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left side pain chest/stomach

I am 47 years old - male. Non smoker - not owerweight. For the last 2 months I have been having a sharp intermittent stabbing pain in the left side. The center of the pain seems to be located to the lower ribs. I am confused as to the reason for this pain:

The pain seems to radiate a lot, sometimes around to the lower left back, but mostly down the left side of the abdomen in various places.
When palpated I can sometimes reproduce the pain on the lower rib - but not always
The pain seems to progress during the day
The pain is often aggrevated by sitting for a long time at the computertable
There is no pain at night
The pain does not seem to be related to eating - or not eating
I have no other gastrointestinal problems - no weight loss etc
An ultrasound of the abdomen revealed no problems
A blood test was normal except ever so slightly elevated phosfatase. CEA was below 1.  

As my daughter had been jumping up and down on my stomach prior to the problems, I do suspect costocondritis problem of some sorts. However it confuses me, that the pain radiates so much, and that the pain in the ribs is not always reproducable. Could it in reality be colon or gastric cancer, or is it possible for a costocondritis to have very much radiating pain, and not always to have reproducable pain ?
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Costochondritis does move around, but it follows the direction of the ribs, so it's not hard to figure out.  If it's your gallbladder there might be associated nausea and an actual attack would make you press your abdomen or back against a wall for relief or you might have trouble straightening up due to the pain. It is inside, not in your ribs.  
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