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having colonoscopy/upper endoscopy done please answerr these questions!!!

ok,so i have had stomach issues for 6 years. i am 20 years old,and my doctor and i agreed this was the best way to find out whats' wrong. ihave had blood testing for celiacs,ultrasounds,stool work etc!!!!! all was ''normal''

i have some concerns though!!!!

1-i have hemmorhoids due to my stomach issues/ im scared that the colonoscopy will hurt badly due to this...im also scared that even if it doesnt hurt during the procedure...it will aggravate the hemmorhoids so badly that they will hurt afterwords... any thoughts?

2-i have a chest injury from lifting weights. and  i havent gotten it resolved, because the orthopedic doctor  iwentt to was useless. its around the sternum area. i have heard that a side effect of the upper gi is chest pain...given the fact  i already have a chest injury, im really scared this procedure will tear my chest up even worse than it i!!! my sternum is pretty much torn apart..obviously its not that bad if im still able to function,but its still a bad injury...im just nervous this will aggravate it!

3-my doctor and i discussed that reaching the ileum is the main goal of the clonoscopy. it is imperative we try to reach it to get a clear sense of whats going on with me. my friend who has chrons says its a waste of time if they dont get to the ileum...either way whether its a waste or not,  i want them to search my ileum. my doctor said  sometimes patients ileum's cant be reached. im  concerned he wont be able to get into mine!!!!!!!!!! help!

4-ive heard the movi prep is horrible...how am i gonna get through this ?? ha.
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noone knows?

its really frustraiting when noone answers.
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Hi, hope I can ease your fears a little.

1.  The colonoscopy will not irritate your hemorrhoids, the scope is a very small tube and your BM's are more likely to irritate them than this small tube.

2. The endoscopy tube is also very small, you swallow bigger bites of food, and in no way will it affect your sternum.

3.  A colonoscopy is never a waste of time.  It allows the bowel to be viewed and any polyps or other issues can only be found this way.  They normally reach the ileum, if they don't they will find an alternative way, don't worry about this until you know if you have anything to worry about.

4.  The worst part of the prep is the many trips to the bathroom, and it only lasts a couple of hours.  Keep a book or something to read, and keep your anus covered with vaseline to keep it from getting irrtitated.  This irritation is the biggest complaint, but I've learned all the tricks.  You will find out this is a big nothing and will wonder why you were so worried about it.

It is really not bad, my 3 chiuldren had to endure them every year since they were little kids due to an hereditary colon disease, they never complained.  Take care.
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thanks fort he reply

im not sure if my chest injury is in my sternum,but  i know i feel pain there as well as the ribs. so the upper gi wont damage it? i hear that chest pain is a side effect of the upper gi (and thats for normal people without injuries so i figured maybe itll aggravate or worsen my already preexisting one)

i was thinking of sitting in the bathroom the whole day of the prep but it might make the hemorrhoids worse?

ive heard hemmorhoids could be repaired surgically. do you think my doc will try to fix them during my colonoscopy

ive also heard bad things aboutt the anesthesia they use. what kinds should i ask for?

i had a pipe down my throat as a kid for my vocal chords..i really hated it i m scared the upper gi wil be so bad..if its as small as food why will itt make my throat sore?

also are polyps symptomatic?  i hear people have polyps removed. is that just to PREVENT things like cancr, or is it possible that  ihave polyps and removing them wil lcuse me relief.
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bump? noone wants to help me huh? some gastro ection this is...like my questions are hard.....you know how hard it is seeing no answers to my questions here..what is it to long for you
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765439 tn?1292964014
not gonna stop bumping
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If you are patient and wait a couple days, people will answer your questions.  All the people that are answering questions are just regular people that are doing this in their spare time because they like to help.  We are not paid or anything for this.  We are not answering your question because it is too long or hard, just because we haven't had the time yet.

The reason why upper gi's make people have pain are either because the tube causes people to swallow gas which causes some discomfort until they release the gas, or because the tube causes a sore throat.  You may get more chest pain for these reasons, but it shouldn't aggravate your preexisting problems.

You shouldn't sit on the bathroom the entire day because it will worsen your hemorrhoids.  However, you can stay nearby to the bathroom so that you don't have far to walk to get the bathroom.  Make sure you keep your rectum moist with something like aquaphor.

The doctor will not repair your hemorrhoids during the colonoscopy.  They are not prepared to do this and the surgery to repair hemorrhoids needs to be talked about in detail before it is done, and it is not always done for hemorrhoids.

I don't know about which specific kinds of anesthesia they use, but you will probably get sedation as opposed to general anesthesia because it is safer.  This is something you should discuss with your doctor before the colonoscopy.

Usually when they look at your vocal chords they do it by numbing your throat and they sticking a tube down just a short way for a short time.  In an endoscopy, you are sedated so you usually don't remember they are doing it.  I've had two endoscopies and I remember nothing from either of them.

Polyps can be symptomatic but they usually are not.  Polyps are removed to prevent them from turning into something worse like cancer, but rarely it will actually help your symptoms by removing them.
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thanks for the response! when you say i may get more chest pains,you mean temporarily im assuming is this right?

ma im so worried about this,but i need this done...ive been wimping out too long! ha.
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Yes, the chest pain is temporary until the gas passes from your stomach or goes into your intestines.
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im nervous
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You really should be ok.  I have had tons of endoscopys and colonoscopys.  The worse I have had is sore throat for a few days.  Did not aggrevate my chest at all.  I have had polyps removed also during the colonoscopy.  You may have a little bit of gas but thats normal.   The prep was not mad when I had miralax drink mixed with gatorade and dulcolax pills.  Can they do this method for your prep?   I was in the toilet a lot but did not stay in there all day. Do not eat very heavily for the few days before you prep and this can help.   I could eat broth and jello the day I was prepping so I was not as hungry.  

I have tried all methods of sedation such as

Demerol - Made me hallucinate
Versed you are out of it and should not remember much but some people wake up a little during the procedure
Nothing- endoscopy was uncomfortable but not unbearable colonoscopy did hurt a bit
Propofol - similar to general anestesia.  I felt nothing and was asleep the whole time.  My favorite method.  Only to be done in a hospital with an anesthesiologist controlling it.
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meant the prep was not bad..
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