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i am physically unable to burp.

All my life i have been unable to burp. I have these awful embarrassing involuntary gurgles that are sometimes loud and others not as loud. As long as i could remember, i have felt bloated after i eat too much or drink anything. Many people have tried to teach me how to burp but i simply cant. Almost everytime i yawn though, i always seem to let out a tiny burp or maybe a gurgle and i feel a little relief. i have noticed i yawn a lot more than other people, maybe this is a way my body tries to get out the access air. I hardly throw up or get sick. I have thrown up maybe seven or eight times in my life and i am 17 now. I do remember everytime i throw up i belch really loud before doing so. It sounds horrific and i have never heard anyone burp the way i do when i am sick. No one believes i cant burp, even the people who have heard my gurgles. My mothier thinks i am weird and refuses to take me to any kind of docter because she thinks i am making this up. i am afraid that if i dont get help soon i might just blow up. Recently, i was curious if i was the only one with this problem so i did some research online. I have come to find that many people have experienced what i have but i have heard nothing about a cure or a name for this problem. If someone has an answer or the same or similar problem, please let me know (:

thank you so much,
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My 8 year old same problem, can't burp and caused belly pain.  Pediatrician gave him liquid zantac for kids and now he burps 20 times per day and free from pain.  Hope this helps
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I would absolutely LOVE to see a Youtube video showing exactly how you do this!  I've pressed all over my neck a hundred times, but still can't seem to get any burps out.  (member of the no burp club)
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Same here all the same results especially with bubbly things like soda.
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I'm 62, never been able to burp, have all the same symptoms as everyone else, and I have to make myself gag to release gas.  The gas build-up can be so bad, esp. if we are in a social situation, that I feel like I'm going to explode. I have 4 healthy siblings.  My mom smoked when she was pregnant, didn't breast feed any of us and certainly gave us all whole cow's milk before the age of 12 months (they couldn't afford formula), and we grew up on candy and fast food.  I'm the only one who can't burp.  If it were was a condition related to environment, then a whole lot of us (baby boomers) would have the same problem.  I saw a doctor at Mayo yesterday.  He's never heard of it.  I'm having an endoscopy in a few weeks.  I know it's not going to show anything related to my inability to burp.  Despair.
I am 68 and always had this same problem not being able to burp. Sometimes my stomach would hurt so much I could not even sit up to drive. On my own I tried taking simethicone 180 mg every morning and night and now thing are better. Do not know if it is safe to take that much simethicone or not but it is working.
Hi Mooersforks - Thank you for the tip.  I've been taking the Equate brand of Alpha-galactosidase enzyme.  The label says Gas Relief & Prevention.  It helps to move the gas from my upper region to lower ---- and makes me fart a lot, which is better than gas getting trapped below my upper esophageal sphincter.  I'm going to try the Simethicone.  Thanks again.  
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I'm also in the no burp club. Never have been able to. Feel bloated and gurgle after most meals with burning feeling in my throat. Pass gas a lot, but it almost never smells. Went to the doctor. She told me it's not a big deal, and to take antacids if I get heart burn. Those only increase my bloating though.
Same problem here. I am 32 years old and even when i was a baby my mom said she tried for hours at time and i wouldnt. I get a bloated feeling alot but nothing happens..its funny seems my wife might have the opposite she does it quite a bit..i never thought i would say this but im getting jelous of people that can burp.
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i have same problem as you lot also after being out with mates i get to around 11pm and have to stop drinking as i feel sick due t gas BUT i have found something that works for me its a little grim but gets rid of my gas and hic ups instantly.
i take a cap full of viniger and within seconds my gas has gone and hicups but if im on a night out il take a few packs of viniger out with me.  
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I hope everyone will read this who has this problem.

I have had dysfunction of the belch reflex for 18 years and am now cured and 100% in control of burping.

This dysfunction is a neurological problem, which means that no physical test will prove that this exists. I have tried all possible tests that yield no results.
Barium swallow, esophageal manometry, endoscopy, Thyroid ultrasound, gastric emptying scan.  These are all the tests I have done which got me nowhere, do not waste your money on these.  

I had been to 10 different doctors ranging from ear nose and throat doctors, gastrologists, and speech pathologist's. None of them willing to understand the seriousness of this problem.

2.5 years of research lead me to find Dr. Bastian. The only doctor in the united states willing to take this problem seriously. I told him all my symptoms and we determined that a non relaxing upper esophageal sphincter is the cause and using Botox injections on the muscle would temporarily paralyze the muscle enough to vent excess air.  

Botox is temporary, lasting 3-4 months. I have not had to go back for another injection since my first one which was over 6 months ago now. I believe that my body has relearned how to relax the upper esophageal sphincter own it's own.

Doctor Bastian iseveryones best bet in getting this dysfunction fixed. Feel free to ask me anything about this.
Where is this doctor located ?
Hi where is this doctor located I have the same problem, it never occurred to me that I couldn't burp until about 1 year ago and I am 16, I am able to let out very tiny burps if I get to bloated, but not enough to give me relief
I had my procedure done by dr. Bastian in Illinois. The procedure was done at Good Samaritan Hospital which is in Downers Grove
You can search Bastian voice Institute to or just go to his website at Bastian voice.com
DJM05! Do you know if more doctors other than Dr. Bastian have started performing this procedure? Also - was this covered by insurance?
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I would absolutely love to try this, but i have heard that the botox injections have the potential to diffuse in the blood/damage vocal cords? Also, i am worried just because of how dangerous botox actually in?
I had 4 injections done back in November. I have been perfectly fine ever since. Botox is said to last 3-4 months. It may be possible for it to affect other areas near the injection site but it did not change anything in my voice.
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Hello DJM05,
Where is Dr Bastian located? I looked it up, but there are many Dr Bastians out there. Is it the one in Illinois ? Any help is greatly appreciated ! I would try pretty much anything to be able to burp. Thanks again!
Yes Downer's Grove Illinois
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I am the same way. I have little growling noises instead of burping. Its almost like it doesnt want to or cant come all the way up. Like it gets stuck in my esophagus.if I am lucky I might actually really burp 3 or 4 times a year. But when I through up I make all kinds of wired loud burping sounds.I am 27 now and its never changed. If thats not odd enough I cant snap either. It *****!
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Same here. 35 and only burp when I vomit. I make quiet little popping/gurgling noises which I have no control over. Almost like a mini burp I suppose. The pressure in my stomach eases then a little. But I fart terribly. Must be making up for the air that doesnt come up
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The yawning sometimes releases a little air. I wonder if it's something to do with muscles in the throat allowing wind up
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Thank you for making me realise that I am not the only one with this. I also have never been able to burp, get the "gurgles", and suffer from emetophobia and acid reflux. I had an endoscopy, and apparently my acid reflux is cause by my LES being loose. After reading your comments, I'm convinced that everything I've mentioned is related somehow, it's just frustrating to not know how.
My story is identical to yours, thank you, now I am certain that everything I am experiencing is linked somehow. I, too, get the gurgles, have never been able to burp, I've had severe emerophobia ever since I was a child, and suffer from acid reflux due to a loose LES diagnosed in an endoscopy. My hypothesis is that the LES and the UES are somehow interconnected. Also, I believe that the emetophobia might be caused by the fact that we vomit differently from others due to the UES and LES issues, which has traumatized us at some point. I'll just add that I'm not the typical acid reflux patient; I am only 18 years old and also very skinny. I am seeing a gastroenterologist in two weeks from now and hope to discuss the connections between these symptoms with him.
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Thank you for making me realise that I am not the only one with this. I also have never been able to burp, get the "gurgles", and suffer from emetophobia and acid reflux. I had an endoscopy, and apparently my acid reflux is cause by my LES being loose. After reading your comments, I'm convinced that everything I've mentioned is related somehow, it's just frustrating to not know how.
My story is identical to yours, thank you, now I am certain that everything I am experiencing is linked somehow. I, too, get the gurgles, have never been able to burp, I've had severe emerophobia ever since I was a child, and suffer from acid reflux due to a loose LES diagnosed in an endoscopy. My hypothesis is that the LES and the UES are somehow interconnected. Also, I believe that the emetophobia might be caused by the fact that we vomit differently from others due to the UES and LES issues, which has traumatized us at some point. I'll just add that I'm not the typical acid reflux patient; I am only 18 years old and also very skinny. I am seeing a gastroenterologist in two weeks from now and hope to discuss the connections between these symptoms with him.
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I am with you. Been a gurgler my entire adult life. Acid reflux led to sleep disorders, 48 years in. SSDI bound. Never wanted this, and WEEP for my lost years, failed marriage, self-employment ventures... Wouldn't it be easier to work things out? Practically lived at the doctor's office, only to hear one thing over and over..."hmm, can't burp? hmm. and heartburn keeps you awake? frequent morning vomiting?" If one more "doctor" shrugged this off and asked me if I, a male, was pregnant... 48 ******* years. And I am about done. Put a bullet in me.
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I will be checking this forum daily now.
Anyone who has not seen my previous posts should send me a message. I am, as far as I know, one of the first people to get cured from dysfunction of the belch reflex.

Robert W. Bastian, located in Downer's Grove Illinois is the only doctor to my knowledge and honestly the only doctor I trust to do Botox injections on the upper esophageal sphincter.  I have been cured for 9 months now from one  procedure.

I am happy to talk to anyone with any questions related to the inability to burp.
Well, then, here's a big twist to the belching prblm maybe ur doc wud know the answer to. I also NEVER burp. I get the gurgling noises and heartburn, and have to stick a tongue depressor down my throat to burp when that happens. BUT, I also have Symphonic Disphonia, aka shaky voice, like Kathryn Hepburn had in On Golden Pond. U can Google it - Spazmodic or Symphonic Disphonia. I bring this up only bcuz I get botox injections every few months in the muscles in either side of my vocal cords to "smooth"out my voice. Now, I am wondering if I shud talk to the doc about also getting the shots where u got them to help u. I have told many docs about this prblm but they don't really see it as a serious conditon, but it is painful. What can I do? Oh, and just an FYI, the botox injections I rcv for my throat do nothing to alleviate the discomfort of not burping.
If you feel air getting trapped at the point between your Adams Apple and the bottom of your neck then the problem is the upper esophageal sphincter. Your vocal cords are in no way related the the UES. You would need a separate injection in the cricopharyngeal muscle.
I can't burp at all. It's starting to get harder for me to drink any thing because I can't burp and it's so irratating and I'm not sure if Drs can help
Hi there :) I am from the UK. I am very interested in gaining more knowledge about this devastating problem. I have never been able to burp for as long as I can remember, and over the past 6 months it has become unbearable. I'm wondering if you could answer a few questions.

How much did the procedure cost?
Did you have to have any diagnostic tests beforehand?
Did you have to have any follow up appointments?
Was the procedure done awake or under anesthesia?
Does the Dr deal with patients from the UK?
Has there been any side effects?

Thanks in advance, I feel I could be on my way to getting back the quality of my life! :)
Procedure is going to range 3-4k USD.
If you search my previous posts on here you will see all the other tests I have taken and research I've personally done on this problem.
Procedure is done at Good Samaritan hospital in Downer's Grove Illinois. You will be under anesthesia, completely asleep during the process.
I'm sure Dr Bastian is willing to take patients outside of the US, that is something you will have to contact him about.
The only side effect is slight difficulty to swallow. This is due to the fact the your esophagus is connected to the cricopharyngeal muscle.
This only lasted about a month for me. It's fine as long as you take small bites to eat.
I can't burp this is recent maybe the last couple of months. I eat And have a fullness I have a slow colon and I don't use the bathroom to make a bowel movement it is very irregular. I am considering a colonic but also I was diagnosed with GERD but I haven't taken those meds in a year and I need assistance. I don't know what to do the doctor's isn't helping me? Do I need to see a gastroenterologist?
Hi! I currently live in OH, but from NW Indiana. I would love to speak to your Dr about my condition. I seem to have these gurgles after eating and drinking but even more so when Im sick with a cold and have a runny nose. Im currently pregnant and I feel its even worse. I would be willing to try anything. I am 36 years old and have been dealing with this my entire life. I am miserable during these episodes. Please give me any contact into you have! Thanks!
My son had the procedure this morning. Went very well. He feels Ike there is a lump in his throats when eating, but he has eaten everything! He's not having any guy pain, but the burps haven't begun as of yet. Can't wait! Thank you so much for posting, because without it I would have had no idea that there was a cure to this really irritating problem.
Mary Anne
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Hi everyone, I've posted on this forum a few times, and I've been waiting to discuss my results with treatment so I would know if I've been "fixed" or not, but I can now say that Botox injections are definitely the way to go with this.  I am the second person after DJM05 to go to Dr. Bastian and receive Botox injections into my cricopharyngeus muscle.  I had the injections done about 1.5 months ago, and it has changed my life significantly.  Dr. Bastian gave me 6 injections, because while he was doing the endoscopy, he saw that my esophageal muscles just below my UES were very stretched out from basically an entire lifetime of having air trapped right there, so he gave me two extra injections.  I would say that my problem is 90% resolved.  No more awful gurgling, no more esophageal/stomach pain, no more never-ending gas.  I am waiting until the 3-4 month mark to see if it will wear off enough that I might have to get more treatment, but for now, things are SO much better.  I had a lot of the same symptoms and history that other people on here have (emetophobia, acid reflux, hiatal hernia, etc) so I'm guessing it could all definitely be related somehow, but Dr. Bastian really seems to be the only doctor out there who understands this condition and will treat it.  My advice for anyone who is sick and tired of living with this: I suggest you contact Dr. Bastian's office to discuss making an appt!
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Please read my comments further up, I could not burp until i was 28 (late last year) I had all the same symptoms couldnt burp and just gurgling noises and was very uncomfortable. now i can burp as normal as when I started too, it got easier and now i can burp as normal. Dont no how I coped before ! Try to burp but as u try to push a burp out, put pressure on your throat then release, the air will build up and once released u will burp! took me a while to try different areas but after i kept doing it every now and again which opened the hole more (i guess) then after a few weeks i could then burp as normal, u will only do small burps to start with but they will get better ! :)
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Thanks for the update Bmac. I have contacted the Bastian Institute and intend to undergo the procedure in December. Can I ask how much you were for the treatment and also if you could let us know after the 3-4month mark how you are that would be great thanks.
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What area is this doctor located? How long was the treatment? What was the general price range for this procedure?
Downers Grove Chicago. I am going to be $3700 and have been advised that I will be around 3 hours for a microlaryngoscopy and hypopharyngoscopy for botox injection into the cricopharyngeus muscle. Appointment scheduled in December
Awesome to hear! You will be happy to have it done forsure!
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DJM05, do you believe that your body "relearned" the burp reflex after your procedure, therefore preventing the need for further injections? I have suffered from this for 15 years and I would love to do this, but dont want to go back a couple of times a year for more injections.
Today actually marks 1 year ago since I have done the Botox injections. Still in complete control of burping without any problems. I definitely feel my body has relearned how to relax the upper esophageal sphincter on its own.
Awesome news DJM05. Counting the days now to my procedure next week. Fingers crossed that its the beginning of a new chapter and I will finally be free of the constant discomfort! Travelling from the UK to chicago, spend a few days there then onwards to new york for 6 days with my fiance. Hoping to be able to enjoy a fizzy drink or two, maybe even dare to try a glass of champagne! Glad to hear your doing great!
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I am 29 and haven't been able to burp my entire life. I fart soooo much that about  95% or more of them don't smell. They are loud though, it's the quiet ones that slip out after being held in and left to give you an upset stomach that smell. I stay away from carbonated drinks which I believe helps. However sometimes when I'm seriously bloated and it is unbearable I find using my fingers to bork in a private area helps. It's not the most elegant but it's deffinately the most practice when burping is not a option!

Good luck guys, it's good to know I'm not alone!
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I'm 43 and as basically everybody here I can't burp. I also rarely vomit and the last time I've tried to induce it myself (fingers down my throat) I couldn't do even that. I've had a different gastric problems basically for all my life but for the last 10-15 years I was doing fine with the occasional short term stomach issue. Just once I had a bigger problem with a serious pressure and pain in my chest which turned out to be the H.Pylori. after treatment with antibiotics I was OK again. Unfortunately 8 months ago I've started to develop a serious stomach issues with almost constant gurgling and irritation and since I can't burp and relieve the pressure the gas or organs started to cause me heart palpitations which is not well know by doctors (none, including my gastroenterologist heard about it before) and it's know as Roemheld Syndrome: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roemheld_syndrome

I'm writing this to add this condition because it wasn't mentioned so far so the sufferers (if any) at least know what they are dealing with.

Unfortunately for me after 8 months (here in Canada if you are not dying then you have to wait for appointments for weeks and months until you go crazy or you start dying) of going through endoscopy, ultrasound, bloodwork, gastric emptying, (waiting for the result of the CAT Scan I had done two days ago), and trying different PPI's and being on a fodmap diet I've got nowhere so far. The Roemheld syndrome and the palpitations got me (as described in the article) to go through some cardio tests and led me to a psych help (panic and anxiety attacks coming with the syndrome) so I've got myself on psych meds that helped a bit but they are all addictive and messing with my head so I'm trying to get off them which causes withdrawals syndromes like more panics and anxiety so more stress with much more active stomach. basically I'm a mess right now loosing weight like crazy and nobody is helping so far.some days are better but most days are just struggle. my personality changes as well and I don't like it at all.

and all this maybe only because I just can't f...n burp.
and as it seems nobody knows anything useful and there is again no simple solution except maybe the doctor in Chicago.

After finding this forum at least now my wife believes me that I really can't burp and it's not just my unwillingness to learn as she thought. :-)
I also used to have H.pylori which was cured with anti biotics. Your story is exactly the same that I went through. Air pressure makes you feel sick which gives you anxiety which makes your stomach produce more and more acid which makes you feel worse. I have gone through that terrible cycle for 18 years. If you seen my previous posts you know I have done all tests that doctors use to "try" and figure why we couldnt burp, but any other doctor will not do Botox injections on patients. Medical systems are rough. Any questions you have Ill be happy to answer.
thank you for your quick reply. I'm going to talk to my gastroenterologist next time I see him to discuss the results of the CAT Scan (I hope I will catch some cancellation or I'll be waiting until February to hear results from an already done test - that's how it works here). if you know, is dr.Bastin aware of any possible side effects and is this a legally approved procedure since it's new and nobody else is doing it? has he written any publication regarding this treatment?
There has been a few other people here on the forum that have also done the procedure. The only side effect was a temporary slight increase in difficultly to swallow. This only lasted for about 3-4 weeks. I believe the only reason other doctors would not do the injections is because they say there is a chance the UES could develop scar tissue at the injection site. Dr Bastian specifically works on all throat disorders and all procedures are absolutely legal. I'm not sure about any publications simply due to the rarity of this problem. You can always go to his we site at. http://www.bastianvoice.com  
thank you again. as I can see you must have recently celebrated a year of the procedure. congratulation. so are you still burping happily without more injections?
Yep perfectly in control of burping. Never been bloated or had gurgles since.
I envy you so much. But in a good and positive way. :-)
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I also can't burp. I make a gurgling noise sometimes because of this and my family and friends just look at me weirdly. I was also run over by a car when I was 2 years old. The car left a tire track across my stomach. Who knows whats going on inside me. Lol
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DJM05, Did you use insurance at all to help pay for the procedure? I suffer from the same exact issue and would love to get this done, however 3 to 4K would be impossible for me :(
My insurance partially paid for the procedure. Most of it was actually kicked back unfortunately. I am the first person to ever get this done so it was declared "experimental and unnecessary" by my insurance. My insurance was with Blue Cross Blue Shield.
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If anyone has any questions for me please message me directly. I will not be notified if you asked me something over the forum so I may not see it.
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Been keeping an eye on this thread for the past 2 years, hoping that someone could come up with some sort of solution to my lack of burps. Like many of you, I have been unable to burp my entire life, and was effecting me at work and social events. It sounds like a doctor has found a solution to our problem through surgery, but I would like to share what finally solved this problem for me, in case it is able to help any of you out there.

Let me start out by saying, I do not know exactly what sparked the ability for me to burp. It sort of happened after a combination of two major things (I think).
First off, for the past 2 years, I have been trying to force myself to burp by listening to online advice on how to burp. Things like, trapping air in your throat, tilting my head back and trying to force that trapped air out. All this really led to for the longest time was a louder "gurgle" that many of us are familiar with.

SECONDLY, and I think this might have had more to do with it (again I don't really know for sure). Is I had two experiences with throwing up air. In other comments left here, people recommended gagging themselves with their finger to induce a sort of puking reaction, but only air or gas would come up. I could never get this to work, however on two separate occasions, after eating food, and then drinking beer, I felt like I was going to puke after gurgling and feeling miserable for hours (was out at social events and could not lay down), and finally I "puked" but all that came out was a huuuuuge burp that sounded horrible and kind of hurt my throat. But immediately I felt relieved both times. A few weeks after the second time this happened, I consistently started to burp after eating or drinking, and have not needed to lay down and gurgle it out to feel relieved.

I still have not learned to really control the burps, I just keep doing what I used to, by trying to trap air and sort of forcing a gurgle out, except now it comes out as a small burp. I am hoping that soon I will be able to let out larger burps on command to fully relieve myself, but this is definitely an improvement.

Really do not know if this helps anyone, but I hope it does!
Did u mention surgery? I have the exact same problem as this post. In fact, I'm gurgling right now, lol. Seriously!!! I am very healthy and I work out every day so I don't get this unless I drink too much lol. I drank a fair share of tequila tonight, patron silver if you must know, only the healthiest of the 100% agave. Anyways, I can't burp ever, maybe 15 times in my 27 year life have I actually burped, which doesn't include throwing up. I have been to the hospital due to gas attacks which caused so much pressure on my organs that it physically hurt. I feel like my body has rejected dairy and, high amounts Of any macro nutrients, example a protein shake with 80 grams of whey protein, or a whole pack of spinach. Moral of the story I gave up everything that was unhealthy including gluten and dairy especially. I don't really get the gurgles Or "fake burps" unless I introduce a so called foreign substance into my body, such as alchohol. Therefore, I attribute my gas attacks to the fact that I can only pass gas through my anus (which is actually No longer a planet, look it up)(jk it is). And the fact that I can't supplement my lack of farts with the more socially acceptable burp, aka belch, dba mouth fart.
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Do any of you find that you crave especially salty food when the worst part of the episode is over?
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Also, when I get it real bad- eventually my body will 'leak' water up to my mouth which I have to spit out consistently because I can't swallow anything. Note that I call it water instead of saliva because it is completely fluid, no slime etc.

Anyone else with this problem in connection to previously discussed issues?
^ Never been able to burp, the water thing just started happening to me right before I decided to search for this thread again.. Weird.
Wow. This hit home. Hi, I'm Candice. I seldom comment but this is a problem that's gotten progressively worse even to this day. I am 31 years old and your explanation about water leakage was spot on for me. I've always heavily salivated and when I'm to the point of death ( no joke intended) i have to spit out the accumulation otherwise digesting that would just increase the pain and cramping. Cannabis is very helpful and can almost instantaneously relieve all my pain. All that is felt after is soreness from all the cramping and muscle movement. It isn't a cure but it does do some incredible things when I'm lying in the fetal position moaning. I have thoughts to what could be my reasons for this issue and (for me) it comes down to genetics. My mom has ulcerative collitis and in 4 years I'll be the age she was when she was diagnosed. Her and I have similarities in health. I truly feel my best when I don't eat the older I get but that always leads to problems. But food just doesn't settle well with me in general. I've had multiple endoscopies a hida scan, ultrasound, ct scan. I have been told I digest liquids slowly and have a hiatel hernia. At this point in my life my body is the one in charge. I eat what it can digest comfortably. I am a lover of food and this is very depressing for me to go through given I have to limit myself so much. All in all, I hope this helps in some small way. Take care and stay strong.
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I have the exact same problem. I am 12 years old and the other day I burped for the first time since my mum use to wind me when I was a baby. I got really excited over this but I haven't been able to burp since. I call the gurgling sound inner burps and it messes up my breathing a bit. In class when my "inner burps" go off everyone looks at me and I go bright red. My 'condition' makes me really insecure and it's nice to know I'm not the only one that this happens to. xx
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I had this problem for years, would always feel sick after eating or drinking and had to sit and gurgle to let it pass. Not anymore! Sounds disgusting but I worked out if I gag a little bit (I am never sick) only the super loud burp comes out that a few people they have described having before being sick (not a real burp) this causes instant relief! My close friends and boyfriend know and are always shocked when I have to do it infront of them, and grossed out lol, could never do it in public! I would say I have to do this 3-7 times a day depending on how much I'm eating or drinking but it has become part of my life and I would rather gag-burp than sit around feeling sick every time I eat!! Hope this helps :)
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It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one with this problem.  I too have these strange gurgles.  I'm currently 14 years old and I really want to get rid of this problem.  My parents don't know and I'm planning on telling them soon but there just gonna thing I'm crazy, any suggestions?
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hey burp-disabled comrades. im max! this is my story.

i realized i had a problem around sophomore year of high school. it was December. all the stores were decorated for thanksgiving... lights were shining. everyone was carolling. it seemed too good to be true. that is, until i realized... i wasnt like my other friends at school.

i didnt know how to burp.

i realized at a burp competition. it was a wednesday, just your typical wednesday burp competition among friends. but when it came to my turn.....silence. nothing. pure, gaping, unadulterated silence.

ten years later, here i am. 47 years old. ive been in 5 marriages but they all left me because of my incompetence. not in the bedroom, at the dinner table.

im reaching out to all of you hoping for some support but mostly because im trying to settle down and find a sixth marriage, but this time with someone else who cant burp. together, we can and will find a cure.

if youre single and hot give me a call: 510-914-1123
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I'm also having this "unable to burp" problem ever since I realized that burping does exist. I have lots of friends who tried to teach me how to burp but whenever I try it just turns out to be an awkward cough like puking sound. A friend once told me that maybe I have a problem in my gastro. By analyzing my everyday habits, I think being satisfied with one to three glass of water a day is connected to my burp problem. Does anyone also notice that?
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I know how you feel I'm 13 and I'm going to get horrible pain I'm always sick because I have IBS every time I throw up I Bouch really loud my family tells me that's when  they know that I'm throwing up. I could never have pop you have to watch what you're eating it's a hassle with not being able to Barb my mom is researching everything to find a cure or a surgery to go through it is a hassle  good luck to you  
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My son can't burp either and as an infant he suffered from constant constipation. His stools were little round rocks, usually a turquoise green with little spots of blood. He outgrew that, but he still has constipation issues.When he was a small child, he would hold his chest and say his heart hurt. He is now well into drinking age and struggles with beer. He is managing his condition but I can't understand why Doctors see to believe we just are missing the moments when they burp. I would like to know from anyone who comes back and follows up on this if they have also experienced other bowel type issues or other issues, that are quite possibly associated to this condition.
I have the exact same issue, I am 18 years old and cannot burp, I suffer from constipation every day, and basically pass stool about every 2/3 days, I get unbelievabl bloated each time I eat and drink - especially something fizzy, I can’t drink beer or fizzy drinks with spirits anymore due to the discomfort so I now just drink vodka and cranberry instead, I can’t handle the awful discomfort and constant bloated. It also really effects my self esteem as I can’t wear low jeans, high tops or any tight dresses if I’ve eaten before hand, if I go out clubbing I don’t eat before so that I can wear normal clothes without looking bloated, which obviously isn’t good before drinking alcohol - I need a solution!!
So I have the exact issue from the original post on this thread. I have IBS and when it hits its really bad. I'm going to get a referal to see a specialist soon. I am always bloated and having constipation or opposite. Its ridiculous.
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Its honestly so cool to find other people that have the same problem.. it's honestly like a community. Not being able to burp should be researched. I wish I knew or had some kind of name for all of it. All I can tell people is I can't burp, I gurgle. No I don't fart more just because I can't burp. I know the air has to go somewhere. What do you mean does it hurt? Yes it hurts. I never have been able to. And when I was an infant, my mom said when she tried to burp me I'd just puke instead. I'd never ever burp. Every few months or so (usually longer) I burp. It's small and very short, but it's there. I just never know what induced it, or how I even did it. I look it up about semiannually just to see if there are any new developments on the issue. There never is. Quick question though, does anyone else's feel like they have a lot of acid reflux because of it? Maybe one day, everyone can burp.
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Hi everyone! I am 21 years old and have never been able to burp. I really started to notice the pain and uncomfortable feeling since i was about 15/16. I have been following this thread for a while 9'e thing I have not seen that happens to me is that i get woken up regularly(3-4 times a week) at about 3-4 AM with a very uncomfortable nauseous feeling, sometimes I get past the nausea and just sit there and swallow air a lot until I'm not nauseous anymore, and other times when I can't get past it I just dry heave. I never throw anything up its just air, even though I feel like I'm going to lose my stomach. It's like I'm dry heaving the excess air out. Does this happen to anyone else??
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Everyone who is still struggling with this dysfunction should go watch my video about this. I'll be happy to answer any questions.

A little over a year ago my then-23 year old daughter shared with me her problem. She had no ability to burp and described the symptoms that so many have shared here. I knew she'd had GI issues and had undergone many tests, but this was news to me and it was immediately clear that this was causing her great distress and anxiety. She told me that specialists had basically blown off and even made light of her problem, dismissed it. I couldn't believe it so the next day I was making calls to various highly reputed  specialists myself, and got basically the same answers. They said she'd need more of the same testing. Botox had already occurred to me so I inquired about it. None of these doctors had done it for this condition or had interest in taking it on.

The next thing I did was get on online to do my own research. There was very little useful information. I found this board and read dozens of posts, all describing the same issue and various ways people had learned to deal with it--none of them ideal or definitive. Not good enough, I was looking for the cure. Then I read DJM05's post and it was exactly what I was hoping to find. Then I contacted Dr Bastian and received his personal reply. He is a world-class physician who cares about his patients and listens to them. His credentials are beyond reproach. He'd done the procedure on DJM and I believe one other person. I saw little downside and had her send all of her tests sent to him while I booked the appt with Dr B's wonderful assistant. She was flying to Chicago within weeks for the procedure. Once done she could burp. She had a few tough weeks in terms of swallowing, but that dissipated and then disappeared. She is a fully functional belcher today, a year later.  

DJM05, through his own determination, found the right doctor, the cure, and then showed us the path to Dr Bastian. They are both great men. There is a cure and it works. It is a shame that so many medical specialists, are so callous and incurious. My strong advice is to do whatever it takes to get this treatment because it will probably be the best investment you ever make.  Best wishes to everyone.
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Hi Paigey,
I m a 62 year old female and I’ve had this problem my entire life. As a matter of fact Itujustwent to the gastrointestinal doctor today because I’m setting up my colonoscopy appointment. The doctor listened and felt my stomach and without me saying a word she told me I was bloated. Ahhh...that’s typical for all of us who can’t burp. She’s the only doctor that’s ever noticed that or said anything about it. The only thing I do when I get bloated and have a that horrible feeling of not being able to burp I actually have to use a restroom to stick my finger down my throat and force out a burp...it’s very loud and obnoxious but I feel relief immediately and nothing but air comes out. I’ll udu flush the he toilet and do it then so no one else can hear me. It’s awkward but the only thing that has ever worked for me. I’ve never been told what the name of the problem is.
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I am in the same boat as the rest of you guys. For whatever reason this is the first time I have ever researched the issue. I am 30 years old and have never been able to burp. Most people think I am just bs'ing them and it is hard for them to understand my plight. I too get the weird gurgling in my throat, usually after every meal or any carbonated drink. And that can last for hours. Heartburn is something else I deal with constantly. I love my beverages but drinking beer becomes miserable after one or two, especially after eating. The ONLY remedy I have found is to stick my finger down my throat and gag myself several times, which I usually only do when I feel like I am just about to pop. The sound effects are rather frightening, but the relief is amazing. If I am out having drinks and whatnot I usually have to sneak off several times throughout the evening to get my gaggings in, but it is the only thing I know to do that works. Glad to know there are others out there with the same issue, although I hate it for you guys! I know how ya feel. Sticking the finger down the throat is not the most pleasant thing in the world but you get used to it in a hurry. And given the relief it brings, it is definitely worth it.
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You guys I’m so glad I’m not the only one omg I’m 17 years old and literally never throw up either, bt I can’t burp. Everyone thinks I’m just embarrassed to burp infront of them but the truth is I actually have never burped and no one believes me. And I hate always being bloated I’m not going to lie my body is nice I’m 5’4 and 110 pounds and workout everyday I have 6 pack abs. As soon as I eat in the morning that is all gone due to bloating...there’s nothing worse than working for a nice body only to look pregnant most of the time
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I can't believe I've waited until I was 26 to even look this up! I have not been able to burp since I was born. Maybe a tiny little burp here and there but never enough to give any relief! I know this may sound crazy but for myself to find any relief from horrible gas problems was to actually make myself gag. Being in front of the toilet and forcing myself to gag was the only way my body would let out a huge belch! It even smelled like a burp. Sorry if this is too much TMI but it truly has been the only thing to help me. Sometimes it would get so bad (the air build up in my body) I would have extremely painful "gas" cramps in my abdominal region. At this point the only way for relied was to expel the gas via flatulence. Again, sorry for TMI. :)
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Wow this is amazing to find you all! I have the exact same problem. I avoid all carbonated drinks. If I have 2 beers I'm physically in discomfort and bloated. Miserable. The gurgle noises I make happens a lot when I lay down after having carbonation. I tell people "that's my crocodile in my throat!" lol.
Oh also, I am a 29 yr old female. I randomly researched this like many of you lol.
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I'm so glad I found this group of people.  Growing up I never burped (even my mom had a hard time burping me as a baby) but didn't really realize this wasn't normal until about high school.  I remember telling some people that I couldn't burp and they made fun of me by saying then I must fart a lot and that was gross.  But then it kind of clicked, I did seem to have more embarrassing moments involving farts, which ended up leading me to quit one of my passions of dancing ballet since I would feel too uncomfortable and bloated during each class.  Not to mention the awful embarrassing moments.  I've always just got that gurgling sound in my throat and my stomach makes a ton of noises.  I usually feel bloated in the evenings and then luckily overnight my body will reset unless I don't get enough sleep, then I might have an upset stomach the rest of the day.  I have a huge fear of vomiting and think maybe that is what has prevented me from being able to burp because of that fear setting in early on.  I have to close my eyes and ears any time it is in a movie and I freak out about situations where other people could potentially get sick (I never really went to parties for that reason).  Because of this fear of getting sick, I would never consider putting my finger down my throat to gag, I'd rather just live with the bloating and eventually they'll come out as farts.  

One thing I'm concerned about is that I would like to eventually get pregnant (I'm 29), and I'm afraid of how the morning sickness might be with me.  Has anyone who has dealt with this been pregnant and how was your morning sickness?  

I think that it is awesome there's a doctor that can fix this problem, I'm so happy for people that shared this info.  Maybe when I'm a bit older and making more money I will consider this procedure, but flying from Hawaii to Chicago on a graduate student salary isn't going to work.  I'm just really glad I've finally found other people like me.  I have searched a couple other times on the internet before without success so it's nice to finally know I'm not alone.  

P.S. just while typing this out I had the gurgling feeling 2 or 3 times.  I feel all your pain!
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This is my life. I am so happy to know that I am not alone out there. This thing we have is a curse.

I have lived with it all my life (28 years, female, exercise daily, eat healthy etc etc) and it's getting to the point where I feel the only solution is getting a razor out and cutting my own throat. That way, all that air will have to come out!

I know that everything I eat and drink will make me feel like crap. I know that whenever there's a social event I won't be able to drink or eat in order to avoid feeling like that. Drinking fizzy drinks is absolutely prohibited. And drinking beer after a meal is the worst (especially after pizza). Another awful combination is dinner, dessert and alcohol. Then I really feel like I'm about to explode. I thought maybe it was an allergy or an intolerance so I had them tests done, and it was neither.

I cannot go out on dates where there's dinner or drinks involved, because the sounds my throat makes are such a turn off for everyone, and since the air can't come out that way, I will bloat and fart like there's no tomorrow, which is a no go for a date (or relationships in general). Oh, how many times have I gone out for dinners or dates and sleepovers where I have spent the entire night absolutely awake and alert in order not to fart! And whenever I go to the bathroom just to let them out, they magically disappear. The moment I sit down again on the couch or lie down in bed, BAM. There they are again, just to make me feel miserable.

Not to mention dinner + movie kinda dates. Where my throat makes such loud and annoying noises that even at the loudest Imax they will be heard, let alone on a nice couch at home watching a movie with a beau. And the rest of the night spent holding in the farts, resulting in the worse belly pains ever, to the point where I just want to go home and resign to the thought of being single forever. (and the hickups! Oh, the damn hickups, like I was a drunk- which, since I cannot drink, never am).

If I do go out for a drink, after 2 or 3 drinks (whether beer or spirits) I have to stop, because my throat swells up so much that I feel like I cannot breathe. And when I go home, I sit on my bed with an empty cup on the bedside table just so I can spit the ridiculous amount of water my mouth produces incessantly in the cup, until I pass out. Only to wake up with a painful burning sensation still in my throat (how many times has this been dismissed with acid reflux!).

My friends have made fun of me all my life. I'm the one who can't burp and instead makes those funny noises. They don't know how painful and embarrassing it is. On those very rare occasions where I do manage a tiny burp (maybe once every two years) it feels like heaven. Like the weight of the world has finally been taken off of my shoulders. Like I were Frodo and had just finally managed to drop that ******* ring into the fire and were able to see the Shire again.

This life is a nightmare. I have had many tests done (some very painful ones too) and seen many doctors for nothing, as no one would take me seriously, so I stopped. Reading all your comments and messages has given me hope again. If we let our voices be heard, we can find a name, a cause and a solution to this awful curse. I will try the vinegar as one of you suggested, I will put my fingers down my throat, I will get in touch with Doctor Bastian, and I will keep reading this post in search of answers and stories and support and encouragement. Lots of love to you all x Jane
Hi Jane, exactly the same here, I’m a 29 year old male. I recognize erything you say. Especially beer and pizza is a very bad combo indeed. Unfortunately I can’t really resist that always. It’s weird to just order a glass of water and some light food. It’s really bad.. even worse that most doctors won’t even recognize this. Maybe we could however go on a date together. We have at least one important thing in common , which no one else can understand ;). So we could drink some water together. Doesn't that sound romantic!
I’ve never related to anything more in my life! Omg, such a relief but so annoying that it’s more common than we think yet still seems to be unfixable.
I really loved your post, Jane.  Simply because it has been the same my whole life and you have a way with words!  The chest pain from the gas build up and horrible hiccups are just indescribable.  So, just sharing with you.  I did go to Dr. Bastian at Bastian Voice Institute in Downers Grove IL.  Don't know if you've made it there yet.  The botox injections worked beautifully for about 4 months, then wore off - - - - It didn't do any harm, and I absolutely would do it again, particularly if there was any hope of it being a permanent fix.  Some people have been able to learn to relax their UES in order to burp voluntarily, but I was unable to do that.  Now, my best bet is staying away from social engagements which include eating and/or drinking - - - - taking Gas-X, which helps move the gas DOWN rather than it getting trapped in my chest - - - - and suffering.  I'm 65.  Dr. Bastian recommended a laser slicing of my sphincter (or something like that) - - - - but a possible side effect could be choking on aspirated food or drink.  Nope.  I'll just live with the problem and adjust my lifestyle accordingly.  I do wish you the very, very best as you are so young.  I hope you find something that gives you permanent relief.
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Hi I'm a 23 year old female with so many similar stories. This is is called upper esophageal dysfunction. Here is a really good medical description of what's going on: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/3623025/
Here's another one also with three different treatment options, the less invasive of which is Botox injections into the throat to relax the muscle that's not working correctly. It's usually a temporary fix.
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I’ve had the same issue as the OP, as well as the hundreds of other posters on this thread. It’s great to know I’m not alone on this. I’m a 25 year old male, and have tried researching this periodically over the years, but this is the first time I’ve actually been able to find a name and possible cure. This is a very real problem for those who have it. We have a great deal of pressure in our chest almost constantly, and it just becomes the “norm” for us. It seems to have been getting worse for me over the past several years. I have had many GI appointments and tests done, and had been diagnosed with “IBS.” Even after telling all of my doctors and GI specialists that I physically couldn’t burp, never had before, and felt that a lot of my problems were contributed to that; they completely brushed it off and never mentioned anything about an upper esophageal sphincter, or specifically, retrograde-only cricopharyngeus dysfuction. I guess no one really cares about your own health the way YOU do. I am definitely going to do whatever it takes to have this treatment done. I’ll try to remember to pop back in here and report any results. Good luck to everyone suffering from this curse, you are not alone!
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Hi I'm a 25 year old female from the uk and I've always struggled with not burping. My stomach can get very very bloated especially after certain foods Or if I'm out drinking socially with friends. I've always been very self conscious about this as after a couple of drinks that include something fizzy I get this pain around my throat/chest area and the only way To release the pain is to sick my fingers down my throat (just to clarify I, never sick) but it does sound like I'm being sick and This is very embarrassing especially when your out in public. I often have to sit and wait in pain until I know the toilet is clear but now family and friends know what I'm doing. I live of rennys and The doctor gave me lansoprazole to take but I'm finding this doesn't help much. I often get a funny gurgle pain that you can hear inside once I've eaten or drank which is pretty loud to. I just wish there was something :(
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The first publication which deals with how inability to belch can be treated-diagnosed :

Sites that you will also find useful :

All you have to do is to convince an EarNoseThroat Doctor or Speech Language Pathologist or Voice Doctor to do a  botox for dysphagia to you . Botox for dysphagia is a known procedure to a lot of Doctors . You do not need to fly to another country to do it . Just go to your nearest city and there will be a doctor who knows how to do botox for dysphagia .
As the paper indicates , every test you do will come back normal , so avoid doing any test if you do not want to waste money and time . Just show the paper publication which I linked to the doctor you visit to convince him .
For the vast majority of the cases  : No the root of the problem is nor dyspepsia nor psychological reasons as the doctors will try to suggest to you , its retrograde only neurological reasons in the UES which botox solves . Yes botox as it may sounds odd saves the problem permanently .
Wow!  That's some very useful information.  Appreciate it!!  Have you had this problem before?
Yes I have this problem from since I remember myself . I will visit in my town a voice doctor really soon and show her this paper and try to convince her to write a diagnoses in which she will say that I have retrograde only cricopharyngeal dysfunction and that I need botox . Then I will go to city close to my town and and show that diagnoses to a doctor who does botox . Then I will eventually have botox .
Thanks so much for the additional info....I too was told that the reason I could not burp was due to a tight esophagus but Dr Calari from Ft Lauderdale who diagnosed it did not have a solution. Oddly enough the reason that he took me seriously was because he said he also could not burp but did not have complications from it so did not see it as a real problem....but at the time I was just so happy to understand why.....I would be a bit afraid of the injections....but wish I could learn how to make it happen.....
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