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heartburn and hiatal hernia

I have been suffering from mild to moderate heart burn and acid reflux after meals for the past couple of weeks.  When I am not eating there is a constant feeling of a lump inside my throat and some pressure in my chest.  The latest symptom is an increased heart rate after i eat and a feeling of anxiety though I am calm at the time it happens and there is nothing to be worried about.  Someone mentioned it could be a hiatal hernia.  Does anyone know anything about this and have you ever heard of an increased heart rate with heartburn?
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I was diagnosed with a hietal hernia several years ago.I also had severe acid reflux.I was put on Prilosec and when that didn't work after awhile I changed to Nexium.That helped alot.I didn't know a lot about my condition but I've learned alot since.
Try and eat several small meals a day instead of 3 big meals.
Try and stay away from overly spicy foods,coffee and pop being big problems for me.Dairy isn't great either.Chocolate can also be bad.
Don't lie down after a meal and don't eat right before you go to bed.
As for the lump in your throat,I just had the same feeling the other day and when I went to my chiropractor for an adjustment he massaged my "cardiac sphincter" which is located at the top of my stomach.He said that it had been spasming closed and that is why my food wouldn't go down.I had recently gone off the Nexium with my doctors help trying to use more natural methods.Since I've been on the Nexium for so long my body really threw a hissy fit.I am back on Prilosec OTC.The increased heart rate is normal and also the anxiety is also however it is unpleasant.Since I'm not a doctor I don't really know how to explain the reasons you get this feeling.If you've never been on a Rx for your condition there are some things you can try that one of my docs had me do.These PERSONALLY helped me.I put 1 tbls.of ORGANIC apple cider vinegar in some room temp water-about a 1/4 cup or less and I add some honey.Drink it quickly.It doesn't taste great but it really cuts the acid reflux and heartburn.I do this every morning about 2 hours before I take the Prilosec.I also take it right before bed.Then,once a day I take one acidophilous pill.Some things I didn't try but were suggested by my doc were Swedish bitters,a digestive aid called DGL-this is made from licorice root.Another thing I read about and tried is cinnamon tea.I am having a hard time digesting my food right now and cinnamon is supposed to help also.You take a stick of cinnamon and boil one cup of water.Pour it over the stick and steep that for 10 minutes.Then add a plain tea bag.Steep another 2 minutes.Add sweetner of your choice.I found that recipe on a health related website.What I did was the first part but I added a cinnamon flavored tea bag and then cinnamon/vanilla flavored non-dairy creamer.The night I did that I had been in some pretty bad discomfort.After about 1 hour I realized I felt really good.I couldn't swear it was the tea mixture but considering I had felt sick to my stomach all day without relief I'd say it worked for me.I have a post I made several days ago that kind of explains my situation.If you go read that it might give a little more insight on what I've been through.I was thrilled to find this website and I hope I helped.You can click on my name and find my email address if you want to email me with more questions.
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My original post was 9/5/07 and its titles "Getting off Nexium"
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