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hi...i m 32 years old and acouple of months ago...i started to have chronic diahrea " watery" and know i m getting pains in my ankles, wrist , knees, shoulder blades and legs...also i m getting these bruses around my joints even though i did not injure them in any way...can someone please tell me what i have or any suggestions....its killing me...thanks...you can email me at ***@****

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This sounds serious, you should see a doctor right away. It may be a complication of intestinal infection, hard to say.
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It sounds like some type of arthritis.  Some of the autoimmune conditions can affect you stomach also.  I get the bruises and black-and-blue marks also and I have a lot of joint pain from arthritis (they say unknown type, osteoarthritis in my knees).
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I recently read that Salmonela posoning can lead to arthritis condition. I am not an expert but only researching because I am researching my own condition. It started off like a head cold, went to "stomach flu" not vomiting just diarhea. The diarrhea has held on. I've had it for 2 weeks. So, trying to research how to alleviate it as I have no medical.
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