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intense total body itching, inflamation with complicated history. Anyone else?

I am an ileostomate since 1080 with multiple abdominal hernias who is hep C positive but has repeated negative pcr in blood but has extreme total body itching, sore gums, pains. The obstructions are painful and have ot use mirilax occasionally and I am looking at abdominal wall reconstruction at age 71 for the hernias and adhesions at Cleveland Clinic.  I have stage 3 ckd but told not to worry by my nephrologist. I do worry about increase in PSA to 3.16 and small kidney lesions recently noted in a ct scan with contrast. History of MRSA and sepsis, and UTI's.
The itching, dermatographia and pain causes insomnia, depression and feelings of impending doom. Am seeing an allergist and zyrtec does not work.  Also have high blood pressure and I am on cozaar 50, coreg and 12.5 hydrochlorothiazide. I am also diabetic taking novolog 70/30. Since my inflamation and itch increased severely from my scalp, to my eyes, to the bottom of my feet my systolic BP has risen to 145-160 Memory is affected. Pains in wrist, fingers, joints, knees, headaches, neck. I do have osteoporosis.
Is there anyone else out there with this itch problem possibly associated with ileostomy for ulcerative colitis, abdominal adhesions, hernias, or hepatitis C but has been told not to worry because of a negative pcr in the blood.
I am in constant pain in my entire abdomen, have a high calcium. I am taking synthroid after having thyroid radiated years ago.
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Hi - I'm really sorry to hear about all of the pain you're in, and the difficulty you're experiencing getting answers.  I'm not a medical professional, and if you're getting care at Cleveland Clinic, you're in good hands.  

Have you had any blood work done to check your liver functions, and a CBC?  If not, doing so might be a good idea.

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