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gas and heartpain

Sunday I woke up to a gas problem in my chest. It was intense causing me heart pains, shortness of breath and some what hard to breathe and a large amount of rumbling of gas movement in my chest (lots of sounds). So after it never went away sunday, monday or tuesday being the same or worse, I did some internet searching wondering if I had heart problems because it would experience frequent pain on what felt like the lower side of it. I ran across a post that had all my symptoms including anxiety which I have been diagnosed with in the past.

Here is that post:

""That feeling you are describing is a classic anxiety symptom. Gas is probably one of the worst foes for people who suffer from anxiety and panic. Gas can bring on both very fast.
Gas can travel up and it can travel down.
When it's trapped, you get panic.
When it travels up, you get heart symptoms. A large build up of gas in the upper intestinal tract can cramp the space that your heart is used to having to beat nice and free. An invasion on this space by gas can cause your heart to race, chest pains, and breathlessness. You may even feel like you have just experienced heart flutters but that is only because a tremendous amount of gas has built up and is bubbling and tickling the same muscles that your brain uses to detect heart trouble.
When gas travels down, and gets stuck you can enjoy those really cool symptoms of "what if I have colon cancer". When this happens, you feel quivers in your lower abdomen, and that leads to worry, which leads to more quivers.
Get an anacid, and try some Protonix or Prevacid to cut down on the gas. Protonix is cheaper and usually just as effective.""------end of post------

   So I go to the store and end up talking to a pharmacist there who says to buy prilosec otc. So I bought that antacid and also rolaids extra strength plus gas relief. It is the third day of taking these and the gas in my chest seems to be slowly diminishing but still makes noise at times, no more heart pain but still some strange feelings there. But today when I woke up my right leg had pains in different areas that felt bone deep. They were very often and my whole leg just felt strange like I had growing pains in the bones or something (im 33 btw). I get up stretch it, walk around and it doesnt help, instead 20 minutes or so later my other leg starts doing the same thing. At the moment neither of them hurt now. Thats my dilema. Is that anxiety I woke up with playing tricks on me, is there something in prilosec or the rolaids chews that doesnt agree with me, is gas causing circulation problems out of my heart?????
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This morning no pain in legs. Anyone with any answers?
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