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hard to describe symptoms colonoscopy was normal.

I had a physical in March everything fine 100% healthy 44yr old no meds/issues. I felt my bowel movements changed but hard to describe as I can take a BM w/o an issue but sometimes more gassier, upset. It bothered me so much that my dr. performed colonoscopy to rule out major issues and it came back 100% clear. Since then (2 wks later) I had a more frequency to go. I dont know if t was 20oz coffee on empty stomach something I ate etc. I am lactose intolerant so stay away from dairy and if I do I take lactaid pills with the food. Is there any other tests to rule out any other possible cause. I feel like I dont have certain symptoms to describe to my dr to perform a different test other then the colonoscopy. Any ideas would greatly help.
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