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left upper side stomach pain

Hello, over last 3 months i have had an awkward pain in my upper left side of stomach, sometimes back area. It doesn't hurt but is more uncomfortable, sometimes burns, more so when i am sitting, comes and goes. The area is not tender or swollen, and does not hurt to touch or put pressure on. My bowel movements are normal (well not so much, i have always dealt with alternating symptoms of IBS), that said not constipated. I know i will need to go see my doctor to be diagnosed but just trying to figure out what it logically could be? I am 35 years old, about 200 pounds, i put on about 15 pounds in the last 6 months, stomach has gotten bigger, not sure if it is strained. I work a desk job and typically it bothers me more so during the week, but again comes and goes. I have no other symptoms. We have no family history of stomach cancer, my mom had a brain tumor and pasted away at 48, this was a childhood tumor that was never discovered. Hope all that info helps
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couple of things it could be..

Upper left region there are the big ones, stomach/pancrease/colon...

Since you said your stomach is slightly larger, little bit of burning and in the back...there are a couple of things it can be.

Could be an ulcer, usually you have dark stools..pain in that area..nausea.  Upper left back pain near spine..usually center upper area pain..

Could be gastritis, inflammation of the stomach caused by something irritating it..(ulcer or some acidic things like tylenol..NSAD's...reflux)

Could be..man I can't think of the word..writers block but hatial hernia?  This is where the stomach is pulled up in the diaphram..causes reflux symptoms..same pain areas..caused by lifting something heavy or heavy straining during bowel movement...

Could be pancreatits, If you've been drinking or taking mass tylenol or asprin can cause pancreatitis...stones or something weird in that area..

Could be IBS, you said you had IBS already but if you haven't been doing fiber in your diet it can slowly start there...the colon twists and folds in that area and some patients have pain starting there..

Could be something in the colon from..colitis/infection/polyp/ a wide variety of things..

I think honestly you're dealing with some gastritis caused by a small ulcer... most likely the doctor will tell you to increase fiber in your diet and he might give you some acid reducer meds to try like acidphex.  You might do a simple blood panel test with h. ployri testing or a breath test.  If the test comes positive you'll be on triple antibiotic therapy for the ulcer.  If negative you'll stay on acid reducers for possible gastritits..if it doesn't go away you might need an endoscope trying to figure out what's going on in there.

In the meantime i'd avoid stress/spicey foods, anything with acid avoid...don't lie down right after you eat..wait a good 30 mins of standing so you don't start getting some reflux issues, maybe super easy to digest things like applesauce or yogurt.  Calcium will help the pain so a TUMS might help or milk... only do antacids when it gets really bad but least you're going to the doctor...hope you figure it out! :)

(and of course follow your doctors advice cuz' i'm not one)
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