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help on complications, alot going on in me, acalculous cholecystitis/gallbladder dyskinesisi,pancreatitis,gastritis,duedonititis,erosions,h.pylori,

hi, i know this is alot, but i realy need some help and advice please.
i had a hida scan below are the results: it also shows that it could be acalculous cholecystitis/gallbladder dyskinesisi:

hida is excreted by the liver normally
no entergogastric reflux after administration of standard fatty meal, prolonged latent period 8 min (normal 2min) and
subsequent poor gallbladder contraction with calculated GBEF of 8% (normal 35%)
conclusion: findings would be consistent with acalculous cholecystitis/gallbladder dyskinesisi, findings do not support sphincter of oddi dysfunction.

diagnosed with h.pylori, gastritis,deodenitis and erosions. would these be due to the gallbladder not functioning wel causing the h.pylori bacteria to spread and do more damage?

i had an ultrasound of the gallbladder, bilary duct, pancreas they were fine.
had mildly raised amylase levels for months but has come down, so unsure of it being chronic pancreatitis, the gastroentologist ordered:

faecal elastase test which was in the normal range 230
normal pancreatic function (>200 ug/g)
(norm range between 200-500 ug/g)

what does it seem like whats going on?

how are acalculous cholecystitis/gallbladder dyskinesisi caused? i heard they are almost symptoms of other diseases/illnesses like muscle diseases or pancreatitis

i  constantly have joint pains especially my back, weakness of muscles, brainfog, dizzyness, anxiety, also have had eye inflamation ( which has been resolved after months with steroid drops). then on top intermittant mild stomach pains,burns,bloatings, symptoms of gastritis,duedenitis (my stomach issues began after taking 3 week course of antibiotics due to a tooth extraction which was over 8 months ago). heart palptations, have had a slight drop in bp, my heart rates slower then usual,, at one point my sugar levels were very low, had hyperglycemia symptoms( these symptoms are ok now), also have mildly raised liver enzymes for many years (ALT levels, diagnosed with fatty liver). have lost weight (maybe due to change in diet).  got white dots on my finger nails. other blood results also showing abnormal bone profile and was positive for antimitochondrial antibody (twice).

i have slightly high cholestrol ,which im doing wel in lowering,
i have been drinking alcohol and smoking in the past but socially, ive stopped both since being ill,
i have a past(2years ago) of car whiplash injury which the back pains are still causing me problems
also having investigation into possible prostratitis soon.

i need advise to what i should look into?
i do find if i avoid sugars and fatty foods it eases my stomach symptoms totally, i did have diahrea/ pale colour for many months, i took probiotics acidophilis for 3 weeks and ever since my stomach has gotten better and no more diahrea, i am vitamin c,d, calcium, b complex, zinc,

could i have some form of autoimmune ?
could it be possible my pancreas is causing my gallbladder to not function wel as i have no gallstones?
my health issues could be possibly seperate issues from one another?

i am waiting for my gastro specialist to get back to me.

what advice can anyone give me please, i am keeping strong as all i can do is wait and i believe my bodies slowly recovering but not significant improvments, im eating carfully, drinking water, avoiding wheat,sugars,fats like milk, red meat, this is all helping

im 32 years old, 11 stones (weight still going down), 5ft8 from uk.

thank you
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H Pylori is not caused by gallbaldder.  It is an infection and you need triple antibiotic therapy with a PPI to help eradicate it.  It is not good to put this off since it can cause stomach cancer if you have it many many years.  

Your GB ejection fraction is low which mean you have a poorly functioning gallbladder.  If you have pain on your right side also then this is called biliary dyskinesia.   In the US you would be referred to a surgeon for removal.

Did the injection of CCK during the Hida Scan cause your symptoms to be reproduced?  Have they suggested Gallbladder removal?  
Have they presribed anything for the H Pylori and the gastritis?  

You do need to be checked for  chronic pancreatitis.  You do have a lot of the symptoms such as pale stools, raised amylase.  CP usually causes pain in the upper abdomen and the back shoulders.  

What were your amylase levels and the range?  Just wondering if they were out of range.  You actually can have CP without levels being raised at all

Try to keep lowering your cholesterol since this can contribute to CP.  Eat extremely low fat.  Keep taking vitamins and try to get in to see the GI as soon as you can.
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hi thanks for the reply

injection of CCK didn't cause me any symptoms, infact my symptoms have lessened,
i believe it was due to the ulcer i had, i have taken out fats and sugars thats probably why. but my stomach doesnt hurt much, especially if i dont eat too late before sleeping.i get the odd bloating but considering i have gastrititis and deodenitis this is very little symptom.

i had 4 blood test amylase over a few months.

98 (this was the recent one, levels should be below 100)

the pale stools have disappeared and diahrea, its been a few months now, stools have been fine, soo odd that after taking probiotics acidophilus these symptoms have disappeared, i havent taken acidophilus for over a 2 months m stools are still fine.

they haven't given me anything for the h.pylori, its been over a month since i tested for it.

all these stomach symptoms appeared after taking antibiotics, thats one thing im worried about as i know they will be giving me some soon for the h.pylori. i heard that if one has gallbladder issues, if one has h.pylori it can increase/spread the infection faster.

so high cholestrol can cause CP umm, its hard to exercise as im very weak and i get aches and pains, but im doing quite wel as its all about the diet

so i need:
treat h.pylori
lower cholestrol
further checks on gallbladder possible removal
investigation into CP

again many thanks

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The stomach symptoms could have came from antibiotics and its a good thing you took a probiotic.  The antibiotics probably killed all the good bacteria and that upset your stomach.    I now take several probiotics a day and increase them whey I am on antibiotics. That seems to help me. If they give you the drugs for h pylori then take them along with your meds.  I take culturelle and align brands.

Sounds like a good plan.  Since you cannot excercise much just try to watch diet and eat cholesterol lowering foods.  In the US we have a drugs that also helps lower it and I am not sure if they have suggested those for you.  
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its been a while just wanted to update you,

my stools ar not yellow anymore wel they seem ok for now, i did do the tripple therapy for the h.pylori, most of the stomach symptoms have disappeared thepain has almost gone fully i can sleep more on my right side now i couldnt before must have been the deodenum ulcer causing most of my stomach pains

ive not got the cholestrol checked again yet as dr feels its too soon
i have started taking vit E which has lowered my ALT levels back to normal range of 34 after 9 years of abnormal ALT results, how shocking.

my muscle and body aches are getting better, the finger nails had white dots on them for over 6 -7 months the dr checked for vit D levels and i was low, not too low 31 which is fine, im on vit D now and its been 3 weeks, i have noticed alot of changes including the white dots disappearing off my nails.

my brainfog remains yet but is not as bad as it was before, get dizzy now and then.
i dd lose 2 stones also.

i can eat fatty foods and have had less pains or even zero pain.

one thing i have noticed as i introduced wheat and some spicy foods into my diet, i get more bloated feelings and my stomach bottom right feel like a gnawing pain somtimes.
i was tested for coeliac disease was neg.

overall digestive system wise im almost getting there slowly, i still dont get what the
mildly raised amylaise means, could it be de to the gallbladder or mayve the deodenum ulcers i had?dont get why the gallbladder ejection fraction is soo low, my symptoms have improved?

would a slow working gallbladder allow a h.pylori infected persons infection spread faster?

thank you
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So they didnt do anything for the Biliary Dyskinesia?  Thats waht I am afraid of, i know in US they suggest removal... here in Canada they are unsure so keep getting sent for more tests and more appt's its frustrating to say the least... i am glad you are feeling better thats good news.
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i have been very ill for a while, weakness and body aches for a long time which have slowly gotten better, i heard if one is very very ill it can cause muscle weakness, meaning it can cause gallbladder not to function wel die to muscle weakness.

other then that it hasnt got any cause, 8% is very low i believe and im not sure whatneeds to be done?

i will be seeing my gastro specialist soon will ask for more tests

thanks again
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