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gastritis and pregnancy

symptoms: stomach pain right beneath the breast bone (kind of like heart pain) EKG was clear for myocardia infarction (heart not having enough blood supply therefore causing pain). Numbness in left arm and hand, sweaty palms. Pain radiates up the neck and sometimes to the left side of the head. Lots of pricking gas, most painful when you try to hold it in. pain in the clolon that comes 4-5 days after stomach flair up. On nexium and it helps a lot but can not get off it. two weeks after stopping pain comes back. with nexium pain is 0 and can eat anything, all symptoms are gone. Now I am 2 pregnant. Stopped nexium 2 months ago was ok for a while until I got a situation that stressed me highly and there the gastritis flaired up again. I feel bitter in my mouth like I sucked a lemon at times, at times it is just lack of taste, and the pricky gass pains all over the GI tract. always tired even with rest. Miserably really, can I go back on my saving purple pill nexium

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