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irritable bowel syndrome could i have it?

Could I have irritable bowel syndrome? I know this is too much TMI but I have to say it to get answers.
since the end of March I have been having diarrhea. Now two times make me wonder. The first time I noticed one day it had corn in the diarrhea. I had corn the night before. Also yesterday, I went out to eat lunch and had food with corn. This morning, when I went to the bathroom the diarrhea had corn in it again.

could this be IBS? i'm worried. I also have one of the other symptoms of IBS which is fatigue. I had lower right side back pain too and read that backaches are a symptom. I have a lot more gas than normal and been also find myself burping a lot more. Although I only used to burp when I drank soda but now I can burp out of nowhere. I also have right side pain but it moved to the lower right side near my belly button. Help?
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Can I ask how often you're having diarrhea? I'm asking because it might be related to food allergies. If you're having problems with gluten or dairy products it can irritate your digestive tract causing pain and diarrhea. Corn can be very hard to digest and I think most of us have it come back out in whole pieces, this is not uncommon.
How you been to see your Dr yet about your symptoms? If not, I recommend you do.
Yes, this might be IBS but only your Dr can tell you after doing tests. If your family Dr can't figure out what's going on he/she may send you to a GI specialist.
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