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Over the years I have gone to several different dentists for help with halitosis.  I have always gone for two teeth cleanings a year and have brushed, flossed and rinsed twice a day.  I have searched the internet and asked the dentists for recommendations.  I've tryed Therabreath, Closystem, profresh and baking soda/peroxide.  They seem to all work for a while and then do not.  Profresh has probably worked the best, but not for long.  All of these products say if they don't work that you have a gastroenterology problem.  
Please give me some advise.

Thank you,
Cheryl Parkman
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My son-in-law had a very serious case of this.  He went to the doctor and was put on some type of medication which cleared it up.  I think it's time you seek medical help.
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can you find out the name of the medication
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