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foul smelling flatulence all time

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Hello everybody,

I have just encountered this site and felt little bit confident after knowing that I am not alone, and people are on way to their solutions. I hope I will solve my problem too.

I am 27, male, software engineer, Germany. I am having this problem for around one and half years and still I did not find any solution.

I release gas all the time, I don't smell it but all people around me hold their noses, scratch their face.  So it is obvious to me that the gas I release smells. Not only that, my breath also stinks. regardless of how good I brush and how long I brush, my breath stinks. So people are thinking that I am a nasty guy who do not brush and fart always.

I was emotionally forced to leave my job because of this problem, because whenever somebody comes to our office room, they complain that it smells like sewage and my colleagues stare at me suggesting that I am the reason. My colleagues discuss internally that I am the reason for the company losses because clients are not showing interest to come to our office.

I left my job and went to different doctors, they all hear to me, they don't consider it serious, they do only some routine tests like blood test and ultra scan. They will find nothing negative in the tests and come to a conclusion that it is infection caused by bacteria and give some antibiotics. But none of them helped me. Even in colonoscopy, nothing negative showed up. I took activated charcoal pills too, it did not help. I have used flat-d underwear, it did not stop my foul smell. doctors checked my anus through finger and told me that there is no damage near the anus.

I even went to homeopathy doctor, she told me it could be bacterial infection and gave some medicines but they too did not help me.

symptoms and observations:

I feel that I release more gas when I sit.
I have some sort of mild burning sensation near my left chest after eating.
I release foul smelling gas whether I eat or starve.
I have wetness near my anal region.
My breath also smells bad.

tests done /results
Blood test                            :  no problem found
Ultra scan(routine abdomen)   : no problem found
Colonoscopy                        : no problem found

I don't know what to do now. I got a job in USA now, planning to go to USA in 2 months and desperately want to find a solution to my problem before going to USA.

Can anybody throw some light on my problem?

Thank you very much in advance.

I hope we all will find some solution to this life ruining problem.

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i have a horrible odor too but its not actually gas.  thank god hypnotherapy does help the most for the anxiety etc.
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The worst part about this forum is no one ever comes back to comment after they give their problem in a monologue. I have the same story as most people here but am in Asia at the moment cut off from western advice/products. I'm just trying probiotics now and will come back with an update.
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Yes, it is so sad that no one came back and tell us how they're doing now. I also have the same problem and it's really killing me! I feel like I shouldn't exist in this world but I know that I should not give up. Do you have any update on those probiotics?
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My symptoms have returned very similar to yourself. Life is a struggle at times, I feel I can't go anywhere I am only 25 years old. The thing I did try in which I am about to again as it really did help and my symptoms are back, was an oxypowder cleanse, my diet consisted of very bland meals however somewhat bearable. Tuna salad chicken salad mainly for dinner, snacked on rice cakes and avoided carbs completely for the full 7 days. Ategrapes for breakfast instead of my usual toast or cereal. It was like a miracle I then drank grated ginger tea every amorning after the cleanse I believe that helped too. I drank apple
Cider vinegar in water at night after I took my
Oxy powder tablets as I felt it cleansed the colon more and was guided to do this. My boyfriend has urged me to do my cleanse again as I think I'm burning his nostrils (lmao) sorry. If I don't laugh il cry! I literally have tried everything so I'm going to do this cleanse again as I think that I had candida (SIBO) as sugar triggers it too for me. I can't pin point what it is and the dietician I have seen said I was not eating anything that would
Trigger it therefore it's a mystery. I was also refused a colonoscopy because I made an emergency appointment with the doctor I was in pain, lost weight, (probably due to not eating incase it flared up), the constant wind.... one look st my notes he said your stressed you have anxiety which I did .... but that was his answer. No testing or anything just that and that I was taking up his time on an emergency appointment. The surgery wasn't overly busy either. He just wasn't taking me serious, it really angered me. I've been given omeprazole as I had a lot of acid reflux, sick in my mouth sometimes it was horrible, rifting a lot!! Tried probiotics, digestive enzymes, currently waiting to hear back for an allergy testing company which I got from groupon deal and they test all of these things along with foods.

Here is hoping there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
I want a normal job in the city and to enjoy life to the fullest but this god forsaken gas that comes out my *** is holding me back from everything, I really do hate it.

Here's hoping another cleanse and a strict diet will ease this pain! Definately worth a try, however if it is candida or bacteria I believe it takes a good 6 months to completely get rid of it and drs will struggle to diagnose unless you ask, I however have passed that point and need to go to extreme measures on my own as doctors refuse to listen to me.

Thanks for reading :)
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Sounds like you have my problem.  For me its because of eating anything in the allium family - onions, garlic, leeks, shallots.  I can taste the onions/garlic at first, but after 20-30mins, cant taste them at all, and I believe that is when the smell comes through on my breath.  I will also get gas, and for the most part, cannot tell that my own farts smell really bad.  (It helps to have an honest and tolerant spouse who will tell you if your breath is socially unacceptable!)   If I have had too much of the stuff, I will also get an upset stomach, and sometimes diarrhoea, which is really foul smelling.  This will last until the food has completely been eliminated from my gut, 1-3 days later.  My suggestion to you all is to completely eliminate food from allium family from your diet.  Its not easy, but its the only thing I have found to help.  My theory, which I havent been able to confirm, is because I had giardia from a trip to Nepal 20 years ago, which stuffed up my gut microflora, because that is when my allium problem started.
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An anecdote. I lived in Africa for 2 years 1967-69. The Peace Corps doctors did all they knew to clean up my gut, but they did not know enough. After I got home, I fell into a rhythm of approximately 3 days every 3 weeks, a plague of totally noxious flatulence. I kept going to doctor after doctor being told not to eat baloney, or beans, of cruciferous vegetables. Fortunately none of them told me to pray. After 15 years I finally found a doctor who had some tropical experience. He said I don't know for sure what you've got, Doug, but it will probably respond to atabrine. He prescribed a week's worth of pills. They might turn your eyeballs yellow, he said, but don't worry. Call me in six weeks and if atabrine doesn't work we'll try another amoebicide. It worked. Giardia Lamblia, most likely.  That was around 1985. Now, I've got something else... I'll probably find the right doctor again in another 15 years...
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My step daughter has gas all the time, she can't burp, but passes gas all the time, and that's not an overstatement.  She will pass gas at least 10 times every half hour, most sound like she shat herself, and most all smell like a Mexican outhouse.  great to keep boys away, but not good to be around, between her butt and feet, I get constant nauseous
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Hang one of those little air fresheners between her legs.
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