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I was told I may have gallstones.  Theythink i had an attack last week.  It was awful, almost flu like, cold but sweating, severe pain in upper stomach and threw up!  I am wondering whats next?  I did blood tests, stoll sample and have an ultra sound tomorrow.  But my next dr visit is in 2 weeks!!!  Help!  What do I expect or do now?
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I too had a gallstones attack in January with a severe abdominal pain in the upper area and violent vomiting.  I had been diagnosed with gallstones along with my kidney stones about 5 years ago.  Thinking back I must have had some mild attacks here and there.  I know what you are talking about when you are just waiting around for the doctor's visit.  I stayed away from fatty foods, ate more fruits and veggies.  It helps a lot to eat more "healthy".  I think I googled the gallbladder diet to find out more since it was such a long wait.  Eventually I was referred to a surgeon who said that once you have had a gallbladder attack, it is likely it will hit again and again.  We decided to get it out.  The surgery was scheduled, did a chest xray and blood work of course.  It was done laproscopically so only 4 incisions (one being near the belly button for the camera).  Went home that same day!  Actually checked in at 6:00 and went home at 10:30 crazy!  Took some meds, relaxed and recovered very well.  It has been two and a half months now and bowel movements are just fine.  I can eat what I want now as there are no dietary restrictions, but healthier is better.  The liver takes care of breaking down the fat.  Now I am dealing with a thyroid issue and it has taken 3 weeks to get a surgeon's referral.  It is definitely frustrating when you are worried about your health.  Keep googling and come back to this site.  It has many good discussions!  Good luck.
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