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hiatal hernia

Hi, I am 36 year old female and was just diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. My symptoms are trouble breathing, a feeling of chocking when I eat, fatige,stomach bloating, chest pain and sometimes pain in my upper right side below my ribcage. When I eat I can only eat small amounts because it feels like I am going to choke to death. I have never had hearthburn.I did have my gallbladder removed in 98. I am awaiting for my doctors appointment. Does anyone else have this with out the heartburn.

I was sent to a heart doctor a few months ago because of the chest pain and everything was normal so I know it is not my heart. Is it normal for the chest to hurt all the time especially when I am active? I am used to walking 3-5 miles a day and I can't even make it a mile because of the chest pain and shortness of breath.

Can anyone give me any info,  on a hiatal hernia. What is your symptoms and what to do to relieve them

Oh and by the way I don't smoke, drink or do drugs.

One more thing I did have a tumor takin off my liver about 5 years ago, it was ok

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hey whatever676 i.m Millie i to suffer from hiatal hernia i was diagnose ten years ago
after a car accident back in 1999...for the first six months it was so bad for me
with the (chest /arm/back/ears pain w/sweats like your having a heart attack) and
now everything you love to eat become your worst nightmare.meaning you have to
watch what you eat and what time of day to eat it...as for the medication you'll  
maybe go through several kinds before you find what would really work for you cause
they all start out okay...then you find out you'll something much stronger me
i been through five. the best is nexium but the cost for just 30 pills @ walmart is $ 171
dollars else where higher so i call company (nexium) they send me a form and with
the help of my doctor they reduce the price for me..  so hang in there and  take care
and if yo looking for home remedys check out www.refluxremedy.com

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doesnt sound like it has anything to do with a hernia,,sounds more like a digestive problem.
hernias do not give you all the problems you describe,,sorry.
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Yes, your symptoms could be caused by a hiatal hernia. I also suffered from this until fundoplication surgery (which has opened up a Pandora's box of other syptoms). Please keep us informed as to the outcome of your doctor's appointment,
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hi iam 27 yrs old, i have an hiatal hernia also.. just recently i went to the er to go see what was the problem, the doctor told me that i have hiatal hernia also.. i have all the symptoms uve described but, i would like to ask, do u have back aches in the upper area of ur left back too? i dnt know if that is one of the symptoms but i know i have had this for a bout tw o days now.. please get back to me if u can, thanks...
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X-ray showed a 'gigantic hiatal hernia' in 1986. Two docs said operate, two said leave it alone. I left it alone. I never have had any problem at all. I'm 81. Calm down and watch your symptoms before you make any decision.
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