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gallbladde disease and dizziness

hey there everyone
i have been told i have a gallbladder diease. But i have been suffering from dizziness for the past 2 years alog with fatigue and i am wondering if anyone knows if the dizziness can be caused by the gallbladder
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I am not sure if there is but I suffered from a bad vertigo attack in July 07 had ER visits and all kinds of test that were normal and then in Nov 07 started with upset stomach and vomiting and just had my gallbladder out in Jan 08 (no stones).  No one has told me that they are related but I wonder?
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My daughter had dizziness and fainted two times with her last episode that brought us to the hospital last month and she had it removed. She had severe nasuea, upset stomach, reflux and all that went away with the GB removal mid-January ..she is only 16 but GB functioned @ only 4% !!!!!

I get dizzy episode before kidney stone issues ...... ?

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