (very random) novel.  Hope something in here helps you.
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Excessive belching is sometimes caused by breathing threw your mouth instead of your nose. I have a deviated septum which makes me breath alot threw my mouth. The only  way to stop it is to retrain your self to breath threw your mouth. If you have a sinus problem though it is futile.
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Excuse me, retrain yourself to breath threw your nose.....
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OK, ladies...

Have a BREATH TEST, as suggested above. They are two types of breath test:

1. Breath test for H. pylori. H pylori is the most common cause of gastritis and belching. This infection often goes with heartburn.

2. Breath test to check small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. This bacterial overgrowth mostly causes bloating.

In both cases, treatment is with antibiotics.
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Wow, its amazing to finally see that I am not alone. Ok I have been belching for the last three months, it feels like nonstop. The odor is disgusting and sometimes I flatulate.  I've been doing alot of research and I'm starting to lean more towards intestinal parasites. So this is just my guess...just research that.  After I had a test for that my Dr. told me that it is only 20% accurate and it could possibly take 10 tests.
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about the apple cider...you said if it burns??  if it burns your stomach?? or your throat?  I tried it and it did irritate my throat a little but then it was fine
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I am sure my wife has found this blog or whatever you call it. My wife was up once again till almost three this morning belching- I almost call it a belching seizure. it is contant 10 times a minute- It's scary. I listen to her in the night and I hear I little  click in her throat right before a big belch, the sound you make when you make yourself belch but she insists she isn't sucking air. The belching has been constant now for one year today. We remember cause is started two days before our sons birthday. But it does seem to get worse right around the time of her period? Last night huge belching fit- today her period started again after a short month. Just seems related?? She is 34, her mother had menopause early so maybe it is related?? Geez help
I experience this more around my menstrual also
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I do have a lot of belching. I do belch and hiccup. Any time regardless whether you ate or not.
I think it has to do with hiatal hernia.
I do deep breathing excercises every day. I noticed that I belch and hiccup less.
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when I added enzymes, Gaviscon and Tagamet I improved a  LOT- worth a try- sometimes I throw in acidophilus?sp and cut down a lot on alcoholic drinks.

Noone usually thinks of this but try NO UNCCOKED FRUITS OR VEGGIES_ thy are almost impossible to digest.
I've done this no kidding on and off for over 10 yrs- even had a hysterectomy hoping that maybe the fibroids were pushing on diaphram so much I was belching from that-
had hiatal hernia repair- Nissen wrap - loose- where I can still belch- PLENTY, better than a redneck!- and my GI doc thought I was lying- I proved it to him- he said I was LUCKY because of gas/bloat after Nissen. I am just glad I requested the loose one or surely I would die if I didn't belch- the trapped gas is so painful- I do get relief a lot of nights when it seems never ending with this trick- I get trapped gas even in my shoulders- so I get a tennis ball and rub it against the wall with my shoulder- don't know if that draws a good picture but it releases tons of gas and then I can go to sleep- I know it's crazy- even water makes me burp like crazy- but sipping water is  A LOT better than drinking big gulps

next we did gallbladder surgery- helped 50%

I would say the enzymes with meals have helped the most- carlson's # whatever 66- 55,43, who knows?# from health food aisle
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I am 30 years male from Asian.  I started lost weight from 167bl to 145bl now in 3 years. I did all kind of exam.

The heart size is normal. the lung bases are clear
There is a subcentimeter cyst in the left liver, there is a 1 cm enhancing nodule in the anterior left liver seen on series e, image 11. there is no biliary dilation. There is an 8 mm hemangioma in the inferior right liver which is collaborated with ehe rest of the liver in the dalayed phases can. there is another hemangioma in the anterior right liver measuing 6 mm. This seen on series 3, image 30.
The stomach, spleen, pancreas, adrenal glands, kidneys, appendix, bowel loops, bladder and prostate are grosly unremarkable. There is no evidence of renal stone at sht time. Previous left calculus may have passed druing the interim.
Aortic caliber is normal. there is no free fluid or intraabodominal or pelvic adenopathy. there is a 4mm polyp in the gallbladder gundus. Two small bone islands are noted in the left femoral head.

1, two hepatic hemangiomas in the right lobe, measuring 8 and 6 mm each. There is aslo a subcentimeter cyst in the left lobe.
2, there is an indeterminate 1 cm enhancing nodule in the anterior left lobe. This may represent a focal nodular hyperp;asia versus atypical hemangioma. If hepatitis panel is negative and AFP level is normal, a follow -up CT abdomen in 6 monthes is recommended to recheck this nodule for stablility. If the levels are abnormal, would proceed to contrast enhanced liver MRI.
3, No evidence of renal stone or hydronephorisis.
4, 4 mm gllblader polyp.

Doctor said that finding is nothing relate to belching. I stopped drinking and pay attention food for 2 years, but still not get better. sometimes i feel pain and even back pain. I tried all kind  of good med. , but still belching. Belthing in the morning even without food or water, belthing before and after meal too.
GOD help me pls.
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