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i am physically unable to burp.

All my life i have been unable to burp. I have these awful embarrassing involuntary gurgles that are sometimes loud and others not as loud. As long as i could remember, i have felt bloated after i eat too much or drink anything. Many people have tried to teach me how to burp but i simply cant. Almost everytime i yawn though, i always seem to let out a tiny burp or maybe a gurgle and i feel a little relief. i have noticed i yawn a lot more than other people, maybe this is a way my body tries to get out the access air. I hardly throw up or get sick. I have thrown up maybe seven or eight times in my life and i am 17 now. I do remember everytime i throw up i belch really loud before doing so. It sounds horrific and i have never heard anyone burp the way i do when i am sick. No one believes i cant burp, even the people who have heard my gurgles. My mothier thinks i am weird and refuses to take me to any kind of docter because she thinks i am making this up. i am afraid that if i dont get help soon i might just blow up. Recently, i was curious if i was the only one with this problem so i did some research online. I have come to find that many people have experienced what i have but i have heard nothing about a cure or a name for this problem. If someone has an answer or the same or similar problem, please let me know (:

thank you so much,
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I have also had this problem, all of the symptoms you have mentioned, all 36 years of my life. I also belch quite loudly when I vomit, which I, too, have never heard anyone else do that. Often, I feel nauseas and it has also led to anxiety for me, as it does many. To date, I have not heard of a solution, except to have an upper GI series completed (endoscopy). Don't worry, you are fully knocked out when they do this. I had heard that a sphincter-like muscle near the stomach and esophagus  (Schatzki ring) may not be fully extended, causing some to not have the ability to burp. Again, this can be corrected, with the only drawback being that it only lasts for a year or so. It does have a name, called Schatzki Syndrome. So, Paige, you are not alone. I've come to the conclusion that it is a physiological problem.
Same seriously like it always happens after drinking something bubbly like a soda or sometimes it just randomly happens for no apparent reason. So if anyone finds something out please post it on here.
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I have had the same problem my entire life.  I've always wished I could - people seem to get a lot of relief from it.  I've tried everything... even seltzer and then jumping up and down.  LOL.  My husband always picks on me because he thinks I'm the only person on the earth who doesn't burp.  Glad I'm not alone!

However... I recently starting (embarassingly) burping very loudly.  I knew something was wrong when I started burping a lot - since I've never been able to.  Turns out I now have severe acid reflux AND a malfunctioning gall bladder that needs to be removed.

So I want you to see a doctor if all of a sudden at some point in your life you DO start burping. For me, it was my first warning sign!!!

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I have had this same problem and recently found this site and posted about my problem.  I too cannot burp and frequently get those little gurgles.. sometimes they are kinda loud and come up without me knowing about it.  The only time that I do burp is when sometimes i get this coughing fit right before i feel nausea and when I vomit i let out a burp that is so loud i have heard nothing like it before.  i often notice it after eating and a lot of times when i go out at night and drink alcohol.  a lot of times ill get abdominal pain after eating.. do you get any of these other symptoms as well or no? i'm only 23 but have been dealing with it since i was 17.
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Wow, I don't feel alone anymore either! I do know my father had the same problem, but only came into that information recently. Unsure why my mother never told me.
I also get those gurgling sounds, too. And they are spontaneous, which is embarrassing! I often feel sick to my stomach after eating, too.
People have tried to 'show me' how to burp, but it hasn't worked. I once even had my husband give me a modified Heimlich to no avail (and not a good idea, either).
This is terrible!
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Oh my gosh!  I'm 41 years old and felt like I was the only person on earth with the gurgling problems.  It's so embarrassing - happens a lot at night when I'm lying in bed.  And my friends think I'm crazy because I can't burp - I can count on my hands how many times I've burped in my whole life.  I googled the Schatzki Syndrome but it didn't sound like our symptoms - I don't have difficulty swallowing or pain.  Just the constant gurgling and inability to burp.  If anyone ever finds out what it is, please let us know!  Thanks for posting - I feel normal now!
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wow I feel normal now! I have the same symptoms! The gergling and only burping when I'm sick! My boyfriend and him friends make fun of me so I googled it to prove to them that I wasn't crazy and showed all your responses! Thanks everyone for posting! They have stopped picking on me now hehe  
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l have all the same symptoms mentioned above, however, l have over the years (35) managed to develop a method for releasing air from the stomach without burping. before l did this l was simply unable to eat certain things or drink carbonated drinks.

this is what l do: after eating (about 5 min when l can feel that 'bloated' sensation) l stick a finger into the back of the throat...it took me some time to manage to do this without throwing up so maybe its best to try to do this in the toilet to start with if you are going to try it. anyhow, l am now able to 'throw' up the air...without actually throwing up anything else.

the noise that comes out when l do it is simply UNREAL, but still it gets the job done and l am able to eat and enjoy whatever l like.

the way l see it is that l am like a baby, l need to mechanically burp myself by puncturing the back of my throat after every meal.
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I also do what miimoo does. I find that if i push down the little flap at the back of my throat it allows me to burp up (extremely loadly) all of my wind. I have had the problem since I was a baby (I suffered from extremely bad collic), which is why I avoided fizzy drinks most of my life. My mum has the same problem so I didn't feel alone. Would get embarassed on nights out though when I'd go to the toilet to bring up my wind!
I used to get my boyfriend to do the Heimlich too, it just bought up gurgles (or internal burps as I call them) and made me feel worse.
I used to be so frustrated by it, I often had to leave night outs early or leave straight after the meal for friends birthdays. One day a friends told me I should gulp down soda water really quickly (something she does when she gets wind), this was a bad idea! I was so bad I couldn't breath and my lips went blue, as I last resort I decided to make myself sick (fingers down the throat job), but when I did it I burped. I felt so relieved.
Fron then on it's what I always do. I don't vomit with it, but do worry that it could be doing damage.
It has to be some kind of medical problem. I also cannot gulp a drink all in one go. You know how people can just open their throat a keep swallowing a drink. Can't open my throat at all.
Always wondered if being unable to open throat/unable to burp could be something to do with being born premature? Is anyone else with the condition premature? It's the only link between me, my mum and a friend who has the same problem. We were all very premature. (5 weeks +) Maybe something could finish developing properly? Just a theory
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i have the same symptoms as you all have mentioned...only burping before being physically sick, feeling bloated, uncontrollable gurgles.  my mom is also the same way...i've even told doctors that i can't burp and they tell me to "work on it"...like i can learn to do it.  not many people take it seriously, which drives me nuts.  the worst is that i can eat something huge like thanksgiving dinner, or something as small as an M&M and i'll be gurgling for half an hour later.  just glad to see i'm not alone, because my boyfriend always jokes about me not burping...hopefully we can figure out how to fix it soon :)
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ps - one thing that kind of helps, besides sticking my fingers in the back of my throat to "throw up air"...i've noticed that if i "gulp" air (like some people gulp air to force themselves to burp) i can sometimes force out a burp...sometimes tilting my head back also helps bring it up.  its temporary relief, but it helps a little.
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how is it that NO ONE seems to have heard about it? l know 4 people unable to burp just like me...altho l am the only one who does the finger-burping-method.

asked my doctor about it last week, he still does not know anyone but me. strange.
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i have the same problem and im only 14 i cant burp naturally and i make relle loud gurgling noises that are relle random and its so embarrasing when im with my boyfriends and i have to explain to them what it is. alos like another person said, i get abdominla pains after eating, and make wierd noises when i yawn. its as if the gases want to come out but they cant :( its so annoying i dnt wanna have to stick my fingers down my throat.
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I thought I was the only one in the world with this. I do gag myself to bump at time. Going to high elevations makes it really bad. Also I was SO miserable when I was pregnant.  My husband asked a GI doc at the hospital where we worked at, way before we we married if he knew anything about this. He said they could do a "stretching" type of procedure but it would come back. If I were to planning on getting pregnant again I would consider it. I still might if it is effective and last awhile.
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lol ive always had it but didnt know what it was. never worried me or anything but just thought it was weird i couldnt burp. i can control my gurgles though and release them whenever i need releif. i take a deep swallow (spit...no air) and take a deep breath in through my mouth slowly with my mouth hung open and i ussually get all the gas out like that
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Try amitriptyline

I have started having odd problems, that are related to Gi motility, I found an article about using amitriptyline to improve GI problems related to the spincter of odi and other problems.  Amitriptyline works on alpha receptors as well as Norepinephrine and serotonin.  So it does a lot, however it might be worth a try for you guys.

I'm not sure there is a solution for you if you were born without the ability, you may be missing some receptors or nerves.  I have heard of this before, and often times the persons mother will not be able to belch either.

I have been scouring the internet for a term to describe this syndrome.  As there must be 2 types a type you would be born with, and a type that is acquired.I am thinking the word should be something like eruticationia syndrome.  

I am 27 and am losing my ability belch.  I feel the sensation to belch, however when I attempt to do so, there is no belch.  Eventually after minutes or hours, the most satisfactory and awesome belch or belches are performed.  Truly inspiring.  I was born with the ability to belch and have always taken if for granted, that I had any gas to expel I did so when ever I wanted.

Has anybody suffered arrythmias or uncomfortable slow/fast heart rates coinciding with the build up of gas?

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Whoops I forgot to give the dosage

5-15 mg ought to do it, you may have to experiment.
However the drug will have a completely different effect if you go much over 30 mg, and more often than not, more is worse less is better.  I take 5mg which works very well, but 25 mg doesn't seem to work at all.

This is probably because the alpha sites are blocked in the gi track.  The norepinephrine may be an exponential component where as the alpha blocking mechanism is linear.  This is just a guess, I haven't read the pharmokinetics of it.  However, this model does fit my observations on it effects in myself and others.
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I have the same problem-actually I wouldn't call it just a problem because it's taking over my life. I've never been able to burp and eating and drinking gives me such bad air pressure in my chest that I get nautious all the time. The only thing that helps is sticking my finger down my throat and releasing the air. It really helps temporarily but I can't get myself to do this in public. It sounds like i'm throwing up..and people think I am. It's so embarrassing. My boyfriend keeps telling me that I should just swallow my shame and do it in public when i'm suffering but I can't... The only thing that I can do that is slightly less embarassing is to start coughing really hard and sometimes the air comes out in a big "burp". But I hate having to pretend to have a coughing fit just to relieve the pressure...

and how come there seems to be so many people with this problem but I've never met anyone with it...

Any more suggestions??
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I am 25 years old and have had all the same problems with not being able to burp my whole life and having stomach problems because of it.  I have actually learned to burp.  It's strange and amazing.  I suspect there to be something physically similar that all of us have in common that kept it from being a natural reaction, but at least with me... over the last 4 months or so, I've gotten to the point where I can actually burp when I need to most of the time.  I still can't belch on command or burp the ABCs, but when I feel the need to burp, I can do certain things with my chest, shoulders, neck, jaw, and throat to make a burp happen (sounds more complicated than it actually is once I got the hang of it).  Sometimes they're small and sometimes they are big.  It did not completely fix my stomache problems, but it is better and i can now better understand which foods upset my stomach, and I can explain it in no other way than to say that it is absolutely glorious.  I'm interested to see if I can help anyone else learn how to do this.  Feel free to email me at ***@**** if you would like more information and assistance learning to burp.  I hope your search turns out as well as mine did.

Alright, well I know that it may not be the same thing for everyone, but this is what I've found.

The biggest thing for me to learn was torso, shoulder, neck, head, and jaw placement to allow a burp through.  I have to be at least sitting up straight or leaning forward slightly is even better.  Can't do it while sitting back.  I have to push my shoulders straight back, the further the better.  And then I have to push my head forward and then chin down.  At first it helped me to turn my head left to right while my chin was down and head out.  It also helps open my throat if I open my mouth slightly and push my jaw forward, like giving myself an under bite.  Regarding throat muscles and relaxation, I've found that the only thing that I was familiar with that is similar to "opening my throat" would be a yawn.  So if I position myself in the way specified above, and then make myself yawn, the first part of the yawn (before it takes over and you feel like you have to yawn) is when I will burp.

It took me probably 3 months to realize that full list of motions after I started getting a little bit of control.  As odd as it all sounds if I have even one of those incorrect, I usually can't burp, or the burp is miserably small and useless.

This only works for me when I need to burp.  I can't burp on command, but if I've just drank half of a Mountain Dew and feel like I need to burp, I simply make sure to be sitting/standing up or leaning forward slightly, push my shoulders back, touch my chin to my chest, and then right when I feel like it should be hitting my throat, I push my head forward (while still keeping my chin down), open my mouth slightly and push my jaw out and start the yawn feeling in my throat.  Once I got the hang of it, I learned that by having breathed some air into my diaphragm, I could push out a larger burp by using that air in my diaphragm to push on the burp.  I didn't learn that until I got the hang of smaller burps.

I don't know if this is common with others or not, but I've got a bit of an overbite and some sinus problems.  For as long as I can remember I've gotten phlegm stuck in my throat and have to spit it out... and the more stuff in my throat, the less likely I am to be able to burp as well.

Hope this is something that can be helpful.  I'd like to know if it is.  Keep me posted.

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I've always had this as well.  My mom said that I burped when I was a baby, but as long as I, myself, can remember, I've always had those noises in my throat.  When I was a little girl I used to tell people I swallowed a frog! haha

I've never tried much to help this or help myself relieve the pressure in my stomach.  Lately I've been taking antacids and bloating relief pills to make it stop and it's only made my nauseousness go away after I eat (which is a plus, of course).  I also feel veeery sick in the mornings, all the time and can't catch my breath sometimes.

ttbee - you said that you wanted to know about the swallowing drinks in one gulp.. How people can just open their throats and take a glass without having to take breath..  I've ALWAYS wondered that.  I'm 19 and NOT, in any way shape or form, an alcohol drinker.  And it's because I can't.  I can't take more than a tiny sip before my throat decides that it doesn't want anymore so if I try to take another sip, my throat just won't open up for it.  It like... scares my reflexes.  I can't even chug WATER..  I can take more of that than anything else - pop, juice etc..  I was not born premature though, so I don't think it has to do with your prematurity.

Also, I just recently became lactose intolerant.  I was very upset when I figured it out finally, and became aware of what acid reflux is and that isn't pleasant either..  

Like every has stated, I'm glad I'm not the only one.  I've been made fun of my whole life because of this throat gurgling noise and nobody ever believes me when I say that I am just unable to burp.  Period.  Friends and family have tried to teach me, but no one prevails.  

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I'm on the same boat as all of you! I just got home from drinking and man....  One beer gets me so nauseous for the entire night, I get full... bloated... and extremely uncomfortable. It's lead me away from alcohol completely, though, I enjoy going out.

I've had plenty of friends go "I bet you $5 I can make you burp" I ALWAYS walk away as the winner. One time my best friend heard me release air because I was on the verge of throwing up (which I've noticed 100% of the time that I never throw up) and he heard it through 3 walls while outside talking to friends - he claimed it to be the loudest belch he's ever heard in his life.

I haven't found a cure or a fix except building pressure up to the verge of throwing up so that air can get released, which is extremely uncomfortable.

I knew I wasn't alone though, many times at parties I've overheard people go "No thanks, I'm full and can't burp to save my life" -- I always walk over and give them a big ole' high five for being apart of the No Burping Club.

I saw your comments above about the finger-down-the-throat method - I will give that a try because I need some way of relieving the pressure... This uncomfortable feeling keeps me on my butt and extremely anxious when I'm out and wanting to talk to the girlies. All I get is the gurgles every 1-2 minutes and I hate it.

Though, Doc says I'll probably never feel acid reflux - 24 years old and he's been right so far!! I can eat ANYTHING (as long as I chow down super fast before I can feel it)
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i had one of the worst beer and burp-less nights ever on saturday.  ended up sticking my fingers down my throat for a while after enduring the pain and eventually getting severe shivers from it and it was all better (although the accompanying hiccups don't half make your chest sore for a while).

I also managed to do a tremendous air-vom in front of some people I'd just met.  reassuringly for us all they carried on talking to me (probably in relief that nothing else accompanied it!)

so I shall have to make sure I don't drink more than 2 pints of fizz at a time. if you still crave beer I recommed english ales (flat) or belgian beers (stronger, less volume).

i, too was a cholicy baby.  my mum can't burp or handle fizzy drinks, and she's not too great with lactose either.  future's bright!  i also gurgle like a trooper.  i'm not sure whether past girlfriends found it endearing or thought I was weird.  i shall be using the "frog in the stomach" line from now on.....

good to know there are others out there like me! :)
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I have the same problem.  I was able to burp as a baby, but haven't been able to do so since then.  I will burp from time to time, completely by accident, but I have no control over it.  In the meantime, it's all gurgling, etc.  

I have a deviated septum, and went into an ENT specialist to take a look at it.  He said that I have too much extra skin in the back of my throat, which could lead me to snore etc., later in life.  I'm throwing this out there to see if anyone might have the same situation and whether it might be causing an inability to burp.  Just a thought.
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i can't believe there are so many of us out there!!!!  i'm 28 now and for as long as i can remember i've "growled" as my family calls it.  one time when i was a kid, my sister tried to teach me to burp and all it did was make me vomit later that night!  i don't get nauseaus or have stomach pain after eating, but i do however make horrendous noises if/when i throw up, which is rare.  i haven't seen it posted anywhere else, but i also have gas pretty much all the time.  both are embarrassing and uncomfortable!!!!  i'm so relieved to know that i'm not the only one.  
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     I feel exactly the same things since i was 13. Now i'm 20, and learning the "technique" of sticking a finger into my through just to have this surreal burp.
I feel very nauseous and when i lay down, on an horizontal position, i feel better.
     The internal burps happens a lot. My boyfriend used to ask me if i was hungry when we were hugging and he feels, but now he is used, i think. Yes, it looks like a frog.
     I also have Gastroesophageal Reflux, and hurts on stomach and esophage.
     Can somebody help?
     When i go out and have one drink im already feeling sick. And when a i through up, people ask "already?" as if i was drunk, but i'm far away from drunk, i'm just filled with gases.
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