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I am in a foriegn country working for a few more days and can't go see a doctor. I have been eating a diet of meat here for weeks and have been constipated. I suddenly got a lump on my anus (as big as a large grape or cherry), that hurts severely making it hard to even walk. I think it could be a hemroid though I have never had one. It feels firm or hard to the touch, is the same color as my skin, is only on one side of the anus, and hurts a lot.

Can anyone tell me if this sounds like a hemroid. For one this big should i seek emergency care here, or can it wait till I am back in the US. Also, is there a risk with flying?

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Hang in, it can wait until you get back here.  You are correct, it is most likely a little hemorrhoid has developed, which is tissues swell down there when you get constipated and have to strain... the area swells, and it hurts and itches and drives you nuts.  If you have to, you can put some plastic on your fingers and dig the waste out, put a little lotion on the area to keep from injuring yourself and also to make passage of waste easier.  Drink some extra water and eat bread and noodles and salad while you're waiting to come home, if you can.  But sometimes just relaxing when you get home from all the stress of going overseas will let the waste pass, and you will feel better... hopefully not on the airplane!  Ha!
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