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is this normal for a 13 yr old girl ?

Hello i know this probley isnt the right form ,but i have a few questions concerning my 13 yr old daughter . ok so far as i know this has happened 2-3x she has came to me and said she had bright red blood all in and around her stool . i asked when u wipe is there any blood on the paper , she said no . and it has happened after her periods end. is this a call for concern ?  i asked if her stools are hard , soft or watery she said between hard and soft i guess u can say normal , and i asked her about the color she said brown .  the only colon cancer i know of was my great grand mother which just recently died the day before thanksgiving  she had colon and pancreatic cancers  after knowing she had them  she didnt last long afterwards . cpl of months tops . she was also very old 92  yrs old . other than my great gram having colon cancer i dont really know our full history  all i do know is yes cancers run on both sides of my family and so does heart problems . Anyways i was just wondering do i have anything to worry about? i know blood in stool isnt normal. Thank you for your input and responses .
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I am basically 100% sure that she doesn't have colon cancer.  She probably has something like a hemorrhoid or an anal fissure.  She should see a doctor about this to be evaluated.  Good luck.
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