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intermittent nausea - what to do?


since 2 months I have been having some GI symptoms. Everything started with some nausea (no vomiting) that initially went away, but came back few days later. I had some other symptoms such as excessive gas and gas related stomach pains. After roughly a month, I visited a doctor here in Japan (on a business trip here for 3 months), had a complete blood-work done including tests for liver and pancreatic functions and some cancer markers as well as an occult bleeding stool test. Everything was fine so I was given 30mg omeprazole to take every morning after breakfast for 6 weeks. The doctor things IBS or reflux. After some 3-4 days, all symptoms cleared, but another week later the intermittent, very light nausea came back. It is usually the worst in the morning, or in moments when I can stop my activity and sit down in the evening. I am working as a mountain guide so my days are mostly in the field and very busy, but once I have a moment to stop, it often re-appears.

I'm pretty good at googling scary things, so mostly worried about stomach or pancreas cancer... Do you think I should seek some further investigation right away, or rather wait to finish my omeprazole regimen and try to calm down?


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These articles provide an overview of the workup of nausea and vomiting:
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I have this occasionally first thing in the morning and one of my kids has it daily.  His doctor has determined it is low blood sugar for him. Sounds wacky, he's nauseated.  But what he really needs to do is eat a bit. He has learned to force himself and he feels better relatively quickly after.  I do the same.  Could it be something like this?  I do have acid reflux as well but it flares more in the evening. Both of these things could be going on at the same time.
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well, I have been thinking about it; the thing is, the nausea, does not really go away right after I eat something, but sometimes it takes quite some time... now I only have it a little in the morning and sometimes in the late afternoon, when I am tired; it could be due to low sugar as I have 11% body fat and am physically active the whole day, yet when in field, Im on carbs, most of them pretty quick (balance food bars etc. - sports food...) so I doubt my blood sugar could go that low...
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