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feeling very sick every day

ok so ive floated around health boards for some time looking for answers to my health issue but for awhile i havent found really anything so im finally going to reach out myself

it first started when i was around 11 or 12 (around puberty) my stomach would feel very sick and queasy.my throat also feels tight or like i need to vomit it feels like something is inching its way up my throat untill i feel like im going to choke or vomit and at times i cant even talk the feeling gets so intesne and no matter what i do nothing soothes my symptoms... i cant lay down or sit up i can eat or drink anything because i feel so flu like ill.it lasts for hours or all day untill i finally fall asleep (whitch is impossible to do while feeling this way) ive been going to doctora on and off for years tried anxieity meds gerd meds ibs meds deppression meds and nothing has helped me its so frustrating and upsetting i find myself crying every time i feel this way because i have no answers or idea how to subside this  and get well i am now 22 and still suffering from whatever this is and i am looking so desperitly for answers
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Have any of your Drs done a scope to look at the inside of your stomach? If not, you really need to have that done. This does sound like possible GERD but something else may be going on too, like food allergies and such.
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a scope was done around the first year that this had started but my results came back fine.im going to see a specilist the 28th.maybe i should have it done again since it is years later after all. thank you for your input!
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