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liver cerosis, ascites

are people in final stages of liver cerosis still able to survive a transplant ?
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This really is a question for a liver hepatologist. Don't think any of us are qualified to answer this question.
Good luck
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Of course they are! Many times patients are dying before a liver is available. But getting a transplant needs to match many requirements.
Other medical conditions you may have. For instance I have what is co-morbid conditions. Chronic Pancreatitis, HepC, Heart problems.
But if you are in "final" stage, you should know this and be on a transplant list already. What is your M.E.L.D score? If your hepatologist hasn't discussed this with you by now, you should get him on the ball.
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yes my husband was in end stage liver disease with cirrhosis. decompensated liver hcv and transplant was the only hope...effectively the recipient gets a brand new liver, and remarkably within 30 days your body becomes rejuvinated.

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