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feeling full and ribs ache under breastline and burping

Sorry this is all long winded but trying to give as much info as possible.

I am a 37 year old female.  I have had four full pregnancies.  No history of cancer in our family apart from my nan (fathers side) who had bowel cancer when she was 74 years old. For the last 6 months I have had constant fullness/bloating and feels like i have had a weeks dinner, you know that feeling when your stomach feels like it is in your chest, about two inches down from sternum.  I have not lost my appetite, no nausea, no weightloss.. I also burp, sometimes they are real deep ones and loud, also my ribs ache like i want to take my bra off but the ache is still there right under my ribs.

I have been to the doctors before as i had really really bad pains in lower abdomen, along with pain before opening my bowels and was told, WAIT FOR IT, yes IBS.   The doctor gave me an internal and checked the size of my ovaries and for any swellings and she said it was normal.  Also had numerous tummy prodding/feeling exams, where my tummy is nice and soft. I also had a CA 125 blood test and that was normal, also i did a three stool test to see if any blood and this was also normal.  I took myself to A&E coz i had had enough, they did an xray from the pelvic area up to the lower ribs and that was fine, Also had an ultra sound on ovaries, bladder etc and that was fine, also checked the pressure on kidneys through the ultra sound (no idea what that was)  

My tummy pain has gone and i feel fine in that area its now just the bloating right at the top about two inches down from the sternum , the rib ache and the burping, it is really getting me down and fed up.  What is wrong with me.   Is anyone out there had any of these symptons.  Obviously the typical worry is do I have cancer.  Please please could someone offer some advice.
Many thanks and god bless to all.XXXXXXX England
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I wanna say that you are suffering from chronic gastritis and gastric reflux. Your symptoms do not indicate cancer. See your gastrologist. An endoscopy will help the doctor pinpoint exactly what is causing your bloating. Ask your pharmacist if you can take some prilosec(otc) for a month and see if that helps ( I would reccommend prevacid, but that is not otc). Also analyze your diet and physical activity. Eat fiber, whole wheat bread, lean chicken, fish, olive oil, and purified water. Stay away from gaseous beverages, sodas, fats, fried food, fast food, high fat dairy products, trans fat, spicy foods and especially hot food / hot peppers , mexican food (chile), italian (tomato), etc. Also avoid stress.
Fast food, fatty foods and wait for it....gluten, including all grasses such as rice. Get all that out of your diet. Drink only water and give it 3-5 days you will feel wonderful
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Thank you so much for your reply.  I have an appointment with my gp tomorrow morning so hopefully things will be sorted.  You could possibly be right as I am a very anxious person, do not do much exercise but not lazy as I have five children. Thanks again.  God bless. XXX
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Hi, I have a lot of your symptoms, especially the fullness after eating little.  No belching though.  I've posted what I've gone through today under jaybay and bj31.  I'm sorry I don't have any advise b/c I'm in the middle of my search but I can relate to your frustration!  It stinks.

Hope you (and I) find an answer soon!
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hya cirella, thanks very much for your reply.  I have to say I am taking Omeprazole which is a gastro-resistant capsule.  This has helped my belching and the sternum discomfort alot and its only my third day today of taking them.  Not sure about the bloating yet as I have just started my menstrual cycle and we all know this can make you bloated so I am hoping when its finished I will notice that I am bloated no more. So please pray for me and anyone who needs it.  Many thanks and I will keep you posted. XXX kisses from England
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Hi.  Glad the medication is helping.  At least that's something, eh?  LOL  

I re-read your original post and wondered if you've had a vaginal ultrasound or an endoscopy?  I've gone the ovarian cyst route and hope that it's nothing like that.

Take care,
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wish i never wrote saying it has helped coz been quite bad this afternoon.  I have had an ultra sound scan on overies etc and that was fine. The blelow probs have all gone.

The only thing I have now is really bad discomfort just below the sternum and constant bloating.  So fed up.  If anything comes about I will be sure to let you know. thanks again and hope to speak to you soon.
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Take a look on the net about ulcers. My mum has an ulcer and it sounds similar. When you had your scan did they look at your gallbladder you could have gallstones? Is it mainly on your right hand side or central? central possibly an ulcer, on the right possibly gallstones. Hope you feel better soon. Diane. GB xx
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thanks for reply.  It is central.  It is about an inch below the sternum.  It is so horrible.  I will take a look and see what it says about ulcers.  The scan was only of my ovaries, bladder etc, and they did the depth or pressure on my kidneys.  All was fine.  This is not a problem anymore, all that has completely gone.  Then the burping started and the discomfort in the sternum area and the tightness in the rib area right under my breasts. I do not get heartburn.  The tablets have eased the burning but the discomfort is still there and really getting me down.  Thanks for your advice and I hope i get this sorted.  Kindest regards to you. X
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I have experienced these symptoms on and off for sustained periods for about 12 years. Especially the constant belching and discomfort.
Whenever it became particuarly intolerable, I would take myself off to the doctor. Inevitably he would say it was stress. I never agreed with this opinion, since I found that the flare-ups of the problem did not correlate to stressful periods in my life.
I have had two children in the past four years.
About two years ago I began to feel a mass in my right abdomen. I went to two doctors who both said, "You're young and healthy, don't worry about it". A couple of months ago after a particularly uncomfortable episode during which the mass was painful and appeared to be protruding through the abdominal wall near my belly button it dawned on me that it might be a hernia. Off I went to the doctor again.
This time he felt the mass. He said not to worry. A few weeks later I went back -- still worried. He agreed to order an ultrasound to "set my mind at ease". The doctor felt it might be my stomach protruding as a result of scoliosis (spinal curvature). A month and a half ago I had my first episode of rectal bleeding. It stopped after two days and I convinced myself it must have been a fissure or internal hemmorhoid.
I went for the ultrasound last week. There is a 7cm x 8cm mass on my stomach in front of my kidney. We are now trying to book an emergency CT scan. I am very scared and my doctor is very worried.
I recently saw on line that excessive belching is one of the early signs of stomach cancer.
I hate to worry you unnecessarily, but I wish I had not let myself be put off so easily by doctors' reassurances. You know when things are not right. And as a mother of four I doubt that you are excessively sensitive to discomfort. There is obviously a much better chance of dealing with it the earlier it is discovered. Most stomach cancers are not discovered until the patient feels the tumour or starts losing weight inexplicably. There is usually no pain and very few symptoms.
I wish you the best. I hope that everything is fine.
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Hya.  I know exactly where you are coming from.  I have heard its stress and it could be this and it could be that.  And its IBS. I will not knock doctors as I do believe they are absolutely amazing people and I have a very high respect for them and they are human and humans DO make mistakes.   I have a lot of faith in my doctor and belive he knows what he is talking about. I believe that I have got gastritis but who knows. I used to drink alot and the symtoms sound so familiar to that.  I am also a constant worrier and worry about my health all the time.  I will go back to the doctors after the weekend if the tablets are not helping.  I really do hope that you will be well and i know you are very scared so it is hard for me to say try not to worry.  Lots or prayers and positivity.  You are young and cancer is rare in someone so young.  I will pray for you all the way from england. XXXX
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try getting your gallbladder looked at
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thanks, will do.  The problem is all the symptoms can point to so so so many other disorders. .  I know this will get sorted and I could be in a worser position than other people. Will keep everyone updated. Will take the course of Omeprazole and see what happens.  Just wish the bloating would go.  The discomfort in my sternum area has eased a little, thank goodness

Thanks again for comment. XX
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hello, i am a 15 yr old male who had been suffering from gastritis for about 4 months. it all started when i had a viral infection and about a week late ri was having stomach pain and the doctors told me i had gastritis and said that it will go away on its own.. well it hasnt and i recently have gone to a GI doctor who preformed a  endoscopy he said i have a hiatla hernia along with gastritis. he alos took some bacteria out of my stomach from the gastritis and tested it for H. Phlory or somethign like that and he called back and said my hernia was small no sugery need and gave me pills for the gastrits but recently i've been having bad back pain around my right side in the middle of the shoulder blades and in my right shoulder blade. i asked the doctor this and he said it is inflamation from the gastrits.. the pain is like a knotty/cramping pain. i have had blood test  and cat scan all normal but i had a slightly elavated bilirubin but he said it was just a tad high nothing to cause concern. but recently this pain ahs been getting to me im thyinking i have liver disase or glaa bladder problems but my doctor said no just inflamation but im still scared any thoughts or opinions please? But i hope u feel better much love.... jon
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along with the fullness that you have had, do you experience difficulty breathing in deep breaths? I have been experiencing a lot of what you have written the past four months and am unable to see the dr. till dec. when my insurance kicks in........just wanted to know if it is was the same thing. When I find anything out I will post it for you, maybe it will help you as well......:-) Karina
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I have been having similar problems for the last few months. It has been hard for me to pass gas and stool just like you. I have upper pain just below my rib cage that shoots down the left side all the way to my rectum.  Everything feels swollen.  Also my left side quivers occasionally. I stress out quite a bit and get bad anxiety attacks. Sometimes I get restless leg problems... I crave sugar as well which for some reason I believe takes part in all this mess.

Anyways, I went to the doc. and had almost everything looked at. They haven't actually inserted anything into my body, like a camera, to look at the walls of my bowels but they have done a Kat scan, felt my ovaries, and tested my blood and urine. Fortunately they could not find a thing and ended up giving me pain meds for an unknown muscle issue.

To get to the point, I finally decided to go a different route.  I picked out an Alternative Medicine Doctor. (Who I found over the internet).When I went to her office she ran a few tests and found that I was having digestive issues. She put me on a complete detox program. No Dairy, meaning no cheese, no milk, and no yogurt.  No sugar, meaning no pop, no coffee and so on.

This might be easier for me if I can explain what I can eat.  I can eat rice, white meat like turkey and chicken, fruits and veggies. But no citrus fruits like oranges and grape fruit because that can upset the tummy. Oh and no Eggs and no condiments. Also drink lots of water and no fruit juices because juice from the store is packed with sugar.

So yes you pretty much have to eliminate all the tasty stuff.

Then with this diet (which I have not completely stuck too) my doctor gave me Enzymes and a tone of supplements (which you would have to get from your own doctor).

Anyways after about four days of eating like this and taking the supplements I realized I wasn't going to the bathroom at all! I was almost completely blocked and the pain was still there if not worse! So I called her back and told her everything. She then came to a good conclusion. I was very deficient in magnesium!  She told me to get magnesium silicate. Which is a laxative in itself but the weird part about it is that after I drink that stuff all the pain goes away. This in my mind means I am headed in the right direction.

Now! I am not saying that this is the complete answer but just today I did some digging on magnesium and found that it is a very important part of the body. It helps keep our bodies in function and with out it can cause all sorts of problems. Like sugar cravings and even restless leg problems. It also helps with IBS.

So tomorrow I am going out and buying foods with high levels of magnesium. I found out that Almonds and the fish Haddock both have high properties.  I am also going to by the supplement as well.

I will keep you posted on my detox diet as well as the results of eating more magnesiam rich food.
Last but not least, I am not saying stop going to your regular doctor’s visits or that being defiant in magnesium is the answer. I am not a medical doctor; I am only speaking from my own experience. My best suggestion is do you research when looking for doctors, and when finding answers. Always!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at more than one avenue and never give up!

If anyone has any questions or comments feel free!

Good Luck,
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thanks.  i will try anything.  I must say the burping has stopped.  maybe I have got IBS.  Now i have a real heavy feeling in lower abdomen and lower back aches.  Also feels like i have a bubble moving around my ribs through to my back (which i think is trapped wind). feels like a stitch sometimes.  

It never ends.  I will get too the bottom of this and I will try your method too.  It can't do no harm.

Thanks again and much appreciated.

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You mentioned that you have 4 children.  Were any of the deliveries done via C-section?  Any open abdominal surgery can result in bowel adhesions that can cause the symptoms you describe.  However, now that you're experiencing pain radiating to the back, that could be a problem with your gallbladder or something in the ducts that deliver bile from the liver, through the gallbladder and into the small intestine.  Have you had a HIDA scan to check if your gallbladder is functioning correctly?  Any history of endometriosis (although it sounds like you've ruled out a gyno problem)?  Any other abdominal surgeries in the past?  Colonoscopy and EGD?  
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I had an ectopic pregnancy in 1999 and had to have the bikini line cut and right fallopian tube and part of the ovary removed. Its only been this year that I have had this trouble. I had blood tests done for liver function and that was fab.  I have done the three day stool test and that was good.  This morning i have a bad crampy feeling in lower abdomen just above the pubic hairline (i think in lower bowel) How can something move so much around the body.  I had a scan on ovaries, tubes, uretha etc and all was fine.  I am glad to say the tablets seemed to have stopped the belching.  Thanks for writing back, its very very helpful and hopefully speak to you soon.  XX
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I have had your symptoms...along with occasional irregular heartbeats after a big meal...and couldn't get a definitive answer. So I started researching on-line.
I found an article on Yahoo, " Vagus Nerve Imbalance/Hiatal Hernia Syndrome". It is a lengthy article, but it described my symptoms so well!
If the stomach has protruded into the diaphragm, even a little bit, the vagus nerve can be compressed, causing a variety of symptoms. Including bloating, burping, the inability to take a deep breath, and so many others! I hope you and others whose main symptoms originate in the digestive tract will check this article out. It is fascinating and I hope it provides some answers.
Good luck.

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Hya,  Thanks for your comment.  I will definately take a look at that today.  You never know.  Will keep you updated.  Many thanks again..

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Ah bless ya johny.  Yours sounds like bad trapped wind and honestly i promise you that trapped wind is really painful and sometimes you do think to yourself how can somethign so minor cause so much pain, it does.  With you being so young i really feel you have nothing major going on. Keep going back to your gp and find a solution/treatment that works for you.  Alot of treatments are not always right for the everyone.  Hope you sort things out soon so you can enjoy being a normal teenager.  Keep me informed. Love England XX

I will let you know how things are going with me.  Thanks for your comments too
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Hya, Yes I do have problems with deep breathes but I am not breathless.  I get very bad cramp pain in lower abdomen just above the pubic hairline on the left side.  Its a very heavy feeling.  Let me know what your doc says. xx
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Im starting to feel better! I just went to a chiropractor the other day and he also found that my back is kinda screwed up too. I told him the pain from my middle back radiates around to the front. I said that I thought it was digestive issues. He then told me that pain can radiate to the front and that it is very common. Just another thought for you.

The magnesium is in fact working though but I am on a detox program as well. I can Only eat fruits, meats no pork though and veggies.  NO NO NO Dairy and Eggs. Oh and Antibiotic free meats! Lots of water too...

Keep up the Good Work!

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