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inflamed colon? 2 weeks of pain

Does an inflamed colon mean you have colitis? i had the stomach flu 2 weeks ago.. havnt felt normal since.. weird dull aches in my stomach and sometimes sharp pains.. ct scan said i had an inflamed colon? wtf could this be.. it is primarily on rite side.. radiating to lower rite back and currently as of this moment under neath the rite shoulder blade a couple ribs down.. i ate a big meal today and felt it underneath the front of the right rib cage and lower back WTF do i have i am going crazy
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There are numerous causes other than stomach flu to have these symptoms:-

• Peptic ulcer
• Gastritis
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Esophegitis
• Crohn's disease
• Gastroesophageal reflux disease
• Inflammatory bowel disease
• Pancreatitis
• Cancer of the stomach/pancreas (upper abdomen), colon (lower)
• Appendicitis
• Dyspepsia
• Gastroenteritis

Some antibiotics can cause horrific side effects, such as ulcers and gastrits.

Symptoms of gastritis; ulcer; gastroenteritis; etc, include:-

• Abdominal pain, which can range from mild to severe
• Bloating
• Feeling full after a few bites of food
• Nausea & vomiting
• Anaemia
• Unexplained loss of weight

These symptoms are classed as a medical emergency, as those symptoms are also a cause of advanced stomach cancer.

Have you seen a gastroenterologist?

Ulcers and gastritis
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did you ever figure out what was wrong? My husband has the exact same symptoms described on here? He was in the hospital for 5 days then they released him because his white blood cell count was back to normal...but he is still having stomach pain and vomiting.
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Hey thanks for your comments.. i do not believe i had a fever at all.. i woke up the dreadful day with extreme stomach pain until i threw up.. threw up like 3 more times and i was extremely achey especially in my back.. the third day i felt a continuing nausea after i ate until i forced myself to throw up.. that was my last time vomiting.. a week later i was experiencing nausea but only dry heaves.. i am nauseated in the morning but that seems to have declined alot.. but ya so how did your crohns start and what are your symptoms as of rite now or when it started.. i mean i went to the gastro and he looked at the ct report and said i "dodged" a colonscopy cuz i guess he didnt see it was that inflamed maybe? no antibiotics have been suggested.. it seems like stress can bring my symptoms back because i felt great until i got into a fight with my gf how are u guys doing
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What were your flu symptoms? When my chrons became active, I thought I had the flu.  Chills and spiked fever then the next day so tired I couldn't get out of bed or even watch tv.  
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I went to my doctor yesterday because my stomach wasn't feeling well and I had a loose bm with two spots of bloody mucus. (thats why I went). He told me that I have a mild case of colits due to an intestinal bug going around. He told me to go on a liquid diet for 72 hours but to call if it gets worse or I get a fever. Did your doctor suggest an anibiotic? Did he/she ask you to moderate your diet? I'm trying to figure out which over the counter pain medication I can take if I get a headache.
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