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left upper quadrant pain

I have had left upper quadrant pain for 1.5 years now.  Had every test done in the book.  5 liver functions over a year, all normal, ultrasound, cat scan, liver spleen scan, endoscopy, and numerous cbc's.  I had h. pylori, a hyatial hernia, and GERD with some gastritis and esophogitis found on the endoscopy.  Treated with 2 rounds of anitbiotics and nexium.  Didn't seem to help.  They also found my spleen to be 14cm long on the cat scan and 6 months later on the liver/ spleen scan, said borderline enlargement for my height.  Does anyone know if the spleen at 14 cm is causing my pain.  Both my doctors tell me its not the cause it is gerd related, but the pain seems to come from my side and around to my back sometimes.  I been depressed over the pain as it will not go away and always relate it to my spleen.  It may be anxiety driven, but i'm not sure.  I am goin to ask for a second endoscopy to see if the gastritis and esophogitis has cleared.  I was tested for Hep. c and it came back negative.  How long after exposure would a hep c. test show positive.  Also i forgot to mention i been a moderately heavy drinker for about 10 years, 18-30 beers a week, mostly on my days off.  I have never really been a everyday drinker or messed with hard liquer. I am 30 now, and was worried about cirrohsis, specifically, portal vien hypertension causing an enlarged spleen.  But all my liver test have been fine.  I heard normal tests dont rule out cirrohsis, but I have had 5 over a year and all are normal.  Surely one of them would show something.  Sorry to be so long winded, but I am going crazy trying to figure out what is going on.  Any advice would be appreciated.
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I almost never have heartburn with My Gerd.  The GERD was confirmed on a barium/ water x ray.   BUt i never have heartburn, just the pain.
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Well, I'm not sure what to tell you about all that other stuff, but I will say GERD can cause some really weird symptoms.  I have or had GERD and very seldom experienced heartburn or any kind of pain at all.  It was mostly nausea, bloating, and occasional fire-burps.  Lots of bad tastes in the mouth, too.  Should also mention that I also had gastritis and hilatal hernia confirmed by endoscopy.  All other tests returned negative.

But it's really crazy how GERD affects people in different ways.

My advice?  Don't drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out.  Doctors make really good money to do that, plus they know what they're doing.  If you continue worrying like that you'll end up with an anxiety disorder.  And believe me, you don't want that.

That's not to say you should be a passive patient.  If you trust your doc, engage him.  Drill him with questions.  Directly or indirectly, make sure he knows you're no dummy and you want the straight dope.  But do try not to second guess them unless they give you reason to.  Give them a chance.  Gastro problems are often difficult to diagnose and as you well know, it can take a while.  

I wish you nothing but the best.
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Same for me, never thought I had what they call GERD or any heartburn. I seldom drink alcohol, maybe one glass at a wedding or  Was born with anal fissures, childhood agony & suppositories, now past 2 months gradual increase in pain & persistent now in upper central abdomen (stomach) that radiates up under my LEFT Ribcage to the waistline (at the navel) and through to the mid and lower back, along with abdominal distention from below breast to pelvis, recurrent Diarrhea for past 2 months as well as intermittent urge to defecate but unable to, feels like a blockage at muscle regardless of straining, and no pain relief. Can burp, pass gas without any relief.  Unable to eat solid food, as increases pain and I already feel over-full!  Sticking with liquids and smoothies.  Everything I ingest causes diarrhea, but pain doesn't subside.
About 30 years ago, it was assumed that I had IBS, then learned that I have same symptoms of abdominal pain radiating to back when eating yogurt; then years later told I am lactose intolerant and found over the past 30 years  I would get this pain from eating yogurt or drinking milk, which I have cut from my diet, along with cheese, yeast, processed, smoked, pickled foods and no alcohol or meds, vitamins, etc. as never tolerated well.
Then after on blood thinners for unrelated blood clot also prescribed a sulfur medication for resp inflammation, I was not told to cut back the blood thinners and developed a duodenal ulcer, with vomiting up blood and stuff that resembled coffee grounds for a week, which my GP did not take seriously, until my daily blood work had shown high INR levels, but Doc didn't bother to tell me for 5 days. Told to go to ER and was hospitalized, had endoscopy by Spec. & told Duodenal Ulcer/Gerd and prescribed a variety of antibiotics for H.Pylori and Pariet.  Subsided for a few years, now this.
Not sure if same thing or what....on pariet again for past 2 weeks, with no relief.  What else could this be?
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