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excessive belching

Okay, I belch NONSTOP. Hundreds of times a day. I have had tests for ulcers, an upper GI, a CA125, colonoscopy, pelvic ultrasound...NOTHING! I have been on Mylanta, Malox, previcid, Prilosec, Aciphex, Dicyclomine, Xanax ect...I am NOT under stress (except for THIS)I have fasted, cut out sugar, caffeine, carbs, processed foods, gas causing foods, dairy ect...to NO AVAIL. This is NOT IBS. Recently I have new symptoms of not being able to fully empty my bladder (via ultrasound). There are no cysts that show up on the ultrasound and I am going to a urologist soon. (I don't see how the peeing problem could possibly be related). I started losing weight I think cuz I a AFRAID to eat! I am nauseated most of the time. I do not have cramping diarhea or constipation. Eating doesn't even cause it really! I wake up to excesive belching without eating a bite!
Does anyone know what the heck is wrong with me?
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Forgot to mention. I had my gallbladder removed in 2000. So it isn't my gallbladder either.
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I too constantly belch...Dont know either..I tend to get full
really easily and feel bloated all the time..I havent actually talked to a doctor about.
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At first I panicked cuz with all my symptoms they leaned towards ovarian cancer. They ruled that out. I used to belch like crazy just once a month...before my cycle, then I would get a migraine then well, the rest. Now it is all the time with new symptoms as time progresses. I keep getting the stress theory, the eating too fast theory, the taking in too much air theory. Nothing concrete. I am 43 why now? I didn't change anything!
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Do you smoke or chew alot of gum? drink alot of pop? those will cause alot of belching,swallow alot of air through mouth will cause alot of belching and gas.I have sinus probs and sometimes cant breath through my nose I have to through my mouth.If you drink alot of pop,try cutting down and chewing gum,it might help,and try gas x.
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I don't smoke, don't drink, no caffeine, no gum, (I DO talk a lot). Maybe I suck in air then. I don't know. No drugs. For a while I was totally carb-free, preservative free, sugar free, dairy free. I was eating only natural non-acidic foods. Still nothing. As I said before though. I have a weird hormonal thing that when my hormone level drops once a month I start to belch and then get a headache and then comes my cycle. I am at the age where my hormones could be dropping because of menopause which could mean an increase in the belching thing. I know that there is no medical proof of this...but it has been this way for me for years until this last year and now my cycle is inconsistant and I belch all the time. So weirdly it may be related. I just got the results of my ultrasound and something in my pelvic area is prolapsed. If the bowel dropped down too it could be stressed. Who knows...
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I know this seems to be the "end all/be all" solution that people like to relegate to such problems as belching (and other misc. health problems), but this is from personal experience, so hopefully it helps. Yoga. I belch like a maniac, or at least I used to. I was weary of yoga at first, envisioning the contortionism involved. Yoga is actually "the breath", plain and simple. You have to actually LEARN how to breathe properly, effectively and synergystically with your body. I'd recommend going to a beginner's class. You simply lay there and the instructor guides you through the proper steps. As a result, you inhale the clean air and expel the toxins through focus and relaxation. This prevents the swallowing of excessive air, and eventually, breathing properly will be second-nature for you. The solution is so simple that people tend to dismiss it because we've been programmed to take pharmaceutical meds. I'd recommend finding yourself a Naturopathic Doctor...and ND, not an MD. I don't know if you've ever noticed how a medical doctor comes up with a random assumption followed by yet another prescription, but I finally got tired of that and finally, I started feeling better...I just found an ND. He told me every part of my body that was at risk in less than 10 minutes and gave me NATURAL ways to heal, WITHOUT DRUGS OR SURGERY. So, there's my two bits: yoga and an ND. By the way, being a chatterbox is probably making you breathe in an irregular fashion; I used to have the same problem. But I still talk a lot. A LOT.
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