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knot in left lower abdomen,

Hi, I have been bothered with a knot in the lower left abdomen, it also hurts if I press on the lower part of stomach closer to my intestines. I have had constipation but it seems to be getting better. I went to the Dr. he said more fiber. A week later I went back b/c the knot had become more of a pain and also I had started to feel real tired and unfocused. The Dr. said I prolly had Diverticulitis and gave me some antibiotics and thought it would be a good idea to get a colonoscopy. The antibiotics seem to make my energy level back to more normal and the pain lessened. I had the colonoscopy last week and everything was normal. The knot feeling has not left and I am starting to feel more tired and unfocused again. What are the chances the antibiotic did not get all the problem.? Or what else could this be?
Some side notes. I am 27 M maybe 15 pounds overweight and have bad heartburn. I bought some Prilosic OTC and the heartburn has gone away. I have a weird feeling of a lump in the throat that I think is from the frequent heartburn. I am going back to the Dr this week but if anyone has an idea I sure would like to hear it.

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I have the same thing, and pain....I'm on tramadol. I was told originally it was ibs by my regular doctor, it is not. The stomach specialist said it is diveritculitis(sp) requiring antibiotics, steroids and close monitoring. Let me know what your doctor says.
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I have a knot and severe pain every couple of weeks, since the time I had weight loss surgery.  I am concerned this may be some sort of twist or blockage in my intestine - they take the intestine all the way out when they operate, and my husband guesses that when it was put back it may have twisted...my main concern is potential blockage.

It's been like this (2-4 hours of pain every 2-3 weeks) There are no common aspects when this hits me; happens no matter what I eat, when my period is, or what I'm doing.  I have had a colonoscopy, a sonogram, batteries of blood tests, and CT scans.  I was told the only way to diagnose this was a "live MRI" which is taken WHEN the pain is going on....any ideas?
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ive had a knot on my left side right under my rib cage for ten years or over i had all kinds of tests but none of them turned out to be anything i also have a huge hiatal hernina in my chest it actually hides my lungs on a exray i find that when i get sick that this knot on my left side pains and hurts worse i was just wondering if anybody else has this trouble.
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