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help/advice on pancreatitis

i am 31 year ol from uk, i have had diahrrea most of my life and stomach pains. pale stools,(having a colon scopy done soon for this) i have been a smoker and a drinker too. I have posted elsewhere about this too. But since its a GI query, thought its good if i can get some advice here.

few months ago, i became very weal dizzy and ill. still am, i am, i keep getting hypoglycemia symptoms, constant brainfog, i did faint once was taken to emergency hospital. the nurse said i had low sugar levels, gave me buscuits to fix me, i didnt know back then that it wasnt normal to have low sugar levels,i have got t checked and its always on good levels now, i am still weak, dizzy also suffering depression from this also have had iflamation of the eyes which im on steroids for my liver  enzymes (only alt. bilirubin is fine) have been mildly elivated for many years and never been investigated apart from a ultrasound showing its fine and slightly fatty.

get pains somtimes burning on the right upper side of stomach also towards the upper centre(the stoach issues began or were made worse when i took antibiotics nearly a year ago for a tooth extraction) , i did have a gastroscopy done of stomach and deodenum 2 years ago was fine, i been treating it for gastritis, the medication helps but not much, milk helps somtimes, some foods make it worse and certain sour drinks including orange juice, but the last few days what ever i eat is making it painful.

i have had ultrasound of th gallbladder,pancreas, liver
cea,crp,esr,u &e,fbc were normal,  bloodtest also neg for all hepititis viruses and autoimmune blood test

A friends father had somthing wrong with his pancreas, inflamation i believe and he would drink milk to ease the symptoms of pain, also alcohol and sour drink would make his condition worse.

does it it sound like im suffering from some form of pancrease issue inflamation? can it be cancer thats affecting my liver too? what tests should i do?

im still suffering after months of weakness dizzneyy, hypoglycemia symptoms somtimes,
ive been trsted repeadedily or diabetes by the dr and is fine, today i have had tests done for
coeliac and amylase blood tests and waiting for the results

i have noticed when i eat maybe a few hours after i feel more nausea, bloating,gas,acid reflux and pain top and left side of my stomach, also extends to the sides and my back hurts abit, almosgt feels like somtimgs aout to explode inside, i also have diahrea for many years but it has gotten worse,

i have been taking drugs for gastritis they help for abit but then it gets bad again.
di ahve had this problem before but lasted for 2 weeks and i was better, b ut this time its sticking with me, im just feeling sore in the upper stomach,alittle nausea,very weak and after eating i get all the pains and bloatings in my stomach making me curl up somtimes, the dr that sent me for the blood tests said if crp,esr results are in normal range normally means theres no inflamation in the body, so pancreatitis maybe less likely also the ultrasound shown it was fine a few months ago.

i hope somone can help. i do have a appointment with a gasstroentoligist md in 4 weeks time, can anyone advise me what they think it is and give me advice on what to do for the time being before i see a professonal

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just wanted to update you, i had my blood test back, my bilirubin was low, the Amylase was raised to 146, i was advised if it was in the 500- 900's thats normally an acute pancreastitis, most likly mines is chronic :( but now i am waiting to be seen by a gastroentologist in 3 weeks time to find out exactly whats going on, unfortunatley thats UK nhs for you, its a long wait, i asked to be seen asap but even the emergency departments turned me away saying take pain killers and wait to be seen by the specialist, so all i can do is eat right,water,rest and wait to be seen

i was told somthing is going on, could be the gallbladder,liver or pancreas, as my ALT was raised slightly too. any suggestions,advice? also what can i do in the mean time as im waiting
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anyone have any advice on this?
You ever get anywhere with this?
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