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hiatus hernia

I was diagnosed with having a hiatus hernia which the specialist  said was caused by the Zantac I take for chronic hives and angeodema.  Does Zantac weaken the the lining of the gut etc?   Reflux is virtually always inevitable if I sleep on my right side when I first lie down. and happens the second I fall asleep and I wake up coughing a choking to breathe.  If I have a cup of tea in the evening it will cause it straight away. and I sometimes experience cramping like leg cramps which start in my upper gut area spreading up through my osophagus and back and right jaw.  I first thought it was Angina but had  and E.C.G and the results came back okay. It is extremely painful when it goes up into the jaw. and doctor just says it sounds like reflux.  If I touch my neck or massage where it aches on my neck it will make it worse and it can take about 4 minutes to go away. really nasty.  I also found that everytime I swallowed, it sort of pumped up my stomach with air and I couldnt burp to relieve it. on the odd occasion my stomach as started to bloat up very quickly causing a lot of pressure under my ribs. I have taken camomile tea to try to relieve the air problem. and usually it does just that. also I have tried phenergan too.

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What does your doctor say to do? I have a hiatal hernia and I sleep on at least 2 pillows to elevate me, or you can elevate your bed slightly too and that should help. Sounds like you had an esophageal spasm which feels like a heart attack. Do not drink anything with caffeine in it at night and don't eat for 3 hours before you lie down. These are just suggestions. Sounds to me like you could use another office visit and discussion with your doctor. Good luck!
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