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My Dr"s. are at a complete loss of what could be the matter with me. I have MRI x2, CT SCAN with and without contrast during attack,HIDA scan, x ray, colonscopy, endoscopy and every thing else you can think of.  No one can tell me what my issue is.  I have pain center under my breast to the middle of my belly button.  It comes and goes. I have lost 25 pounds. I have been in hospital emergency with severe vomiting, chills and pain and then it goes to the runs, on several occasions since June.  They give me a pain shot, x ray and IV.   Then send me home and I am fine for awhile.  Surgeon has given me a couple of option, one is gallbladder surgery with no gurantees that is the issue. This has been going on for 2 years.  His second option was to go to another Dr. but I have seen several and no one knows anything.  When I have this pain it feels like a charlie horse and tightens and releases but I had 18 of those cramps in one hr.  I am at a loss and want my life back.  Surgery seems to be my option but I am concerned it may be for nothing since the test don't show anything. Any ideas of what could be going on? Is surgery a good idea when the test show nothing.

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