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ischemic colitis

Sept. 2009 I was hospitalized for ischemic colitis for 10 days-I use a tube to eat and since that time I have not been able to eat 1250 calories a day which is required to maintain my weight. Feb 2010 I had sugery for small bowel obstruction (adhesions) and thought this was the answer, however the symptoms remained and due to bloating and inability to have a bowel movement without meralax or milk of magnesia I have ccontinued to lose weight and have continued severe discomfort from bloating-It has been 8 months since I have been abloe to maintain my weight and have received no help or suggestions except for culturelle which does not seem to help-can you give me any suggestions. I am seeing a GI Dr. and have not had satisfactory results-have had many catscans which say everythig looks normal but it feels like my stomach does not empty like it should and I still need medication to have a bowel movement-CAn you suggest anything to try?  Soon I will weigh less than 100 olbs and that is not good 5 ft tall  60 yrs old  thank you
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