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gallbladder attacks

can someone tell my why one dr. says i'm having a gallbladder attack and last night i was told nothing is wrong!!! I can't sleep, eat or move.. The pain is so BAD!!!
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Where are you having the pain and what kind of pain? Typically a gallbladder attack can be mild or extremely severe, sometimes so bad you can pass out from the pain. It's also typically under the right ribs or upper right abdomen.

Should go get checked to see if you do have gallbladder problems.
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What tests have you had? I had gallbladder problems that went undiagnosed until I finally had a HIDA scan, which revealed a dysfunctional gallbladder, even though I didn't have any gallstones (which is why I was repeatedly told my problem WASN'T my gallbladder). A dysfunction of the gallbladder won't show up on a CT or ultrasound.
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I'm in your boat.  My Hida showed 21% function.  My doc says live with it
Usually my pain is center under my ribs and radiates to the left.  He has doubts because of this (most pain to right). Last night I had an attack that started on right side radiating to my right neck then it transfered to my center and left.  Prevacid usually kills it after around 45 minutes.  The pain is extremely sharp. All I ate was a piece of fried chicken and veggies at cracker barrel. One time I ate a bag of potato chips on the way home from work and thought I would die.  The doc says it may be irratible bowel.  this gives me doubt about having my GB removed.  I am almost sure its the GB. I think sometimes they don't want to say because some have removal and still have problems.
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It does make sense it could be your gallbladder if the pain occurs after eating fatty foods.  My appetite completely left me and I lost weight.  I couldn't eat much of anything, including fatty foods, but even fresh fruit was a turn off - go figure.  My pain was on the left also.  I didn't have an actual attack until I ate 2 bites of cheesecake.  Whoever invented cream cheese is evil, LOL.  Not only did I have pain in my left abdomen, it was worse in my back and there was a horrible squeezing around my rib cage that kept me from standing up straight.  

It sounds like improving your diet might help you since at least you can still eat.  
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