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left side upper ab area hurts, HELP!

Hey, I have read alot of these forum looking for a direct answer to a very seemingly common problem (and yes i understand that the doc has the best answers but when your doc makes you seem like it's nothing it's a problem)
Please only answer if you had the same symptoms and had an answer that solved the problem (aka I just want to go to my doc and say "test me for...")

25 yr female, 2 kids, youngest is 9 months, 7 months ago had my galbladder remove, been tested for diabetes, tyroids and both are negative, not pregnant no chance of that, one appointment (walk in) I complain about a lump in my throat along with a UTI, gave me antibotics and said to come back in 2 months if the lump doesn't go away. Never looked or felt my neck...yah. Went to my doc and said theres a lump by the left side of my tongue, he felt my neck said he couldn't feel it... I can feel it all the time. I also complained about pain on the left side of side (upper ab area) so he had a lung xray to check to see if there was any damage to my diaphram (don't know where my doc got that idea but i never spent 8 yr extra in medical school) It came back fine. Complain again about the pian and told me to drink more water... I am not consiptate but my bowels have been a little funky... So I am just frustrated with him (with past issues) that I just don't wanna go back. So here are my symptoms:
-Fatigue (i have never slept this much in my life! I have always been a morning person 6-8hrs was great didnt need anymore)
-Lump in throat (been there for 6 months)
-Throat is Hoarst? (feels like i have a cold but I am not sick)
-Left hip pain (last 3 weeks, never had an injury, hurts to walk most time)
-Pain at the bottom left front/side of rib cage, upper ab, also kinda feel stift/ hard  in that area (last 3 months, constant dull escalated to a cramping/hurting pain)
-Abs feels sore/cramping (can feel a "pulse" from the mid upper ab... husband says thats not normal)
-Losted 15 lbs, Loss of appetite
-I am finding my limbs are going numb easier (not sure if connected)
-Double version

any ideas? please
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oh i have never smoked, did drugs, hardly even have caffeine.
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Sounds like an intestinal problem as there are no real organs on the upper left that could explain the problem add lots of water and fiber of even try to do a complete cleanse then atleast you can rule that out. Ask the doc to send you to a specialist dont give up until you find a doc who will treat you
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You say there is a lump by the left side of your tongue- if you are talking about inside your mouth, that could be your tonsil.  I had my tonsils removed when I was five and part of them grew back, even though I believe they used mirrors and they weren't supposed to.  I also had something at the back of my throat that gave me a sore throat -red with a white ring around it if I remember right.  It turned out it was an infected salivary gland & antibiotic cleared it up.  But if it had not, they were going to biopsy it to check for cancer.  

If you are talking about a lump in your throat itself (since your doctor felt your neck), a parent had a feeling in their throat and what was done was an ultrasound of the thyroid.  They also have laryngopharyngeal reflux- diagnosed by an ear, nose and throat doctor who looked at their throat.  One of the symptoms of this acid reflux can be hoarseness.  Another can be a feeling like something is stuck in your throat.  (See private message for more info).

Regarding your fatigue- this symptom obviously can be from a lot of things, but you wanted experience- I felt extreme fatigue when my iron stores (ferritin) dropped below normal.  Have you had this checked lately?  I also have felt extreme fatigue when I am stressed or depressed.  Low iron can really affect circulation also.

Pain- in rib area toward the bottom- consider costochondritis- this can be very painful, make it hurt to breath even and the pain can even make one nauseated.  I have had costochondritis and it's no picnic.  I had a doctor who wanted me to take anti-inflammatory medication (prescribed) cyclically for three to four days to try to knock down the inflammation, as well as resting the area.

Nurse's training, medical interest thoughts-
Have they checked your blood for auto-immune disorders?
Limb numbness- have they checked your potassium level?
Have they done any MRIs of your brain, given your double vision, faintness, and limb numbness?  Have you seen an opthamologist re: double vision?
Limb numbness- have they done any circulatory testing or an EMG?
A pulse down in the abdomen- that likely is either your heart (if upper like in the xiphoid process area, where they push on me when I get echocardiograms) or if down further, likely your abdominal aorta, which pulsates and sometimes people can actually see it doing so.
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Esophagus and stomach are on the left side.  If you are like me, my heart I was told is basically right next to my stomach.  On the backside of the left upper abdomen (but pookie said the front), is the pancreas.

pookie- with bloating, do you mean fluid retention, gas or what?  Have you gone to a GI specialist about the upper abdominal pain if they ruled out musculoskeletal or heart as the cause?  Are you taking simethicone regularly if you are having bloating from gas?  And has anyone done a physical exam of your hip to try to pin-point where the pain is coming from and taken an x-ray of your hip if they think it is the joint or bone?
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