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gallstones in liver

I'm 33 years old, female. Not married yet. I have been diagnosed with gallstones in my liver after a sharp crisis, which occured 5 months ago as well. Sometimes I have lower back side muscle pain just over my hips on both sides at night but not frequent, months even years in between each occurence. When i went to the hospital and because of my sharp stomach pain (during that crisis) my liver blood level rose to 635 and then after monitoring it for 3 days it went back to normal. (They did all the hapatitis test on me as well becos of the level of my blood back then, they have doubted of Hepatitis A, i hope nothing else :))
I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist.  The Scan of my liver showed that i have multiple gallstones and that my liver is fine.
Should i worry? Why do i have to see a Gastroenterologist instead of Urologist?
PS: I live in the UK.
Else than that i'm a healthy person.
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Your liver containes a biliary system that produces and carries bile to the small intestine. If a stone lodges itself in the tract it blocks the flow of bile into the small bowel. When the bile backs up  and the biliary tree dilates your liver doesn't function adequately. When this happens people may notice a yellow tint to their skin and eyes.

This is why you are seeing a gastoenerologist instead of a urologist. A urologist would treat you if you had a stone in your urinary tract.
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Thank you Cris for the comment. Very helpful.

I hope it's nothing serious.
Take care and thank you once again.
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I am a 34 yrs old and I have had a mulitple procedures due to gallstones. I am at a loss now. For my 1st surgery I was scheduled to have my gallbladder removed with the scope. When the Dr attempted to remove my gallbladder this way, he discovered several stones going into my bile ducts and had to remove it the "old fashion way". After the surgery I was still having major abdominal pain. I then with a different Dr had an ERCP done in which he said there were no stones found but inserted a stint for drainage. At this point (2 months later) the 1st Dr finally removed my T-tube that was draining into a bile bag hanging off the side of my body. GROSS! I was still having pain but not as often or as severe. I then was tired of the DR's telling me that they were not finding any problems that would cause me to still have symptoms.Then about a year and a half later I has a serious attack because I never returned to have the stint removed and it became clogged. For about a month I was in pain every day functioning on Pain Med's to get thru the work day. In Jan 2008 I had a  NEW Dr  put in another stint and pulled out very large stones which he seems to thinks that were left behind the last 2 surgeries but will not come right and say that to me. He said that one of the stones was close to 1 1/2" in diameter. I then was instructed to take Ursidol to help reduce the size of the remianing stones that he could not remove. SO (surgery #4) in OCT 2008 I had another ERCP and the Dr removed 4 more stones and the stint and today I am in pain again. I am now waiting on my liver level results to get back to the Dr to see of I still have more. What do I do? I am affraid to eat anything at this point.
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