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foul smelling flatulence all time

This discussion is related to Uncontrollable gas - foul smelling.

Hello everybody,

I have just encountered this site and felt little bit confident after knowing that I am not alone, and people are on way to their solutions. I hope I will solve my problem too.

I am 27, male, software engineer, Germany. I am having this problem for around one and half years and still I did not find any solution.

I release gas all the time, I don't smell it but all people around me hold their noses, scratch their face.  So it is obvious to me that the gas I release smells. Not only that, my breath also stinks. regardless of how good I brush and how long I brush, my breath stinks. So people are thinking that I am a nasty guy who do not brush and fart always.

I was emotionally forced to leave my job because of this problem, because whenever somebody comes to our office room, they complain that it smells like sewage and my colleagues stare at me suggesting that I am the reason. My colleagues discuss internally that I am the reason for the company losses because clients are not showing interest to come to our office.

I left my job and went to different doctors, they all hear to me, they don't consider it serious, they do only some routine tests like blood test and ultra scan. They will find nothing negative in the tests and come to a conclusion that it is infection caused by bacteria and give some antibiotics. But none of them helped me. Even in colonoscopy, nothing negative showed up. I took activated charcoal pills too, it did not help. I have used flat-d underwear, it did not stop my foul smell. doctors checked my anus through finger and told me that there is no damage near the anus.

I even went to homeopathy doctor, she told me it could be bacterial infection and gave some medicines but they too did not help me.

symptoms and observations:

I feel that I release more gas when I sit.
I have some sort of mild burning sensation near my left chest after eating.
I release foul smelling gas whether I eat or starve.
I have wetness near my anal region.
My breath also smells bad.

tests done /results
Blood test                            :  no problem found
Ultra scan(routine abdomen)   : no problem found
Colonoscopy                        : no problem found

I don't know what to do now. I got a job in USA now, planning to go to USA in 2 months and desperately want to find a solution to my problem before going to USA.

Can anybody throw some light on my problem?

Thank you very much in advance.

I hope we all will find some solution to this life ruining problem.

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Hey guys, this sounds like LEAKY GUT SYNDROME, have a read up on this, especially LEXII. The antibiotics have nullified the good bacteria in your gut, paving way for a CANDIDA overgrowth. In turn, one of the side effects are this leaky gut syndrome in your large intestine. Doctor's DO NOT recognize this problem and are not taught this in med school, and do not believe it because so far no one has been able to prove it, but showing signs are out there and it is only a matter of time.

LEAKY GUT SYNDROME is what most are dealing with!!! READ ABOUT IT AND CANDIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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where do you get this oil...does it come in a pill form?  hope to hear from you ...Janesey1
I get mine from GNC. They have a website you can order it from.
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where I can get Oil Oregano? Please answer me in
***@****  thank you so much
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The oil of oregano comes in liquid form.
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You can get it at the health food store, but make sure that you get the "Oil of Oregano, Oreganol Wild hand picked P73", this is the best and purest form. You can put 1 -2 drops in a glass of water and take before a meal to see if it helps you.  However, if you have gas all the time after you eat any foods, make sure you try a good digestive enzyme with each meal, because when your food doesn't digest properly in the body, the food will rot in the body, and that's what causes the foul odors.

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I also think that sometimes this problem may also be connected with stress.If you have tried everything and nothing works.  Consider what you were doing before the bad gas started, what changed in your life?  For example, were you working a stressful job,, working long hours, was there a major change of your life or routine, etc?  Our bodies aren't built to constantly handle stress.  If we live with stress day in and day out for months and years, this can cause all kinds of problems to the body. We have to make sure that we find inner peace,,eat a healthy diet, get proper rest, drink plenty of water, exercise, and be good to ourselves. Also, keep a food diary and try to pin point the foods that causes the gas problems, then eliminate them. A poor diet over a period of time can also cause digestive/gas problems.You may have to continue to try different things until you find the answer, and never give up!!
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I am dealing with candida overgrowth right now and oh what a battle. I agree doctors will not acknowledge this but it is a real condition that if treated properly I believe will be remedied. I had severly foul smelling gas and since I have elimited sugar( for the most part) from my diet it seems much better...but when I do break down and have a doughnut or something sweet...there is that terrible smell again. Good Advice
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Hi, I read your post and it relates to me so much. I'm a female college student also and I have constant gas/odor problem, its caused a lot of depression in my life. It happens mostly when I sit down and sometimes I'm not aware of it either. I often feel trapped because of this. And I just wanted to know how you were holding up? Did you find a solution that has helped you?
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I've had an odor/excessive flatulence problem for 7 years now. And when I say it has made my life very depressing, its not an exaggeration. My life is completely dreadful because of this problem.

I'm 19 years old and I feel like a shell of a person. I've isolated myself and I'm physically scared to be around others because I'm nervous they'll smell my odor. Its a terrible way to live.

Here's some things I noticed:

-When I sit down the gas is worse
-When in a stressed environment the flatulence gets worse
-I can't smell the odor
-Even when there's no flatulence apparently there's still an odor

Things I'm currently trying:

-Activated charcoal pills (I noticed they help a little with the amount of gas but not with the odor.)
-chlorophyll pills (I haven't noticed any changes when using this, I've only been using it for a short time so I'll continue to use it and see what happens.)
-Detox Baths
-Colon cleansers
-Eating healthier -more vegetables, fruit, yogurt

Things I'm going to try
-Oil of oregano (I heard great reviews on it - I just ordered it)
-Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (I heard some amazing things about this, I'm excited to try it.)

Finding this site and seeing that I'm not alone has been the most relief I've felt in while. Anyone feel free to message me. I just really need someone to talk to that can relate to me.
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Try drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, but heat the water, the same temperature that you would heat a cup of tea, and put flesh lemon juice from a lemon in the water and drink daily, I have personally found that this helps to internally cleanse the body, and when I have consistently done this, I have been able to smell the flatulence.  I think this is good, because it lets you know that you are daily cleansing  the body from the inside out, and it allows you to be able to smell the odor, this helps, because if you are out in public and can smell the flatulence, you can move away from others, avoid embarrassment etc. After you have tried the remedies that you have stated, also try digestive enzymes with each meal, and also if you are lactose intolerant, which means you have problem drinking milk and eating dairy products, also purchase Lactaid enzymes, and this will help your body to effectively digest daily foods and eliminate the gas. The enzymes help to break down the foods in the body. When you constantly have gas every time you eat food, it maybe because the foods aren't being fully digested in the body. This is the trick to taking enzymes you have to consistently take them for period of time, at least for a month to see some real results, sometime when trying differently remedies, we stop taking the remedies, before they have time to work, a lot of the remedies you have to be consistent and it a may take some time for you body to adjust to them. Also try probiotics, which adds good bacteria to the stomach, and helps to get rid of gas. You mentioned that the flatulence increases when you are stressed, You are going to have to find away to eliminate the stress, what ever way you can. Maybe take some online college courses etc. The last note, try earthclinic.com, it is an Excellent website created by a professional Doctor, and people from all over the world go to this site to get help for different physical problems. Once you are on the website, type in your problem, and then it will lead you  to different discussions and natural remedies for that problem.  Don't give Up!!
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One other thing I forgot to state, which seem to go without saying, but a lot of times when we constantly have gas, it's because we have to eliminate waste from the body, meaning we need to do no. 2, Sometimes peoples body changes and instead of the body just eliminating the waste.  The body has a new or different way to let you know it's trying to eliminate  the waste.  This may happen because we aren't drinking enough water, the body had changed etc. And I find when I have taken enmyes, probiotics etc, and I still have that gas problem, it's time to go to the bathroom, it doesn't have to be a lot of elimination. sometimes just a tiny amount, can cause the gas to stop.
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Thanks so much for all the advice!
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I'm an older woman, 61. I've suffered from gi problems all my life. 3 years ago 1/2 of my colon had to be removed. I have thyroid desease, Hoshimoto's. Most Drs. don't put it together, but people with thyriod disorder have gi problems and some times heart attachs at a young age, I did. So, after the surgury I developed fibromyalgai. It all runs in the family. I got to sick to work, it's totally miserable.
So the good part. Yes it does take the total elimination diet "google leeky gut syndrome. I'm gluten intolerant. No gluten, no fibrmyalgia. Also, thru my life I was always better no a low carb diet and excersize. I mean ALOT better. No cheese, no eggs, no gluten. No processed sugar. Yes, it's very hard and for me it took 8-9 months to rid myself of the pain and suffering that had become debilitaing. Don't let it go so far. No Drs. ever suggested diet, some how it was all my fault. But this was not true. A strict diet helped me. And it doesn't show up in your tsh when your young. Drs have to do ALL the thyroid tests. t3, free t3, t4. I'm intolerant to synthroid. I went to a specialist who had a relationship with a compounding pharmacy. This is a lot of info, but I lived threw it and wish I could do some thing so young people don't have to suffer. BTW smelly gas=so much sugar and gluten. Gluten is in beer, not other alcahols. But you have to lower sugar and alcahol turns to sugar. I had to give up my beloved wine. I still drink a little, rum doesn't seem to hurt if just some. Strange! Don't believe DRS, they think, so what? It's just you r thyroid doesn't work take more synthryiod. My body couldn't handle that..it was like speed because it was not converting correctly in my body. I hope in the future all these issues will be tied together and taken seriously by the medical community. Now, we have to do it our selves. The diet works! But it's hard, however, so is constant gas and joint , body pain. remember google "leeky gut".
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did the Oil of oregano or the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar help you??
please reply ASAP
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You are not alone, I have the same problem for 30 years. I have being able to reduce with a strict vegetarian diet, antialergic and gluten free food and practicing Kegel excersices. The problem is very complex, there are many factors involve, including, genetical.  
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Sorry for the last response I need to check this site more. Unfortunately I didn't notice much of a difference when taking the oil of oregano or bragg apple cider vinegar . Its weird because I had been showing signs of parasites like this weird freaky thing came out of me while I was taking those products. So I decided to do a parasite cleanse and honestly the parasite cleanse is the only thing that's helped reduce the gas I had.

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Mix one tsp honey in a little warm water & drink this twice a day - once before bedtime & once in the morning with breakfast. This will help regulate your bowels & bring relief to constipation. Also try having green tea in the mornings with some honey & light Activia yogurt. This has helped me tremendously & hope will help others too suffering from smelly gas, constipation & people not being able to enjoy foods they love!
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woodchick gets it. Pay attention to what she's saying. It's spot on. If you reduce your carb intake, you will reduce your gas output, (not to mention the possible improvement of a variety of other problems such as acid reflux). This is something experienced by me many years ago, and also by just about anyone I know who has dabbled with a low or reduced carbohydrate diet. Those that would cite fat as the source of a problem like this are misinformed.
One analogy used by a prominent pair of authors on the subject of low carb noted that when bootleggers want to induce fermentation, they add sugar to the still. It works that way in your gut as well - add carbs (sugar), induce fermentation.      
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Do you eat any grains for example, barley, millet etc, If not how do you get by without eating any starches?  Do you have a problem with taking calcium or iron supplements, and if you do, what is your alternative?

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You want to kill yourself because you have gas?? Seriously?? That's ridiculous, may be frustrating but that's sorta drastic measures... tell your Dr. I'm sure they can solve your issue without that nonsense!!
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Hi Jessicadit,

I don't have Ig or leaky gut, I tried oil of oregano, but that didn't totally help me, and when taking Oil of Oregano you only have to take about 2 drops under you tongue at one time, If you don't feel safe using it on a regular basis, I will say to you always follow your heart.  I still have gas, I think that mine comes from being lactose intolerant, meaning my body can't process the sugar in whole milk.  Therefore milk products causes me to have gas.  I take calcium supplements, but that also causes gas.

But, dealing with gas problem, these are the following remedies that helps me to deal with it.  First, and I pray and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, I think you have to go to the creator of you body, and seek answers, because everybody's body is different, and what works for one person may never work for another person.  So, that's where I find my comfort and support, praying an seeking help from my heavenly Father.

These are  things that I have taken that helps me.  After eating a meal, and I have gas, I take "Pure Organic
Coconut oil", and this helps with the gas.  Also, stress, anxiety, anger can also cause all types of digestive issues, such as gas.  I also use digestive enzyme after eating, and you also have to eat a proper diet. This information may or mayn't help you but as I mentioned before, if you want a sure thing, you must develop a personal relationship with God through prayer and the Word of God, and seek Him for yourself, and He can truly direct you concerning your issue, because the truth is He is the creator of your body, so why not go to the manufacturer of your body and cut out the middle man!

God Bless
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Foul smelling gas or bad breath is caused by many factors such as bad diet and lifestyle. The primary cause of it is BACTERIA due to low stomach acid. When your stomach has little acid it becomes the breeding ground of any kinds of bacteria and other organisms that produce foul smell. Then you will develop CANDIDA, H.PYLORI, SIBO which can damage your intestinal tract. If you have silver fillings in teeth and allergic to heavy metal like mercury then you'll likely have candida and other health problems. If you have chronic gastritis, ulcer, heartburn, GERD, acid reflux etc. then you have H.Pylori bacteria swimming in your gut. CANDIDA AND H.PYLORI CAUSES LEAKY GUT AND OTHER GUT PROBLEMS. SIBO or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth is also associated with candida and H.pylori. Source: http://www.holistichelp.net/blog/candida-sibo-or-h-pylori/
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So can I ask what's best things to try? U seem to know all medical problems that it could be but what will help please?
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Hey Laura, did you get any help? I started experiencing the same thing towards end of 2014 summer, though i might have had it as early as 2013 summer. I am a student and it has already affected me so much academically, as i cant even concentrate in class. Please let me know if you got any help. My email is ***@****
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Hi i have the exact problem it so embarrassing can't play sport like I used to an go clubbing or even a simple BBQ family gathering the worst thing I can't smell the stink I produce but it's obvious others can
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Hi i have the exact problem it so embarrassing can't play sport like I used to an go clubbing or even a simple BBQ family gathering the worst thing I can't smell the stink I produce but it's obvious others can
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You have no idea how nasty people can be.

Although I cannot smell it myself (a common theme, it seems), I have had  smelly gas everyday for over 35 years. From the start, doctors had no answer and were dismissive and I was made to feel neurotic and paranoid (especially as i can't smell it). I gave up going to GPs about it after 5 years and researched and self medicated to no avail. It does not help when the expert advice is that it is normal for women to fart up to 14 times a day. I am well within that range.
I gave up trying to be around people 10 years ago after the woman who kept calling me a "farty s..." whenever she saw me in the supermarket and around town, before complaining about me to store staff who sprayed air freshner in my direction, turned out to be the wife of my GP (who could not have known I sought help years before from other doctors).
I totally understand her complaining, but the name calling was upsetting and made the problem worse, particularly around her. Also, it put me off discussing the problem with her husband, even though he might have taken it seriously, especially as he was with his wife on at least two occasions when I farted. I just thought he would have no empathy.
Luckily, around this time it became possible for me to shop online, including grocery shopping. It was either that or suicide.
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I can relate to you. I am 18 years old and now a college student. My problem had started since highschool, and I havent found a solution. I had been to different doctors several times but nothing changed. I was diagnosed before with acute gastroenteritis, but after taking medications the problem seemed to have gone worse. I had tried self-medication using herbal products but it didnt seem to help.

I tried changing my diet, avoiding sweets, carbonated drinks, alcohol and fatty food. I also tried using activated charcoal, apple cider vinegar, black pepper tea and guava leaf tea. But nothing changed.

Like you the symptoms are the same, I dont exactly feel the gas passing but there is an odor. I notice it when Im sitting as the chair gets really hot. Its really embarrassing. I also avoid going to air conditioned or closed spaces. The last time I went to the library, other students were complaining about the smell and the librarian had to spray air freshener in my direction. I never went back again. What's more frustrating is the gas constantly passes like every 5 minutes, I couldnt even sit still for an hour. It has greatly affected my social life and school life. Now I always have to avoid sitting close to anyone, even at the church, I always have to choose the seat in the last row. I had stopped school for a year to focus on medications, still nothing changed.

Now I'm getting depressed and contemplating on suicide. Because I already did everything I could. How would I even finish school and get a job, or get married. Who would want a smelly officemate who farts every five minutes.
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I provided my email if anyone wants to share with me their experience, how do you deal with it, also possible solutions.

I backreaded all of the comments (all 200+ of them) and notice that most have found relief by going on a low-carb or gluten free diet along with probiotics. Now my only problem is trying out low carb (or even no carb) diet, I am Asian (particularly Filipino) and rice has always been a staple food. We eat rice 3x a day, and occassionally sweet potatoes and other root crops. I dont know how can I avoid that. And also, the availability of probiotics. We dont have much health food stores here unlike in the US. And if there is, its usually very far from where I live (I live in the province). I wanted to try drinking Yakult after every meal, but I dont know if its really considered as probiotics.

I am also gonna try out apple cider vinegar again, my doctor before had told me that I was acidic and had to avoid citrus fruits, vinegars and other sour food. But I read somewhere in the comments that the symptoms for low acid and acidic stomach are pretty much the same. I'll see how it goes.
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Hey there, suicide is not the answer!!! Please get tested for Helicobacter Pylori bacteria that's found in the deepest folds of our gut. I've suffered like you for many, many years until this doctor performed an endoscopy and I tested positive for the bacteria. It is a very stubborn bacteria that needs three part medication/antibiotics for 14 days. I did very well after the treatment for about 6-7 months until I went to Africa. The stupid bacteria retuned maybe from water or food, I don't know? But took the same medication and I'm feeling pretty well for now...hope this helps and hopefully you will find cure/answer for your problem pretty soon. Again, suicide is not the answer!!! Keep living my friend!
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How long did you get treatment before the flatulence stopped? Did it stop completely?
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how is everyone doing? any improvement on your condition?
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yes I too have realised that sugar is my problem im thinking about not eating sugar ever again , just trying to sike myself up now but we really do need a remedy as ive tried everything too rid myself of this problem

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yes I too have realised that sugar is my problem im thinking about not eating sugar ever again , just trying to sike myself up now but we really do need a remedy as ive tried everything too rid myself of this problem

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excuse me u sound like u don't know what we are talking about it is debilitating !!!!
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so after reading all of these posts , Not one person has a cure FML! going to a specialist . we need to start something so the drs will listen and start researching this problem any suggestions how we might go about it email me ***@****. we need to raise an awareness of this issure and get some help !
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Its amazing how this thread is 8 years old and nobody still has any answers. I have had this same problem for over 2 years now and it ***** so much :(
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Hi, I can not tell anyone why we get such bad gas or why it smells really bad.  However, I do have a solution to rid if the smell IMMEDIATELY.  just light a match and blow it out!!!  The odour will go immediately!!
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My step daughter has gas all the time, she can't burp, but passes gas all the time, and that's not an overstatement.  She will pass gas at least 10 times every half hour, most sound like she shat herself, and most all smell like a Mexican outhouse.  great to keep boys away, but not good to be around, between her butt and feet, I get constant nauseous
Hang one of those little air fresheners between her legs.
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An anecdote. I lived in Africa for 2 years 1967-69. The Peace Corps doctors did all they knew to clean up my gut, but they did not know enough. After I got home, I fell into a rhythm of approximately 3 days every 3 weeks, a plague of totally noxious flatulence. I kept going to doctor after doctor being told not to eat baloney, or beans, of cruciferous vegetables. Fortunately none of them told me to pray. After 15 years I finally found a doctor who had some tropical experience. He said I don't know for sure what you've got, Doug, but it will probably respond to atabrine. He prescribed a week's worth of pills. They might turn your eyeballs yellow, he said, but don't worry. Call me in six weeks and if atabrine doesn't work we'll try another amoebicide. It worked. Giardia Lamblia, most likely.  That was around 1985. Now, I've got something else... I'll probably find the right doctor again in another 15 years...
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Sounds like you have my problem.  For me its because of eating anything in the allium family - onions, garlic, leeks, shallots.  I can taste the onions/garlic at first, but after 20-30mins, cant taste them at all, and I believe that is when the smell comes through on my breath.  I will also get gas, and for the most part, cannot tell that my own farts smell really bad.  (It helps to have an honest and tolerant spouse who will tell you if your breath is socially unacceptable!)   If I have had too much of the stuff, I will also get an upset stomach, and sometimes diarrhoea, which is really foul smelling.  This will last until the food has completely been eliminated from my gut, 1-3 days later.  My suggestion to you all is to completely eliminate food from allium family from your diet.  Its not easy, but its the only thing I have found to help.  My theory, which I havent been able to confirm, is because I had giardia from a trip to Nepal 20 years ago, which stuffed up my gut microflora, because that is when my allium problem started.
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My symptoms have returned very similar to yourself. Life is a struggle at times, I feel I can't go anywhere I am only 25 years old. The thing I did try in which I am about to again as it really did help and my symptoms are back, was an oxypowder cleanse, my diet consisted of very bland meals however somewhat bearable. Tuna salad chicken salad mainly for dinner, snacked on rice cakes and avoided carbs completely for the full 7 days. Ategrapes for breakfast instead of my usual toast or cereal. It was like a miracle I then drank grated ginger tea every amorning after the cleanse I believe that helped too. I drank apple
Cider vinegar in water at night after I took my
Oxy powder tablets as I felt it cleansed the colon more and was guided to do this. My boyfriend has urged me to do my cleanse again as I think I'm burning his nostrils (lmao) sorry. If I don't laugh il cry! I literally have tried everything so I'm going to do this cleanse again as I think that I had candida (SIBO) as sugar triggers it too for me. I can't pin point what it is and the dietician I have seen said I was not eating anything that would
Trigger it therefore it's a mystery. I was also refused a colonoscopy because I made an emergency appointment with the doctor I was in pain, lost weight, (probably due to not eating incase it flared up), the constant wind.... one look st my notes he said your stressed you have anxiety which I did .... but that was his answer. No testing or anything just that and that I was taking up his time on an emergency appointment. The surgery wasn't overly busy either. He just wasn't taking me serious, it really angered me. I've been given omeprazole as I had a lot of acid reflux, sick in my mouth sometimes it was horrible, rifting a lot!! Tried probiotics, digestive enzymes, currently waiting to hear back for an allergy testing company which I got from groupon deal and they test all of these things along with foods.

Here is hoping there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
I want a normal job in the city and to enjoy life to the fullest but this god forsaken gas that comes out my *** is holding me back from everything, I really do hate it.

Here's hoping another cleanse and a strict diet will ease this pain! Definately worth a try, however if it is candida or bacteria I believe it takes a good 6 months to completely get rid of it and drs will struggle to diagnose unless you ask, I however have passed that point and need to go to extreme measures on my own as doctors refuse to listen to me.

Thanks for reading :)
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The worst part about this forum is no one ever comes back to comment after they give their problem in a monologue. I have the same story as most people here but am in Asia at the moment cut off from western advice/products. I'm just trying probiotics now and will come back with an update.
Yes, it is so sad that no one came back and tell us how they're doing now. I also have the same problem and it's really killing me! I feel like I shouldn't exist in this world but I know that I should not give up. Do you have any update on those probiotics?
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i have a horrible odor too but its not actually gas.  thank god hypnotherapy does help the most for the anxiety etc.
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I have the same problem and I've been suffering from it for almost 3 years now! I really want to talk to somebody that is going through the same thing with me, so that we can help other out. I feel so lonely and depressed because I have no one that understands me or even bother to help me anymore. I've been looking for solutions​ to this problem but nothing work! Anyone who is suffering from this like me, please come and talk to me!:'(
Please see my comment below. I have many years of experience with this and have successfully beaten it before. I’m going to start a fresh round of my previous regimen as I have been a bit bad about my eating habits.
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I completely sympathize with you all. I suffered from many of these same symptoms for years. This was due in large part to being prescribed Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI) for about 5 years. I was so stressed out in my Physics PhD program that the heartburn was terrible, and the vomiting due to heartburn was terrible. But those PPIs wreak havoc in your system. Created a whole new slew of problems when I went off them after discovering how TERRIBLE they are for you. Never let someone tell you less stomach acid for your body is a good thing. It creates MOST of these symptoms everyone here is speaking of. ESPECIALLY gas. My gas was foul, for at least a year after I went off the PPI medicine. It was embarrassing. And I also had horrific bad breath, despite flossing daily, and brushing with a sonicare twice per day. I researched everything. I have a PhD so i’m good at researching. Read countless articles from medical treatments, to holistic. Saw gastro doctors. I had a decent one. But like most of you, doctors don’t do much. WHY? Because VERY LITTLE is known about the gut. It is the least understood part of our body. So many things like stress can be the sole cause of many of these symptoms.
I finally decided that my likely case was SIBO. There are three kinds. Two are very common and treatable with special antibiotics. The third, I forget what it was called, is least treatable.
I didn’t want to try antibiotics. They have a common relapse percentage anyway based on the Harvard med journals.
My solution: I tried wild oregano oil. I bought it from GNC in the Unites States. It’s a small dropper. I’m going to get more tonight because I moved and threw it out.
Warning: this gave me really bad heartburn and mild d.
Regimen: two drops under the tongue twice per day.
By the second day I was experiencing bad heart burn after kicking hearburn for over a year.
I ONLY did the WOO because I was sick and tired of being gluten/dairy/egg free.
Slowly, I got back on a normal diet. For 8 months I was fine. Better than ever. Binge eating pasta, which I probably should not have done. But not worrying at all about what I ate. No farts (maybe 3 per day and not smelly ones) and normal bowel movements.
I could only withstand about 3 days of WOO. It’s really harsh. PLEASE go by feel and don’t do more than three days unless you believe it’s causing no side effects. I’m not advising it. It worked for me.
HOWEVER - my farts are back. No gut cramps this time.
It’s all my fault. My husband and I moved across the country and had to stay in a hotel for a month. ALL we ate was crap. Total crap. Fast food once a day at least. And take out all the time. It’s hard with no way of cooking.
That’s often the root of the problem - if yo are experiencing many of the common SIBO and IBS symptoms and you’re eating out freequently, or eating rich foods frequently - BIG NO NO. You should be treating your body better - I eat chicken and rice about 2-3 times per week now, Home Chef meals about 3 days a week (these are home cooked meal service meals but a bit richer than chicken and rice) and my husband and I eat out about 2 times per week. HOWVER. Since I let my diet go to **** back in November. My farts are back. Despite going back on my normal diet as mentioned a few sentences above this is not enough. So yes, I will be buying more WOO. I will probably take 1-2 days of it. If it doesn’t clear up my gas - chicken, rice, steamed veggies for a week or two. I hope this somewhat helps you guys. I’ll check back for responses. I notice most don’t respond after commenting.
Oh and I forgot to mention ACV (apple cider vinegar organic with the mother) was a godsend. I took a shot of it with every big meal (dinner) when I started going off my gluten free / dairy free/ egg free diet. That stuff is AMAZING. I’m going to start doing shots of it again too. But beware - if you have a raw esophagus from WOO drops under your tongue, or GERD, you WILL feel pain. Over a few days it will make you raw. Take the shot before you eat IMMEDIATELY. Don’t let it sit in your stomach. If you forget - take it right after dinner, or even some time after dinner if still feeling overly full. It’s amazing. Has tons of acid to help avoid fermenting food in your intestine. And probiotic. And enzymes for breaking down food. [i’m not a health expert this is just my own exp and what i’ve researched]
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Sounds like you've got some parasite issues. The toxins parasites release are very hard on the body. I do a yearly parasite cleanse.
A great paradite cleanse kit I use is called New Roots Herbal.  It works in two stages- first round kills adult parasites of all types; second stage round kills eggs and cysts.

It's incredibly rare for someone to not have any parasites in their bodies.  We all harbor something. I do a cleanse every year and each year I find multiple parasites in my stools after a cleanse.

Make sure to follow the kits instructions.  It is a Canadian company and if you can't find it in your country, you can find it online and Order it.


Happy Cleansing!
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