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fecal impaction? wife very sick

my wife is suffering from what appears to severe constipation of some sort of blockage.  She was x-rayed at the emergency ward 2 weeks ago and the doctor on staff said it was just that.  She was given "go lightly" to treat it, but all it produced was diarrhea and stools that she said felt like they were being pushed around something.  She went to a gastroenterologist who examined her and ordered an ultra sound, which proved to show nothing abnormal with her bladder, uterus, etc.  She is scheduled for a colonoscopy next Wednesday, but my concern is that she cannot wait -- she has been unable to produce a sizable bowl movement in 4 days and is bloated to the point where eating and breathing are difficult.  She looks like she is about 8 months pregnant.  She is terribly scared, of course.  Some other symptoms that have accompanied this are dizziness and a hard time remembering conversational words.

What could this be and should she simply go to the hospital?  We're trying to decide if waiting is a poor course of action or if we (mainly I) are being overly cautious.
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If she's in that much discomfort, call the GI person who you're currently working with and see if you can see him/her. If that's not possible, go to the ER.

If the dizziness and inability to remember are some of the usual symptoms along with the constipation, please also ask the GI person to check your wife for celiac disease in addition to looking for a blockage. Celiac can produce a lot of 'non-classic' symptoms.
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