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hiatal hernia

Hi all I have been having gastro trouble for years now. The latest is I just had my second endospoy done and he said I have a hiatal hernia and alot of bile. I had an upper GI done 8 weeks ago shouldnt they have seen the hernia, also, ever since the scope im having like pressure throbbing on and off in stomach area....which is how my gastro problems first started years ago i tell people it feels like a throbbing toothache but in your stomach.....Seriously thats the best way to describe it also ive been experiencing the globus thing but not just like a lump in throat more like a swelling of entire throat like theres extra skin tissue there or something...dontknow where this comes from I was told its just stress but even at my most rested it still feels like theres almost scar tissue in throat or something..My question is has anyone else experienced the uncomfortable throbbing perhaps where my hernia is? I was told lots of people have the hernia with NO symptoms at all so im confused and maybe the constant not knowing is causing my "stress and anxiety " that i never knew i had..To wrap it up I am quite the mess and even took a weeks vacation from work to try to get it all together but im due back soon and still scattered any suggestions would be helpful Thanks
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