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gallbladder surgery?

Hi.  I am a 38 year male, 5'6", 140 lbs and for the past 6.5 years I have suffered from severe episodes of both flatulence and belching.  I often have 100 or more burps and farts a day and mild abdominal discomfort.  The onset of the problem started 6.5 yrs ago out of nowhere. I remember feeling a day or so of moderate pain in the upper epigastrum right below the sternum, then I started having uncontrollable constant burping and farting from awakening until I retired for the evening.  I have tried many different dietary changes to no avail.  I have undergone endoscopies and colonoscopies at various times which have shown nothing substantial except for mild gastritis.  Ultrasound was normal.  CT scan was normal.  Bloodwork shows elevated bilirubin.  Stool tests were normal as tested against various parasites and malabsorption test.  Gastric emptying test was normal.  Xylose breath test for bacterial overgrowth was normal.  Bowel movements are normal.  4 HIDA scans have been performed all showing an ejection fractionation between 10 % and 15 % which is below normal.   I have been trying my best to manage this uncomfortable problem for quite some time, and seriously considering elected surgery to have my gallbladder removed.  In navigating through the medical system, it seems like no one has any definitive answers or says anything with conviction so I am left uncertain what to do.  My belief is that I have acalculus biliary dyskinesia which I understand presents itself with vague symptoms such as gas.  I do not experience the upper right quadrant pain often associated with gallbladder disease.   What are the chances my surgery will alleviate the gas problems.  I never had these problems until 6.5 yrs ago.   What are the chances I will have greater problems following cholecysectomy.  If I leave my gallbladder in, is there a chance of further problems down the road, such as pancreatitis?  How about diarrhea?  What percentage of patients develop diarrhea or loose stools after cholecystectomy, what is the severity, and how long does this last?  Thanks so much for your medical opinions and information of personal experiences.  
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You could become better with GB removal or not. I am sorry there is not a better answer.  It all depends on the individual.   There is more of a success rate if your symptoms were reproduced with the administration of the CCK during the hida scan.  Most surgeons will advise you to remove it since it is not functioning.  You could have trouble down the road if you have sludge or stones .

There are a few patients who develop diarrheah after surgery.  In some this goes away in 6 months - 1 yr.  A very few people have this for life.  I asked my surgeon the same question and he said in 1800 surgeries only about 6 had this trouble   I did develop dumping syndrome after surgery and it took quite a few months to go away.   I was miserable .  They can presribe welchol or questran which binds the stool but I hated it since it constipated me and made me feel worse.      My surgeon told me of those 6 people none returned for a refill of the meds so it leads me to believe the problem maybe eventually went away with them.

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