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irregular bowel movement problem for 56 year old mother

Sorry for the long post. My mother (aged 56) is suffering from constipation related problem, for which I am seeking help in this forum.
My mother had the usual habit of passing stool once every 2 days (sometimes once in 3 days) for long. This was her normal schedule for years and she was habituated in this. Other than that she had high BP which is under control by regular medication.
In April 2017, the constipation problem became more severe, and she began to visit specialists (both homeopathy and allopathy) for making the bowel movements regular. Under effect of such medication (or might be for some other reason), she suddenly suffered stomach upset and loose motion one day, which resulted in diarrhea. She needed hospitalization for 3 days.
Several checkups and tests were performed at that time, but nothing revealed any abnormality in her body. One thing to note, TSH level was at 10 point something at that time.
Then onwards, she gradually developed the problem of constipation. The urge to pass stool did not come up at all for her for days, but as she continued normal eating, the abdomen continued to become stiff, bloated, hardened. As she visited gastroenterologists, they advised on some laxatives (like cremalax, piclin, pegfiber, etc.). The situation from June 2017 onwards is like following, she is not passing stool at all for 3-4 days by normal bodily call, in spite of eating normal food. When she is unable to bear the discomfort of stiffened stomach any more, she took laxatives (as stated above) and that resulted in bowel movements and rushing to toilet multiple times the next day. Due to multiple time excretion, she becomes completely exhausted and tired for the entire day. She sleeps and rests completely on such days, even unable to get up and do daily job. And from the next day there is again no bowel pressure coming up for 3-4 days. Such abnormality had become a pattern in her life.
In September-October 2017, she started visiting more doctors. She was feeling some hardness in her lower abdomen. One doctor told that she had been suffering colitis and gave medications for that. She completed the medications, and the hardness was somewhat relieved. But nothing happened to make the bowel regular. Another doctor suspected thyroid, and tests showed TSH level 20 point something. She started thyroid medicine from October. Additionally, one gastroenterologist suggested daily doses of piclin and pegfiber. With regular doses, she is having bowel movements on alternate days, but with a gap in dose, it is again stopping.
A thyroid test in November 1st week revealed TSH level at 0.11. (Which we understand had come under control due to medication.) But stomach problem remains as is.
Couple of gastroenterologists suggested colonoscopy sometimes, but she is afraid of such invasive tests and had avoided them so far. Any suggestion/hints to what could be the next step for solving her problem?
Diet – Her daily meal consists of white rice, breads, indian rotis, vegetables, fish, potatoes, pulses. She drinks normal quantities of water, and even extra, as some doctors suggested.
Body Structure – Small, thin lady, height 5 feet, weight 45 Kilograms.
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