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i m 19 years male n suffering from jaundice for a year.but my billirubin level is small compared to other jaundice patient n LFT is normal.

dear doctor n frens i would be very thankful to u if u make sure that i m suffering frm jaundice or gilbert's syndrome n provide me its treatment n cares tips.i get frustated every time of this since i m not taking normal or delicious diet for a year n i cant join an army or do heavy exercise.for this i ve sent you series of data of my blood test result .but my SGPT(22 IU/L) ,SGOT(27 IU/L) n ALKALINE phospatase(103 U/L) is normal.And my 'abdominal and pelvic' ultrasound report n stool test is also normal.but my billirubin test are not normal n are as follows:
10 months ago Total billirubin -3 n Direct billirubin-0.4 mg%
8 month ago Total billirubin -2.8 n Direct billirubin-0.6 mg%
6 month ago T billirubin -3.1 n Direct billirubin-0.7 mg%
5 month ago T billirubin -3.1 n Direct billirubin-1.9 mg %
4 month ago T billirubin-2.3 n Direct billirubin - 0.9 mg %
3 month ago T Billirubin-50 n Direct billirubin -13 micro mol/L
2n 1/2month ago T billirubin -1.3n direct billirubin -0.5 mg %
1 n 1/2month ago T billirubin -2 n direct billiorubin -0.6 mg%

my side head, eyes really pains n feels burning sensation when i read books watch tv,my body pains n burns if i walk so much or do physical exercise.without any reasons io feel anxious n frightened.i havent take fatty food n meat for a year.is this due to lack of nutrients?And i used to drink alcohol little little but i gave up drinking alcohol more than a year ago.but i havent quit smoking still.what to do ? i want to get free of this problem,.due to this sometimes i get so frustated that i want to commite suicide.
so please help me save me from this vicious circle ,.plz
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