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help me help my girlfriend!!!!

My name is Chris. My GF has been experienceing a horrible pain on her right side  like under her ribs behind it ..she wants to yank whatever it is out.... Anyway the pain radiates to her back. It use to just come on after a meal but now it happens any time of day. We have had two trips to the er 2 ultrasounds came back normal. U/A normal as well.  We thought maybe gall bladder problems but they the doctors Say she has no problems. Pain pills don't help relive the pain and morphine iv makes it go from 10 to a 5 on pain scale.  She sweats from the pain and gets this headache behind her eye !! Wtf does this mean. Her pcp is not sure what to do. These problems also come in hand with bowel problems . Sometimes she can't go with out the use of exlax. And even then its not much. This stomach problem as been ongoing for almost a year. She has no white count or anything cbx came back normal!! Please help me what should I do to help her?????  Please any help will make us so so so happy
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If her pain eases at all with bowel movements then she sounds constipated.  She can manage this by taking Miralax (or a generic you would find right next to it, and it will say "Compare to the ingredients in Miralax.")  Also pick up glycerin suppositories while you are there.  

She should start taking it as directed, probably the first time 1 1/2 capfuls in a large glass of water.  After finishing drinking this (which will barely have any taste, maybe mildly like distilled water), she can use a glycerin suppository to start things moving.  She will need to be near a bathroom, preferably at home.  But by using the glycerin suppositories she shouldn't have to wait too long for relief and she can kind of control the timing and not have it take days for relief.  She will probably want to use Miralax regularly.  When she can see the doctor, she should get tested for Celiac disease.  If she has it, she needs to stop eating gluten.  Whether she has Celiac or not, stopping dairy food consumption may be helpful.  If she has Celiac disease, she needs to find out and follow the diet to protect herself from all sorts of autoimmune diseases and complications, so don't let her brush off testing.  Doctors will say it usually causes diarrhea, but for some people it causes constipation - me for example.  

Once she clears out, she may find that Miralax is too strong.  In that case she can use Metamucil.  This stuff not only increases fiber that we need so bad, but it also lowers cholesterol, so it's great stuff.  There is a pill form.  She can take the one that has calcium and that would be even better.  Just make sure she understands she still HAS to drink the full glass of water or she will get an obstruction and end up in the hospital.  

If instead the Miralax is not strong enough, she can take it twice a day.  She could also take Miralax once and Metamucil later.  Whatever works for her.  Don't make her feel bad about needing help moving her bowels.  It's not in her head.  She may have a long twisted bowel or Celiac disease or maybe just constipation-type IBS.  

If you want to make her feel better about it, YOU could start on Metamucil too (not Miralax if you don't have a problem).  My BF just started Metamucil for cholesterol control, and he had no idea how badly his digestion was working.  He feels GREAT now.  

Whatever the cause, she will feel so much better if she stays on top of the constipation and doesn't get backed up.  
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Thanks so much. Ill have her do that.  But just as well its dosent relieve the pain if she has a bowel movement. But she can't go on her own some times for days,  so she needs help with that either way. Everything I find says its gal bladder. But not always I want to tell the doctor to run more test but not sure which. I think maybe a liver cleanse, would help I'm soo lost.
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