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gallstone & back pain

I'm 24 years of age, and for the past week I've been having back pains, mostly in my shoulders, middle of my back and lower back. Last night, after eating dinner (spaghetti) I had a really strange feeling in my stomach. I've always had a weak stomach, I get a lot of stomach aches but this feeling was different, it was tight, and heavy and ran across my upper abdomen. I could  barely sleep @ night because when I laid down on my stomach it was so painful and I felt a bit nauseous. I went to the ER this morning and found out I had a gallstone. Until I found out that I had a gallstone, the pain was always in my left side, but now since I found out about the gallstone I get pain in my right and left.
The ultrasound was clear on my left side. Both my kidneys and stuff are clear, and there isn't any inflammation in my abdomen, it's just that one gallstone. It's starting to give me problems now, the right side hurts, I have back pain, right under my shoulder blades, dead smack in the middle and my lower lower back hurts, towards my tail bone I guess.. and not to mention I still get pains in the left side, plus abdominal discomfort. The dr gave me meds for the abdominal discomfort but its so damn uncomfortable I can barely eat anything. I'm afraid to eat anything!

I have no idea why my left side hurts.. could it be the pain from the right just spreading across to the left? And should I just get my gallstone out? The thing is, I'm just a bit hesitant because I'm living overseas so I don't feel too comfortable, I mean, even the dr said I should get it in America
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