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gallstones, no symptoms

they found I have gallstones by accident, after a gynecology ultrasound but I have never had any symptoms at all, thanks god, some doctors have told that it´s better to remove the gallbladder as a preventive procedure some say that I shouldn´t do anything until I have symptoms,

I also have barrett with no reflux or heartburn and some bitter taste in mouth sometimes,

are these symptoms related?

should I have surgery?

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I don't think you should jump into surgery right away-there is a herbal liver/gallbladder cleanse that you could do, and your stones would be expelled overnight.  If you are the type to try natural remedies.  Because as you know, the doctors these days want you to jump on that "surgery" bandwagon for almost anything.  Here's a good website: Drschulze.com Check it out! Hope this helped!
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I wouldnt jump into surgery either if your not even having any pain. BUT once you do then get it removed asap because you will have more attacks and eventually it can mess with your pancreas.
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